Last Tales of the Broken

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Moon Phase: Full Moon

Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Slays-Names, Helen, Screwdriver, Ashlar Ghost-that-Runs
The Robot Lords: Conrad Slays-Leeches, Dante Deatheye, Memphis Drives-Fast
Tsuruda Dacchi

Flashback: Ludwig v. Slays-Names

Seven years ago, Slays and Tsuruda Dacchi got stuck with looking into a incident a local pet shop. Slays finds a Klaive there, and in the process, gets jumped by a figure in Crinos. Ludwig, deep in Frenzy, strangles Slays-Names until Tsuruda can help Slays to calm the frenzying Garou down…



Ludwig and Lynne are out of gas in Yakima. Ludwig hears booming thunder out in the distance.


A dark figure darts at the two of them, fear in her eyes. This new Garou warns them to run, and Ludwig reluctantly follows her. They get off the road, and Ludwig insists to confront whoever is following this new Garou, who he learns rather quickly is mute.

Quickly learning that her name is Knows-the-Path, Ludwig and her devise a quick ambush.

Three Black Spiral Dancers and a GIANT come out to meet them in a fight. Twenty-feet tall and wielding a black-green iron Mace, the giant is the hardest to stop- it nearly tears Ludwig in twain with one of its blows. Knows-the-Path manages to blind it, and insists on leaving, but Ludwig instead suggests just finishing off the massive terror.

As he is about to press a final assault, he watches as the wounds on the giant begin to heal, and its eyes start to regrow. He relents, realizing what Knows-the-Path meant; this is isn’t something he can handle on his own.

Ludwig and Knows-the-Path take Lynne with them, deciding to head toward the Black Fury Sept at Mount Rainer, the Mother’s Mountain Sept.

Back Up Protocol

Glass walkers blue 100x100 by scaper deage

Driving their Hummer through the Umbra, the Robot Lords recieve new orders from their Pack Totem, Coyote. The gorgeous latina version of Coyote the three of them know and love conveys their orders in regards to Seattle:

" The big guy has orders for you: there is a Sept in Seattle called the Last Klaive. Join them, earn their trust. When the opportunity presents itself, betray them and infiltrate Tomorrow-Shinzui as best you can. Then, when the time is right, Coyote will tell you when you pull the rug out from under them."

Meeting Helen
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Driving along, the Robot Lords run into Helen walking back home to the Sept; Dante quickly identifies her as a Garou. When asked if she knows which way to get to the Sept, Helen lies.

Dante picks up on it, but Conrad and Memphis, as always, ignore him. She seems to convince them a bit, although the direction she points out doesn’t jibe with what Coyote and their own gifts had been telling them.

Memphis cuts to the bone, and uses a Dominance gift on Helen to force her to tell him the truth: Which direction is the Sept?

She tells, and the Robot Lords and Hummer drive off in that direction. Panicking, Helen hurries to find her own pack and warn them of “these strange cyborgs in a hummer.”

Tsuruda’s Bar
Ba bar 528

Most of the pack is at Tsuruda’s Bar, to inform the drunken Ahroun owner that the Sept will be holding a Moot that night. Still very sort of Drunk, Tsuruda offers them drinks. When offered something to drink, Screwdriver manages yet again to get his favorite drink.

Slays, as always, continues to try and recruit Tsuruda to his pack, feeling the need for another Warrior.

Then Helen comes in, worried look on her face.

She tells the pack of the strangers and how they used a dominance gift to get her to tell them how to get to the Sept. The pack decides to go check it out, just in case the Westward Swords miss it.

Robot Lords v. The Broken

Coming into the Sept proper, the Robot Lords are stopped in their Hummer by the Guardians of the Sept, the Westward Swords. The situation tense, the Westward Swords ask why they haven’t done a proper introduction, and what is their business at the Sept?

Memphis ignores them until they say they are going to get one of their Elders. Conrad puts a sword to the neck of Bryon Blackclaw, as a measure of security. Astrid, one of the Westward Swords, takes a measure of the Robot Lords and feels that they may be dangerous in a fight.

When Kataryna arrives, she silences Conrad and Dante when they try to talk or hit on her. She questions them, and upon hearing their offer to join the Sept, she informs them of the Moot, and that “we’ll see.” She leaves, and tells the Robot Lords that Slays-Names of the Broken will take care of their sleeping and other arrangements.

When the Broken arrive to hear this, they don’t like it that much- these new glass walkers are rude and cocky. It doesn’t take long for a fight to break out between Screwdriver and Dante, with Screwdriver eventually pissing all over the Robot Lords’ hummer. They break it up, and Tsuruda offers to let the Robot Lords crash at his bar.

