Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Thirteen: Seven Heads

Its a Bookstore AND a Hellhole!

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Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Helen Leaves-Them-Asking-For-More, Ludwig Rages-Truth, Screwdriver, Slays-Names
The Enticers
The Triads

Scene: Enticing, Ain’t it?

With Screwdriver still out of it, the Pack goes to the locale that was hinted in the Italian bible verses- a bookstore next to a synagogue on 40th Avenue. The bookstore is called MacIntosh’s Reading Pile, and they go inside. The bookstore appears to have a rather large Erotica section as well as three rather ravishing beautiful young barristas, who appear to serve coffee and other beverages.

Seattle by infinity edge copy

Ludwig finds a door in the back that is locked with a padlock, while Helen looks through their Erotica section for something specific. Slays, on the other hand, tries using some of his Irish bravado to talk and charm one of the girls. He finds her to be reading a thick book in Latin, about the Celts. She has crimson locks and freckles and more or less leaves Slays fascinated with her.

Ludwig, meanwhile, meets another one of the employees, who quickly impresses Ludwig with her knowledge of Langswercht and other European martial arts. She fascinates him as well, and soon the pair of them are sparring in one of the bookstore’s side rooms.

Helen on the other hand, comes face to face with the third female employee, who looks like a familiar face. Quickly, the two of them get bog down in a conversation on the Kama Sutra- things escalate when she offers Helen chinese food. After that, Helen is deeply enthralled by this woman.

All three of them fell head over heels for the women who work the Bookstore. Enthralled, Helen, Ludwig and Slays-Names each suffer as more and more of their brains are devoured by these enticing women…

Scene: Screwdriver To The Rescue


While his pack has become entranced and enthralled by the Enticers, Screwdriver wakes up. He shifts into Glabro, and many of the bullets in his hide pop out. Screwdriver notices some glitter in his bathtub, but pays it no mind. While unconscious, he recieved a vision warning him about something seducing wolves and choking them in it coils.

The Lupus Galliard quickly learns from Connie that three other members of the pack have headed out for a synagogue, and feeling prescient about it, decides to hurry to get there. A taxi shows up with Christine in it. Christine remembers Screwdriver, and tells him he can use the cab. Apparently, the driver’s been overpaid from a earlier fare and doesn’t charge Screwdriver for it (although the wolf-born still doesn’t understand WHAT THAT MEANS.)

By the time he’s come to McIntosh’s Reading Pile, all three of them are deeply entranced, and their resolve crumbling, their minds digesting from the ‘girls’ they are talking with. Slays has already hit his third shot of whiskey with the girl he’s talking with; Ludwig and his ‘sparring partner’ turn to more deviant pursuits while Helen enjoys Chinese in a kinky sort of way. Screwdriver first gets on Slays-Names; he sniffs the air and immediately picks up on:

The Thing talking with Slays-Names is wrong. It stinks of deceit and lies and oil and just enough to tell him that she is nothing but Wyrm-Taint. Screwdriver shifts into Lupus form and bites into her. Slays responds- too enthralled, he tries to defend her, only to have Screwdriver rip out her throat and knock him out of it. She slumps over, with fangs and scales all over her.
Adas books2 copy
Slays recovers from the enthrallment as the girl’s corpse lets out black ichor and a serpentine spirit leaves her body and returns to the Umbra. Slays identifies the Fomori as a Enticer, a specific kind of Fomori that use Succubus-like tricks to enthrall and eventually digest the brains of their target.

The two of them head upstairs, Screwdriver staying in wolf form as they find Ludwig and his sparring partner. Ludwig moves to defend the girl he is with, but Screwdriver and Slays-Names manage to convince him of what is going on, especially after she sprouts fangs and tries to shred Screwdriver. Its a short matter for the three of them to turn her into a corpse.

Scene: Blind Jump

After going upstairs and saving Ludwig, Screwdriver activates his Unspoken Communication gift and sets up a link between the three of them. Screwdriver and Ludwig then head down stairs to find Helen and get her away from the Enticer on her. Slays-Names, on the other hand, decides to step sideways and get things ready in the Umbra for the pack.

