Last Tales of the Broken

Helen's Diary Entries

See Helen’s character page for diaries, if your interested:

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Chapter 5

" Well, it started out great. We feasted on some great Chinese before we went on a weird trip in the basement. Our friend Little Sister brought us a message, & somehow it involves this painting we found. It’s of Richard & his family – I never knew he had a twin! It was going well right up until I was suddenly aware that my friends were in danger. I hope that I can help them in time. I liked the opportunity to play toward my flaw, even if it was in a minor way. I hated not being in the middle of the action. I loved getting to try out my new rites. My vision gave me some feeling of empathy for Kataryna for the first time."

Chapter 6

" So much has happened! Our special place was under attack, & we all did our best to defend it. By the end of the evening, we’d followed the trail of a rival gang to their hideout. It was tough to break through their defenses, but by the time that we did, they were lucky we’d come ‘cause we weren’t the first intruders. We saved them from Richard & his gang of thugs, but Richard got away. I liked the scary prophesy we each witnessed. I hated the revelation that I wouldn’t live for many more years. I loved the description of the Wendigo cairn. I’m gonna come visit you soon."


Helen will get +2 XP for this (I’m going to count this as two entries, not just one).

Helen's Diary Entries
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