Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Fourteen: Twelve Hours to Hell

That scar, how did you get it?

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Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Ludwig Rages-Truth, Helen Leaves-Them-Asking-For-More, Slays-Names
Black Furies from the Mother’s Mountain Sept
The Rhapsody: Grom-the-Talker, Angry Whopper, WalgreensRX, Curry, Lovecraft, Pabst, RedCarpet

Scene: Waking Up

The Broken each wake up to the sound of someone at the door; when Screwdriver answers it, it is the Bone Gnawer Theurge Father Pisses-Gold. Pisses-Gold asks how he can help, and Screwdriver asks him to find Knows-the-Path and get her to them as soon as possible.

The Elder nods and goes off. Meanwhile, the tired pack regroups. Screwdriver asks them for options on what to do about Jeremiah.
Mac pherson house
Ludwig voices what the rest of the pack feels: Kill Jeremiah.

After some discussion, and explaining to Screwdriver what exactly the idea of political treachery works, the Broken decides to try and grab up as many weapons as they can throw at the vampire before its all over. Screwdriver leaves to meet with an Ally of his that might know how to get in contact with Samson, Jeremiah’s rival. If he can, Screwdriver will try to get her to help them against Jeremiah.

With Screwdriver gone, the three of them talk about what best to do next.

Scene: A Spirit We Shall Bind

And so, the three of them decide to try and bind some sort of anti-vampire spirit into a talen for the sake of facing Jeremiah. They decide on a fire spirit, as anything associated with the sun would be difficult at night.

Helen summons up a fire-spirit, dancing around a fire they talk Connie“Connie” Conrad Pearce into making. As she dances, Slays-Names finds a boombox and plays Springsteen, somehow making the summoning stronger. Helen summons up a greater Fire Jaggling, the Azure-Fire-Queen. Before the spirit gets too irritated with her, Helen gives the Jaggling a huge gift of essence.

Slays-Names then conducts the Rite of the Fetish. The negotiation goes odd when the Jaggling admits to knowing Burning-Howl. Eventually it agreed to become a fetish, eager to aid them after Slays agrees to create a scar for it to inhabit on Ludwig’s face. Despite how hodgepodge the setup for the rite is, Slays still manages to succeed at binding it to Ludwig’s face as a Scar-Fetish across his nose and around one eye.

Scene: Black Furies Cometh

While still waiting for Screwdriver, the Black Furies and their liaison arrive. Their liaison, Alexis, makes a snide comment that is met with a backhand from Morrigan, the Warder for the Mother’s Mountain Sept.

Morrigan thanks them and gives Slays a fetish, a Hephestusian Hammer.

Scene: They Are The Rhapsody

A man dressed in a beanie, a Victorian suit-coat and corduroys leaps over the fence and runs up to the three of them. Getting a little too close, he sniffs and then turns his head back and yells out:

“Yes, milord! These be those whom the White Raven foretells!”

Six more figures then lumber out of the shadows after the first. A stocky figure introduces himself as Grom-the-Talker and that this is his rat pack, The Rhapsody. Seven ratkin, who follow White Raven, a sibling spirit to the Broken’s own totem. They’ve come to claim their missing kinfolk.
Do not move closer copy
The Broken were not too willing to let the Rhapsody anywhere near any of the women they had rescued. The Rhapsody explain that Ratkin spread a disease to Kinfolk, which causes them to either grow sick and die or become new Ratkin, if they are true kinfolk. The Rhapsody offers, again, to at least take those kinfolk who’ve changed into Ratkin off their hands.

The Broken refuse, more or less, out of distrust with Ratkin.

One thing leads to another, and pretty soon the Rhapsody and the Broken (minus Screwdriver) agree to work together, once the Broken tell the Rhapsody a vampire had taken their kinfolk. Ratkin believe injustice must be punished, and Grom sends some of his pack ahead to scout Jeremiah out. The Broken learn from the Grom that Culls-the-Herd used to belong to the same pack as Burning-Howl back in the day, just as they learn a great deal about Ratkin society, including the fact that the Rhapsody isn’t a part of Culls-the-Herd’s colony at all.

It also is inferred that someone or some rats in Culls-the-Herd’s colony is working with Jeremiah, at least to have bitten all of the women they’ve rescued from the tunnels.

And so, the Pack then prepares to go to War…


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