Last Tales of the Broken

The Broken Interlude Two

Now for the News You Deserve!

“Hello and we’re back- This is CIN News, up to date and never late!”

The pretty black haired anchor smiled a smile full of too white teeth, while people pretended to mill around behind her. To give you that ‘real newsroom feel.’

“I’m Agatha Mackenzie and here is the latest news from around the world.

“Red Death has now claimed over 50 million victims. World disease experts have reported that the disease can be traced back to a canine carrier virus. Since Red Death first emerged in the United States, it is suggested that resurgence of Wolf populations in the last decade probably led to the rise of the Red Death. Virulogists caution that since it can be carried by Canids, action should be taken to reduce the risks of further outbreaks.

“The President has sent out a executive order authorizing the large scale hunting and execution of all wolves within the borders of the US, and the United Nations is believed to put out similiar orders later this week.”


damniampretty damniampretty

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