Slay-Names’s jump to the Umbra is a slow one, and when it resolves itself, it nearly drives him into Frenzy in the process. Without knowing it, the other side of the Umbra at the bookstore is a Hellhole- a spiritual blotch belonging to the Wyrm, a corrupting blight that wounds the spiritual and physical worlds. Slays manages to find something to cling to and not fall into the black pit, swarming with serpentine banes below him. The blazing sun keeps the Banes at bay long enough for him to find refuge from them.
Full moon offering v by fobiapharmer copy

Meanwhile, Screwdriver and Ludwig open the door to the sideroom, finding Helen in a compromising position with Enticer enthralling her. A struggle breaks out between the four of them. When Helen’s partner attacks Ludwig and causes him harm in the struggle, his injury drives Helen into Frenzy and into Crinos. As she frenzies, the Enticer is killed and Helen begins to wreck and smash everything in sight in the bookstore, ripping holes in the ceiling, taking down walls and more or less raging with bestial screams.

Once Screwdriver manages to get her back in control of herself, they hear Slays screaming in the Umbra- he recommends against stepping sideways to get out.

Scene: Getting Out

The Broken decide its time to leave when police sirens go off from outside. Helen tries going into the back room. She finds a clue that refers to the Biblical verse from the Book of Jeremiah. Past a curtain, and Ludwig finds a girl with a IV and drugged out her mind. She is also covered in rat bites, and doesn’t look a 100% healthy.

In the Umbra, Slays moves to observe from an area more or less analogous to a catwalk in the warehouse the girls are being kept in. He watches from there and sees a girl grow fur and change into the half-rat, half-man form of a Ratkin. That Ratkin runs into the rest of the pack, then flees back into the curtains. Ludwig tries to find her, but the Ratkin disappears into a sewer grate and he decides its better left alone.

With police outside, Screwdriver asks for options. Ludwig suggests that Screwdriver create a diversion and he and Helen will help get the girls out. As for how, they just hope that Raven will Provide.
Ludwig 2
Screwdriver heads out. Slays uses his Master’s Counsel gift to give Screwdriver a mystic edge, using his connection through the umbra to get it done. Screwdriver fakes a Jamaican accent and uses his Presence to get the attention of every single cop in front of the bookstore.

Behind the store, Ludwig and Helen fight off three Triad thugs, driving them off as soon as they realize that bullets don’t seem to stop either of them.

Trying to think of something to get all of the women back to the Sept, Ludwig and Helen are surprised when Connie shows up with a bus. Happily, they load up inside and tell the Slays and Screwdriver that they are out.

Slays-Names, meanwhile, with his much reduced Resolve, decides to steal a police car. Some of the cops try to follow him, and he eventually manages to dodge them, albeit closely. The cops get distracted by Screwdriver, whom the cops become convinced has a bomb strapped to his chest. The bomb threat lets Slays get by, and the cops taze then throw Screwdriver in the back of a police car.

Scene: Recovery

They all manage to get back in one piece back to the MacPherson House. Screwdriver shifts into his wolf form while in the back seat of the patrol car, which causes the two officers driving it to lose control and flip it over. He walked away, more or less using his Any Beast gift to look like a dog.
Broken wolf fight 2
Once back at the MacPherson House, the pack all have Mercy Bringer look over the rat bitten women. Raven is sent out to get word to the Black Furies. Then there is a phone call- its Jeremiah. He gives Screwdriver twelve hours to kill Samson or else he will send his own forces out for restitution.

Screwdriver then orders Ludwig, Helen and Screwdriver to go get some rest. Christine asks Screwdriver whats up with him, and Screwdriver sighs and tells her that he has a vampire to kill and something else going after him.

Cut Scene: Everything Burns.

Far above the city of Portland, a meteor falls, burning bright, in the shape of a man.
Burning howl
Below that, in a night club, the vampire Prince of Portland holds court. A insane vampire named Tuesday, he asks his frightened court:

“What day is today?”

They answer, very meekly, “tuesday.”

Tuesday laughs, then the ceiling falls in. The man who had been falling as a meteor, crashes to the floor of the nightclub. He looks up at the court of vampires.

“Who the fuck are you to interrupt me?” Tuesday points a angry finger at the man, his fangs bared.

The man looks up. Then Burning-Howl opens his mouth and lets out a howl. A vicious red-hot flame flies from his mouth and starts to ignite and burn down every single vampire in the room.

“Fucking leeches,” Burning-Howl mutters, as the Legend rank Theurge heads for Seattle.


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