Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Fifteen: Jeremiah

To Kill A Vampire...

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Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Ludwig, Screwdriver, Slays-Names, Helen Leaves-Them-Asking-For-More
Jeremiah (Vampire-Fomori Crime Lord), Jeremiah’s Minions
The Rhapsody
Samson, Prince of Seattle

Scene: Screwdriver At the Vampire, with No Pants…

Screwdriver’s ally managed to finagle him into a rather large manor house, where the vampire Samson is holding court. He arrives and announces his intention to, well, ask for Samson’s help in stopping Jeremiah.

The crowded room of well-dressed vampires murmur at his entrance, but a word from a slender woman in a veil, sitting on a mahogony chair, silences all of them.

Jeremiah, she uses her vampiric powers to fascinate Screwdriver, although that isn’t even enough to keep him from talking. Her very word causes Screwdriver to take pause and he finds it oh-so-magnificent. He follows her into a private study… where the suddenly nude Screwdriver (he stripped on his own) and Samson… um, discuss. Screwdriver and Samson come to an agreement.

She promises to do what she can on her end, if Screwdriver promised to come and visit her again… and Samson asked him if he would be so kind to sup a bit of her own blood as their bond. Thus, Screwdriver found himself having made a pact with a Leech. Also, Samson gave him a fancy suit, which throws the rest of the pack off… cause, well, its Screwdriver and clothing.

Scene: War Council

The Rhapsody and the Broken make a plan for what they should do next. With the arrival of Screwdriver, Grom presents the information his scouts had found.

When learning who Screwdriver is, Lovecraft and Grom both ask if they are serious, and surprise that Screwdriver is indeed real.

They get down to brass tacks, and the Broken devise a plan. They ask the Rhapsody to hit one side of Jeremiah’s compound, using car bombs and surprise to throw off the Triads and vampire grunts. The Broken on the other hand, according to Screwdriver’s brilliance, will go out and steal a boat and use the dock that connects to Jeremiah’s warehouse.

Grom gives the Broken a cell with his phone number, so they can coordinate better.

Scene: The Boat

They steal a boat, more easily said than done.

It takes them little effort to break into a marina, since most of Seattle, including the Sept, lies along Puget Sound. Once they begin to skulk about the docks for a boat, however… well, the pack doesn’t do too well at the whole ‘silent as she goes thing’ anyway.

Before they can get caught by police, they manage to cut free a boat and hit the water as fast as they can- Slays uses what trickery he knows to hot-wire it and takes the controls.

Unfortunately, Slays-Names lacks the right kind of know-how to control a boat moving as fast as he pushes it. The boat, especially at night with the coast guard in tow, slams into the dock behind Jeremiah’s warehouse, launching most of the pack out into the water, and throwing Ludwig onto the shore.

Scene: Fighting the Leeches

A group of triad thugs on the dock swarm out, trying to overtake Ludwig, but the Philodox shifts into Crinos and is joined by Screwdriver and Helen. They shift into their own War forms and the three packmates easily slice down the triads, who find bullets do not work well against them.

Seeing that his packmates have the fight well in hand, Slays steps sideways, to see what is happening in the Umbra. The warehouse is a greasy stain in the umbra, Banes that swarm around it departing to try and strike down Slays. Slays fights them off, while hopping from one greasy stone to another to get closer to the warehouse’s reflection.

With the Triads down, Ludwig rips open a hole into the Warehouse. A vampire confronts him, Screwdriver and Helen. The very ugly vampire tries to use its own psychic powers to mess with the pack, but doesn’t do very well.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah moves to behind all of them. The Vampire-Fomori uses a vampire power that makes him invisible. Once Jeremiah gets into position, he uses his own psychic mojo to first frighten Screwdriver, causing the Galliard to flee. Helen on the other hand, Jeremiah breaks her mind with but a single word.

He then commands her to go pay for 1500 loaves of bread in pennies for him, and Helen walks away, psychic dominated to go off.

Scene: Jeremiah

Ludwig distracted by his fight with his vampire, which he wins handily, doesn’t see Jeremiah take out his two packmates. Slays, who has broken into the greasy umbral reflection of the warehouse, peeks back through the gauntlet to see what is going on.

Slays channels his Fianna ancestors, letting the knowledge of how to better use the Fearsome Klaive flood into him. Then he jumps back into the physical world, just in time to confront Jeremiah with Ludwig. Ludwig and Slays make quick work of the vampire, both striking Jeremiah so hard and so quick he couldn’t recover.

Ludwig’s burning claws leave Jeremiah a smoking corpse.

As Jeremiah’s corpse is still smoking, Helen and Screwdriver regain enough self-control to come back.

A massive bane, a oily-slick multi-tentacled thing erupts from Jeremiah’s mouth. As it manifests, Slays prepares a rite to bind it- Ludwig and Screwdriver attempt to keep it under control, while Helen does her best to help Slays with the rite.

Scene: Screwdriver Goes Crazy

One Tentacle of the Oil-Slicking-Kraken passes through the head of Screwdriver. The Galliard hits the ground, suddenly through into a psychic conflict with the Bane.

Screwdriver finds himself having a vision of brutally killing every other member of the pack- but he remains strong enough to resist the bane’s influence, driving it out of his head.

The Bane tries to make an offer with Ludwig, who refuses and keeps the Bane busy long enough for Slays and Helen to finish binding it into a gun. The gun, desert eagle, turns oily and black from the Bane’s influence.

Having succeeded, most of the Pack walks from Jeremiah’s warehouse with some sort of psychic trauma. The Rhapsody leaves enough explosives to blow the warehouse sky high.

The Pack returns home to rest, having made allies out of the Rhapsody.


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