Last Tales of the Broken

Eulogies For Ludwig 1

Weylyn stands up to speak...

“I didn’t know my cousin for very long, but in the time I knew him, I can say that I have been impressed! At first, I was completely in awe, and probably a bit of a crazed fan over the fact that he wield THE Fearsome Klaive. Anyone who would be worthy of wielding that surely was more a badass than even me!

“When we got separated from my brother and the rest of his pack, I got a brief chance to talk to Ludwig. In that short time, the words on the pages of his epic story wrote themselves in my mind. He told me of how he lived isolated for most of his life, held in seclusion by agents of the Weaver who managed to keep him even from Uncle Burning-Howl’s sight. He was fed lies for every meal, and never came to know anything of his heritage or about life as a Garou whatsoever. He took control of his own destiny the moment he had his first change; he killed the Weaver-spawn, took the Fearsome Klaive, and set out determined to live his life his way.

“As well he should! I couldn’t imagine what I’d be like if I hadn’t been brought up as a Garou, but I imagine that I would have had absolutely no clue what to do with myself after finding my freedom. He was brought into our world – the world of Gaia’s warriors – a world that expected he would already know their ways. He was always left with questions not answered, and still lied to by his mentor…who ended up being his own grandfather!

“Yet the man who was born Lachlan MacPherson took control of his own destiny. Those who held him captive gave him the name “Ludwig”, and he decided he would own that name. He told me that his ‘family’ was dead the moment he killed them; he never knew what a real family was – what the MacPhersons were.

“Our society placed laws on him that weren’t his. He was told that he was to be a Philodox…who are supposed to uphold our laws and our ways, but without answers to his questions, he was never going to be able to fill that role. Hell, I think he would have been a far better Ahroun! He fought every fight he entered with a ferocity and dedication that I never knew from anyone else! He protected his only friend with everything he had, despite being held back by the rules of a society he was forced into. She was his family…and now she is without him because he gave everything for a cause he would never understand. He gave his life to save so many; his pack who he was always at odds with, his Sept who didn’t know how to rear him, his best friend who well should have been his mate and mother to a generation blessed to have his blood, and….

“…to save me, someone he didn’t even know.

“I learned all of this from just a short while being in Ludwig’s presence. I wish that I had longer to drink with him…to fight with him…to die fighting in glorious battle with him. I know that I will be forever grateful to Ludwig for giving me the chance to live and fight another day. I feel like he passed his legacy on to me, in a way. It will be me who will face down the Wyrm when the Apocalypse comes, and I will HOPE I can die as gloriously as he did. I will live more by his example, because Ludwig was a man of TRUE strength.


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