Last Tales of the Broken

CIN Interlude 3

Tomorrow-Shinzui; Bringing You Tomorrow

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“Hello and we’re back- This is CIN News, up to date and never late!”

“ I’m Agatha Mackenzie and we are still getting information in the aftermath of the bombings in Chicago, Mumbai, Paris, Beijing and Johannesburg. Coupled with the Red Death and food riots worldwide, open warfare between various nations-

" Oh, we got some breaking news! Tomorrow-Shinzui CEO and President Virgil O’Neill is making a press announcement- each of the nuclear detonations were directed or centered at their various regional headquarters. We are switching to him- now."

The camera switches to a man in a very expensive dark suit, his hair brown with a thick beard and piercing eyes. Holding a microphone close to his mouth, standing out behind him various cybernetic devices float and move behind him. Figures in large powered armored mecha stood far behind him, the corporate logo of Tomorrow-Shinzui, the outline of a green-blue tree with a infinity symbol and a microchip overlaid on it, emblazoned all over them.

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" It the last twenty-four hours, Tomorrow-Shinzui offices in Chicago, Paris, Beijing, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Dublin, Cairo and Edinburgh were attacked. Dublin and Cairo were able to prevent the detonation of nuclear warheads. Tomorrow-Shinzui as a corporate entity firmly believes that two parties took part in these bombings. Pentex, Inc.- and we can prove without a doubt they were involved- provided and helped to plant at least three of the warheads."

A holographic image of Richard MacPherson’s head suddenly appeared behind O’Neil.

" This man is Richard MacPherson, known terrorist and criminal from the Seattle-Tacoma area. He was seen with a number of middle eastern men, assaulting and planting the bombs in Los Angeles. We believe he, along with some others, form a sort of assault team for Pentex. Another man, calling himself Alexei Balefang planted the bomb at our Chicago location.

" The second group are these three men," O’Neil pauses to switch the hologram to a image of three men. One of them towers over the others, all three of them partially covered in various cybernetic implants, with the tallest one possessing an eye that glows red. O’Neil wipes a tear from his face, but the motion is so cold it just feels ‘fake for the sake of PR.’

" My son and his associates, Conrad Shivinsky and Erik Virtannen. Owners and manages of Robotic Frontiers, the three are known mercenaries. Erik has been accused of killing at least thirty people, all members of various Chicago gangs, while Conrad has been taped doing, well, public decapitations."

The hologram behind O’Neil shifted once more, this time showing a youtube video, date stamped to some point in 2005. In the extreme heavy rain on a expressway, a man no older more than twenty, slices off the head of another man with a sword.

" Clearly these ‘Robot Lords’ as they call themselves also participated; my son was seen near Sears Tower prior to the explosion. It is believed he survived the assault- I received a threatening email from him later that day.

“Nonetheless, my son is convinced he has been experimented upon my company and that we owe him some share of money and control over it. He shall never have it. Agent Dunlap of the FBI, will elaborate.”

Passing the microphone to a nondescript man in a suit with dark sunglasses, O’Neil walked behind his power armored soldiers, ignoring questions from the assembled press corps.

" I am Agent Dunlap of the Special Affairs Division, FBI. I have been authorized by the President of the United States to announce, today, Executive Order 2012-X-10-WOTAN. Due to various foreign affairs and other disasters taxing our government, the President has granted Tomorrow-Shinzui sovereignty and permitted them to with various immunities to be later detailed.

“From now on, Tomorrow-Shinzui shall maintain its own security forces, obviously augmented through their various technological grants. Furthermore, the United States will openly support whatever retribution they choose to execute against Pentex.

“A bill in congress, if passed later this year, will grant Tomorrow-Shinzui the right to take over the police and administration of Seattle and western Washington. As of today, Tomorrow-Shinzui is recognized by the United States as its own Nation.”

The assembled press exploded with questions, and Virgil O’Neil, now ruler of his own nation, gladly took them…


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