Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter One: Bloody Tunnels

Guess who came to dinner?

Last Tales of the Broken: Chapter ONE
Moon Phase: Full Moon (Ahroun take a -1 penalty on rolls to resist frenzy).

Our pack have been split into two groups, one back at the Sept, while the other went to meet an ally of Father Pisses-Gold (Bone Gnawer Sept Elder). Technically three, since the location of some other members remains unclear/unknown.

GM’s Commentary

This was our very first session.
Idea was, I needed to keep people
from getting bored quickly. So
I split ’em up. That simple.

Its based on an idea I got from
John Wick and his book
Dirty. One of his ideas, to me,
is the idea of player collaboration,
which I’m fairly certain he’s inter-
preting on somebody’s idea and so
forth. Core idea: One person can
write and think up a decent adventure
/module. Two can do better, three
can do even better. So, the more
people collaborating ideas, the
better the end result is. Part of
this involves giving PCs NPCs to
play- a chance for a player to be
in a scene, a combat, what-have-you
without ever being ‘left bored.’

Problem with this session was, like
many of my NPC attempts in the past,
I bungled part of the delivery- at
least one Player kinda got stuck with
a noncombatant, the environment was
kind of stale and oh, I felt like
editing out some of the more disgusting
ideas thrown around. I learned my
lesson, give PCs
active, useful
NPCs to play. Critical to the play.

The missing members of the Pack
are Helen and Dr. Johnathan. What
happened to them will probably be
covered in the next session put up
here. I hope to come back at some
point and better flesh out some details
here and there… but for the most part,
this is accurate. Prophecy is about
to rear its ugly mug, and steer our
story toward its horrible, terrible

-Josh, August 29, 2012

At the MacPherson House, Ashlar and Slays-Names get ready for the evening’s moot at the Caern. Everyone else in the Pack is missing, and they set about trying to find them. Slays-Names gets in contact with some Wereravens, finding out that some of his pack went south to North Bend. Ashlar, meanwhile, headed to Fong’s Bar And Deli to try and ask Pisses-Gold directly about what happened.

Screwdriver, Ludwig and Claire arrive at a Taco Time, which according to Screwdriver, is where they needed to meet this ally of Pisses-Gold. They lie their way into the Taco Time, just as a Biker Gang (The Sons of the Dragon) show up. The leader of the Bikers picks a fight with Ludwig; it doesn’t end well when Ludwig frenzies and eviscerates the man into three large pieces. Claire talks him down, and the three of them try to get out there.

Slays-Names meets Ellie O’Neill, a Corax who has a very important message to deliever to the entire Sept. Slays-Names, with more intention on trying to find his packmates, heads to Fong’s to find Pisses-Gold. Ellie informs him that she heard from another Corax that a pack of Werewolves was heading south, toward North Bend. At Fong’s, Slays-Names and Ashlar decide to go down into the Caern to try and find Pisses-Gold. They find him, and learn where their packmates are and why.

Back at the Taco Time, the others meet Pisses-Gold’s ally, a teen african-american girl, named “Little Sister” who “has an important task” to perform at the Sept. She is to replace someone she calls Big Brother, who apparently was unable to come. A Fianna drops her off, unable to escort her back to the Caern “because some of your Mates have issues with my Tribe.” They hurry for a colvert, stepping sideways and moving into the Tunnels Under Seattle.

Slays-Names and Ashlar use Raven to get an idea of the progress of the others, just as the Sept gathers en masse at Fong’s. They, along with Pisses-Gold, chat among the others, despite harassment from some of the Elders (especially Duncan). Never-Tires, Wendigo Elder, also arrives.

Then things get a bit bloody.

The Wendigo pack, The Screamers, show up with at least one of their pack covered in Balefire wounds. Duncan turns on Ellie, recognizing how convenient it was for her to arrive just as this happens. The Sept heads for the Caern, deciding to wait for the Sept Leader before making a decision. Oaksong suggests putting Ellie in chains to be safe.

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Claire, Screwdriver, and Ludwig escort Little Sister through the Tunnels, coming to a locale in the Seattle Umbra called the Rock Forest. Black Spiral Dancers ambush them, trying to lure Ludwig to return home with them. But the BSD are mostly Metis cannon fodder, too insane to keep from flying into frenzy. They handle them, but not without some serious injury and scars to some of their number.

At the Cave of Howling Storms, Ashlar and Slays-Names witness Kataryna’s arrival. Through verbal and physical abuse, they make Ashlar use his Sense Wyrm gift on the Wereraven. He senses strong Wyrm-taint on Ellie, but that doesn’t necessarily make her corrupted- an item she carries could have the taint.

So, the Sept strips her naked and begins to interrogate her. Starting to grow enraged, Slays-Names intervenes and tries to get her to say her message, to explain why she had come. He even bites someone’s hand to give her the chance to talk.

And we end the chapter just before Ellie is going to share her message, just beginning with the phrase- “They are coming!”

Characters Introduced
To be filled later…

XP & Renown Rewards

Slays-Names: 5 XP Earned Honor
Screwdriver: 5 XP Earned Glory
Ludwig: 5 XP Earned Glory
Ashlar Green: 3 XP Earned Wisdom
Claire Grimes: 4 XP Earned Glory


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