Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Seventeen: The Walk to Portland

Beware, there be Soybeans here...

Before the pack departs to re-make the Moon Bridge with the Children of Gaia Sept in Portland, the Sept holds a small moot to discuss ongoing problems before Packs depart on their own business. A mysterious new characters arrive hearing word of Burning-Howl’s return. When the Broken leave to travel through the Umbra, they find trouble of a familiar, Black Spiral kind…

Dramatis Personae

The Broken:
Weylyn The-On-Coming-Storm

Scene: Sept Business

Having created a new Rite to help with moving animals into the Caern of the Phoenix, Slays and the Broken find some measure of gratitude from the Red Talons stuck in the Caern.

Scene: Pig-Iron Trees

After a few hours of running in Hispo form, the Broken find themselves being led by Raven into a forest made of twisted trees of pig iron and glowing green fog. The ground is more like a bog in this part of the umbra, and the air stinks of oil and putrescence.

Peeking to the physical world, Slays sees Tacoma on the other side, albeit from a high place.

A horde of Banes emerge from the pig iron forest, each looking like construction workers. But their clothes are tattered and stained. Their faces have long tentacles. They have no legs, just floating atop clouds of green gas. Each of their hands has a vicious mouth.

The Broken rush and attack the Banes. They easily contain and drive the banes off, slicing and clawing them away.

Scene: Meeting Weylyn

Four hours later, the Broken come across a crossroads and a bridge. The bridge is small, just big enough to go over a small creek. Raven pauses, looking off into the distance at a incoming storm from the west.

The pack tries to figure out why the storm has Raven’s interest. Peeking to the physical world, Slays just sees clouds far above the Columbia river below.

Scene: Sept of the Owl’s Tome

The Broken and Weylyn arrive at the Sept of the Owl’s Tome. It is on the top of a building standing out in a city of hills of stumps and mist; mosaic tiles of purple and blue are underneath their feet at the end of the trail Raven has led them on. A unicorn-spirit confronts them.

The Unicorn greets them, but ultimately warns them to leave their weapons at the door. The Broken don’t accept this very readily.


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