Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Ten: A Spider At Mount Olympus

Can you not hear the screeching?

Cloudy night  2c
Moon Phase: Half Moon
Date Line: Saturday November 10th 2012

Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Slays-Names (Alpha), Ludwig Rages-Truth (Beta), Helen, Ghost-that-Runs, Vigilant One-Eyed Raven, Screwdriver, Mercy-Bringer
Sleeping Ice Sept: Glacier-Speaker, Sings-Rivers, Rain Daggers, Wolf Kinfolk, Runs-for-the-Moon
Robot Lords: Dante Deatheye, Memphis Drives-Fast, Conrad Slays-Leeches

The Debrief

The pack prepares to leave; Helen goes off on her own- but time is too precious for the pack to wait for her. They take Richard MacPherson with them, and go off to the Caern of Howling Storms to take a Moon Bridge to the Sleeping Ice Sept.

So the Pack- Screwdriver, Slays-Names, Ludwig and Ashlar walk in to find Kataryna and every other Silver Fang in the cave screaming and on the floor. After a moment it passes, and the briefing for the Pack’s mission begins. Kataryna is no longer her ‘very scary self’, and even Black-Claw’s Metis deformity is gone. They seem to be more ‘pure, less crazy Silver Fang.’

They question the Red Talon, Runs-for-the-Moon, who explains that Wyrmspawn humans are attacking their Caern and they need help ASAP. The Robot Lords, along with the new Warder Memphis Drives-Fast question helping the Red Talons Sept- Dante displays news coverage of the destruction of Tieton and blames it on the Red Talons. Runs-for-the-Moon doesn’t deny it, he re-emphasizes his Sept’s view that all humans are Wyrm-tainted and deserve to die.
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Kataryna sends the Broken to the Sleeping Ice Sept, but tells them to abandon it if they feel the situation is untenable. Memphis concurs, suggesting they don’t feel guilty if they leave a Red Talon or two behind.

From Russia, With Love

Meanwhile, in Russia, Mercy-Bringer comes face-to-face with the largest Rite he’s ever seen. Hundreds of antique, powerful fetishes from the oldest Silver Fang bloodlines are sacrificed to Great Falcon. By the end of the Rite, the King, Jonas Albrecht calls out to Great Falcon.

He implores Great Falcon to cure his tribe, his people, and let them be the true kings of Garou they were intended to be. Their madness and deformities keep them from leading truly.

And with a flash, all Silver Fangs, everywhere, stand up cured of their madnesses and deformities. Even Mercy-Bringer feels a weight lifted from him.

Then things go horribly wrong, and most of the Tribe of Kings turns to the Wyrm. They see, now with no madness in their eyes, that there is no chance to save Gaia- ’tis better to rule in hell, as they say.

Approaching the Sleeping Ice

Meanwhile, the pack reaches the Sept of the Sleeping Ice.

Two Hunter Spiders guard the entry into the Sept’s umbral side and the Caern’s heart. Surprised by the two Weaver-spirits’ strength, the Pack takes their time to fight and bring the spirits low.

Using his new gift, Silent Communication, Screwdriver creates a mental link between all of the packmates. With the two hunter spiders defeated, the pack steps sideways into the reality. The gauntlet is tougher than they expect for a Caern- that and nearby weaver-spirits and a hazy umbra doesn’t bode well.

Taking them some longer than normal time to cross over, the pack succeeds and appears in the Heart of the Caern for the Sept of the Sleeping Ice. A tent has been erected over it, and some tables. At one table, a researcher in a lab coat has her back turned to them.

Fire in the Sept

Helen returns back to the MacPherson House with Cassie, ready to join the Pack’s mission. Multiple houses and buildings in the Sept are on fire, and most of the Sept are hurrying to put them out. Helen runs into Mercy-Bringer, who survived the Silver Fang corruption by using a moon-bridge escape to land on a ship sailing for Seattle. The ship, comprised of various changing-breed doctors, are en route for a meeting of various Gaian medical minds in Seattle.


The Pack knocks out the researcher, and takes a look at their surroundings. When security officers show up, it takes them no effort at all to get rid of them- although, pretty quickly, they hear things escalate outside the tent. Machines whirling.

Eventually, the pack finds out that Agent Dunlap is in charge of the large contingent of Tomorrow-Shinzui employees who’ve canvassed the entire Sleeping Ice Sept. Whats worse is that no one in the pack can sense that usual buzz that a Caern gives off.

Surrounding Dunlap, they try to take down the Weaver-spawn. Things don’t go very well- Dunlap seems to possess inhuman speed, toughness and strength- on top of that, he seems to regenerate even the smallest cut. Panicking at the hard fight, Slays sends Raven off to get back up- especially after he realizes there isn’t going to be a way to Moon Bridge out of the Sleeping Ice.

As the pack flees into the umbra, Ludwig distracts Agent Dunlap with a conversation. The pack, meanwhile, moves. Slays-Names finds the imprisoned Red Talons, and starts freeing them. Ashlar hurried to nearby helicopters, and started a fire. Screwdriver, meanwhile, provided a quick exit for Ludwig- who made sure to entangle Dunlap in the tent canvas before stepping sideways himself.


Helen and Mercy-Bringer arrive on a nasty scene: the pack trying to overcome, one blow at a time, Agent Dunlap. Dunlap had apparently followed them into the Umbra. Screwdriver, Slays, Ludwig and Ashlar all surrounded and tried to pin down the ever-regenerating Dunlap.

Helen and Mercy-Bringer quickly filled in the holes around Dunlap, and joined in harrying him down. Quick orders from Screwdriver via his mental link, combined with teamwork between Ludwig and Mercy-Bringer finally dropped and slew Dunlap. The Pattern Spider that had been bonded with him, however, skittered away, only to be quickly slashed to bits by a blow from Mercy-Bringer.

The Broken then re-grouped with the surviving Wolf kin and Red Talons, all of which had been collared. These strange collars, cyberfetishes by Slays estimation, kept them from shapeshifting.

Talking it over, Ludwig is eventually able to convince the Red Talons that at their home Sept they can remove the collars.


Kataryna reveals that Burning-Howl is going to return back from the Sept. He has sent word through a intermediary that he is returning from communing with the Wyld in the Deep Umbra.

More sane than before, Kataryna informs the Broken that she is declaring herself Queen of the Northwest, and she is taking up her father’s Crown. She also notes that now she will need proper emissaries, suggesting that the Broken are no longer the omega pack and are expected to make something of themselves…


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