At the mention of a bar, the Robot Lords immediately follow Tsuruda.

“Bar? Why didn’t you say so?”

Knows-the-Path and Ludwig

Heading southwesterly, Ludwig and Knows-the-Path, in Hispo form, come to a tiny town in ruins, Tieton Washington. Bodies strewn everywhere, with what looks like slash marks made here and there. Every human in the town, that the three of them see, are dead.

Shocked by the dead, Ludwig asks Knows-the-Path what happened. Knows-the-Path, herself still trying to comprehend all of the ghosts she senses, makes the tribal glyph for the Red Talons. Although technically not a crime against the Litany, it still feels like a violation for Gaian Garou to have done this.
Broken wolf fight 2
Nearby, they hear the sound of a argument between some people. At closer inspection, it is a argument between a pack of Bone Gnawers and a pack of Black Furies. Furious at hearing them fight over the women survivors of Tieton, Ludwig is stopped by Knows-the-Path. The Silent Strider Philodox instead sits down and mediates between the two arguing packs.

Knows-the-Path gives the Bone Gnawers a fetish, which they take in exchange for leaving- after all, they were arguing for compensation at the loss of so many of their kinfolk. Thanking her, the Black Furies start to leave.

She stops them, and in no uncertain terms, lets them know she thinks that they are culpable, especially if they could’ve stopped the slaughter in some way. She demands that they bury the dead, show the proper respects.

Once this is done, Ludwig apologizes, especially after watching Knows-the-Path work.


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At the start of the Moot, the only conscious Galliard in the Sept, Screwdriver, is ignored and not given the title of Master of the Howl. Instead, Kataryna has selected Rent-is-Due-Too of the Seawalkers to act as the Master of the Howl.

Screwdriver challenges him for it, but loses at gamecraft to the clever Bone Gnawer Ragabash.

Rent-is-Too-Due starts the Moot, asking Screwdriver to perform the second, mournful howl for all the Lupus and Wolves lost. Things go smoothly, with Father Pisses-Gold acting as Caller of the Wyld. Of course, the old drunk doesn’t necessarily… get it all right…

During the Cracking of the Bone, the Alpha of the Westward Swords acts as Truthcatcher, first asking for grievances then moving on to challenges for renown, rank and sept positions. Ghost-that-Runs challenges for the rank of Fostern, and Pisses-Gold gives him a task to prove himself:

Uh, yeah, challenge, right. Totally kewl with me. Uh, Ghost-that-Runs, you need to go to Rorg’s realm and steal one of his stones without being noticed by the Many-Taloned Hunter.

Ashlar accepts this, and others challenge for other things. Memphis Drives-Fast of the Robot Lords convinces Kataryna and the other Alphas of the Sept to accept him as Sept Warder- through a display of various gifts and kicking the ass off of Bryan Blackclaw.

Slays names

And Slays-Names, challenged for the position of Gatekeeper. Another Septmate, Kana Thunderservant of the Seawalkers challenged as well, and the two of them engaged in a tense riddle contest to see who was more clever for the job. Kana lost, with Slays-Names using a riddle or two from the Hobbit.

The Revel

After songs and stories- Screwdriver impressed the entire Sept with a stirring rap-tale on his pack’s exploits- Pisses-Gold started a chant. The song rolled over and over; its chanting chorus of:

Fuck the Wyrm! Fuck the Wyrm! Fuck the Wyrm!

Stirred more and more energy in the Sept. It rushed into a crescendo, and Kataryna stepped forward and thrust a fist in the air. As the Wyrm Foe for the sept, she led all of them, in Crinos, on a wild, crazed hunt through the Umbra…


Knows-the-Path and Ludwig discuss their next move, with Knows-the-Path suggesting that Ludwig ask the Black Furies to escort them back to the Mother’s Mountain Sept. There, Knows-the-Path suggests, the Black Furies can teach and try to get Lynne on the right path. Also, travel with the Black Furies would be quicker and safer- hopefully.

Ludwig agrees, and learns that Knows-the-Path was supposed to deliver a message to the Wendigo and the Sept of the Last Klaive from Burning-Howl MacPherson. Still curious about her, Ludwig has decided that maybe this Philodox can teach him a new trick or two…

After the Moot

The next day, most of the Broken wakes in the dining room of the MacPherson House, their heads hurting from the big revel the night before.
Mac pherson house
They wake up to meet a Corax waiting for them. Calling himself Shiny Jack, he’s come to see their Shrine to Raven and pay his respects. He gives them a update on the latest news.

Most of the human world is at war. Several cities are smoking, nuclear craters, and many Garou say that the Fifth Sign is upon us. The sky is yellowish, and it feels as though things are going to get hotter and hotter…


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