Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Sixteen: Fathers and Sons

There is a Howl That Burns...

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The pack spends time recovering from the fight with Jeremiah. Slays-Names decides to do something nice for the Red Talons in the Caern of the Phoenix. And Ludwig meets Burning-Howl for the first time.

Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Helen Leaves-Them-Asking-For-More, Ludwig Rages-Truth, Screwdriver, Slays-Names
Burning-Howl MacPherson

Scene: Down-Time with MacDougall

A week has passed since the pack destroyed Jeremiah. They recover, and Slays calls an ally of his in, in order to help the pack recover psychologically. MacDougall, a Gurahl who knew the mentor of Ashlar.

MacDougall conducts a Rite that gives the pack a feeling of serenity and clarity. It cures their minds of most of the horrors and damage inflicted by Jeremiah during their fight with him. They can feel the presence of Mother Gaia warm their minds.

The Gurahl stays with the Pack for the next week or so, curious about helping with the sick and injured at the MacPherson House.

Scene: Recognition
Mac pherson house

Slays meets with the Red Talons in the Caern of the Phoenix, to ask the Elder Glacier-Speaker to recognize his new found Purity. The Red Talon does so, clawing Slays face in the process. Glacier-Speaker tells him how poorly the Red Talons are faring in the Caern; the lack of any real game to hunt has left them bored and feeling dejected.

Slays decides to try and do something to fix that.

He gathers what packmates he can to help, finding Helen seducing a group of Kinfolk at Tsuruda’s bar. Screwdriver is willing to help, and the two of them find Connie, who somehow manages to find a menagerie of critters for them.

They gather at the MacPherson House to discuss the best way to create a Rite to help move the critters to the Caern of the Phoenix en masse.

Scene: Burning-Howl

Then Burning-Howl walks into the MacPherson House.

While making introductions, the Legendary Fianna takes offense at Slays-Names, who being a “Shadow Lord” and possessing the Fearsome Klaive makes him angry. He demands that the Klaive be given to him, immediately.

Ludwig then proceeds to give Burning-Howl a better understanding of who he is: he punches him.

Scene: Rite of the Scorn Stone

Tensions heighten in the Sept when Queen Kataryna arrives to decide how to punish Ludwig and his Pack. Screwdriver speaks for him, convincing most of the Sept to be lenient and not ostracize him and the Broken. Being a Philodox, the Sept feels some sort of punishment is necessary, because he supposed to have more honor than his actions suggested.

Kataryna decides to give them a warning, and to force Ludwig to bear the Rite of the Scorn Stone. His honor is sullied by bearing it and he isn’t much happier for it.

Ludwig and the rest of the pack greet Burning-Howl, and are forced to have him stay with them. The Legend had to be convinced not to kick them out of his ancestral home. Tense moments pass, and Slays moves back to working on helping the Red Talons in the Caern of the Phoenix.

Scene: Talking

After talking with MacDougall about the Rite, Slays and Screwdriver have a heart-to-heart with Burning-Howl. Burning-Howl learns that Screwdriver is his son, something that the Legend is uncertain what his opinion of it is. They agree to exchanging one question for another, and the three of them quickly explain themselves.

Burning-Howl learns why Slays has made the deals he’s made with Grandfather Thunder, and explains why he left to meditate in the Deep Umbra with the Wyld. The Legend had sought desperately to try and find his missing son, Lachlan, for years before he left. Spirits demanded he learn more of the Prophecy of the Last Klaive, and he tried to learn what he could about it before the Apocalypse arrived.
Burning howl
Slays laid the blame for everything that had happened during his absence at his feet, pointing out that without him, the Sept had fallen so badly. Burning-Howl disagreed, and the two left it at that, for the time being.

Lastly, Burning-Howl and Ludwig talked about some things, with Burning-Howl offering to try and answer as many of his questions as he could. The Legendary Theurge offered an apology, of a sort, as well as a recitation of MacPherson clan history…


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