Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter Four: Old Rachel

Helen? Help me HELEN!

Moon Phase: New Moon

Its been two weeks for The Broken since the Trial by Combat of the Wereraven Ellie, and Rite of Accomplishment for Ludwig Rages-Truth. Now one of the three cubs in the pack is a true Garou, attaining the rank of Cliath (1) and earning the deed name “Rages-Truth.” Unlike what most of the Sept thought would happen, he remains a member of the Omega pack, the Broken.


Helen is off with three homeless fellows, who want her to help them with Old Rachel.

She goes to a homeless shelter, the same as one visited by Ludwig, to meet with Tom, Horner and Zander. The three of them know that Helen has some sort of Werewolf Mojo that can cure Old Rachel. Zander insists that she come alone, not any of those snobs that she hangs out with.

Zander is little crazy, geeky Tom is infatuated with Helen’s striking looks, and Horner is a plain old Heroin addict. Helen needs some considerable convincing to come along, thinking that these three are out to trap her or something.

Unbeknownst to Helen, Zander has fallen under the influence of the Wyrm, and is convinced that leading her to Old Rachel will earn him a great blessing.

So they head to Pike’s Market, where Old Rachel has been sleeping in a abandoned building. Along the way, Horner buys a block of heroin using money given to him by Tom- keeping the addict nice and high for what happens next. They enter the old, rundown brick apartment building through a fire escape, avoiding the broken stairways.

Tom, Horner and Zander led Helen to where Old Rachel has taken shelter. They break their way in, with Tom hurting his foot in the process. Old Rachel appears to be sleeping, and the room is covered in cats. Cats that are losing their hair, and look to be covered in the red pustules of the Red Death.

Helen attempts to perform the Rite of Cleansing on Old Rachel, using a old bottle of Jack Daniels. Partway through, however, Old Rachel interrupts her. The old woman’s body writhes, lengthens and grows claws and couple extra pairs of eyes. Pustules thrum and pulsate all over her body, as all of the cats merge their flesh with hers. Old Rachel has become a Fomori, a human possessed and twisted in form by a Bane.

Helen shifts into Crinos and slays the newly born Fomori, sending its possessing Bane fleeing into the Umbra. Helen peeks into the umbra and sees that it is swarming with banes, that the umbral reflection of this place is a Hellhole. She instead turns to try and leave.

Meanwhile, Tom and Zander fall to the Delirium and flee as best they can. Tom goes down the stairs, breaking his leg- while Zander takes the fire escape. Horner follows Zander, withstanding the Delirium enough to steal Helen’s medicine bag.

For Tom, the stairs collapse underneath him. With his legs broken, he cries out in pain and tries to crawl out of the building. He finds a pile of bodies in the hallway he is in, all dead from the Red Death.

One by one, each of the dead arises as a zombie. They grab Tom, and eat him alive. Tom screams over and over:

“Helen help me! Help me Helen!”

But to no avail, for as a Bone Gnawer, Helen feels more need to flee and survive than stay in a dangerous wyrm-tainted building with strangers. She ignores him, and walks away.

Horner manages to fed Zander to the zombies, and he flees as well, choosing to enjoy his heroin while he can.

Dormant Wisdom

Ashlar “Ghost that Runs” Green and Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth are at the MacPherson House, while Screwdriver is still upstairs alone. They consider going out to find Helen, but are interrupted when a canister flies through the only unbroken window in the living room.

The canister contains some sort of tear gas that threatens to knock the two of them unconscious. They step sideways into the umbra, using one of the many mirrors kept in the House for that purpose.

In the umbra, they receive a message- a piece a paper wrapped in a knife lands at their feet. The area outside the house surrounded by Banes in the Umbra, being invaded by BSDs in the physical world, they read the message.

There is a ziploc bag of black hair attached to the letter. The paper smells of a familiar scent to Mercy-Bringer- his ex’s perfume. The letter explains that they have taken Helen, and that’s it. This drives Mercy-Bringer to Frenzy, and he dives into the Banes outside the house, ripping into them one by one.

Ashlar doesn’t stop him, and instead reads the letter. He tries to discern if the hairs are Helens or not by scent- but the smell of the perfume is too strong for him go through. After Mercy-Bringer has calmed down and all the enemies have fled, Ashlar explains that he can use Sense of the Prey gift to find Helen and rescue her. The two immediately head out, going back to the physical world.

Ashlar leads them to a old warehouse near Pioneer Square. It too has dead bodies that arise as Zombies, and the two of them rend through them quickly enough to get to the warehouse’s office. In the office, they find it covered in blood and in the middle of it, the limp body of Never-Tires, the Wendigo elder. Her skull is open, her brains clearly missing.

Ashlar and Mercy-Bringer take her corpse back to the Sept Leaders. Ashlar is open with them on the nature of the killing- he believes it was done by someone who knew the forbidden Silent Strider Rite, the Rite of Dormant Wisdom. Despite being accused of killing her, Kataryna and the Elders agree that Ashlar probably had nothing to do with it, and work to inform the Screamers about it. They thank him for telling them.

The two of them return to the MacPherson House, finding a confused Helen, who has seen the Black Spiral Dancers’ handiwork. Graffiti and curses and Wyrm sigils have been spray painted all over the living room of the MacPherson House. On one wall spelled out is: “Fwk Ur Muthr!”


Three servants of the Wyrm meet, to discuss what has happened so far. Richard MacPherson, Sarah MacPherson and a Silent Strider Eater of the Dead fill each other in.

" Do you know where the Wendigo’s secret Caern is hidden?" Richard asked.

“Yes. Not far from her mind, in fact. Our son came there-”

“And my ex too. They were close to finding out.”

“Doesn’t matter. The Wendigo’s Caern is ours. No one else at the Sept of the Last Klaive knows of it, and that will lead to its downfall.”


Meanwhile, Ludwig Rages-Truth and Slays-Names have spent two weeks walking the Umbra, looking for the ancestral homeland of the Get of Fenris, so that Ludwig can learn of his own ancestors and how they tie to the The Fearsome Klaive.

The two of them run through the Umbra in Lupus, moving quick. They soon find themselves in a harsh, cold land who looks more and more like what the Tribal Homeland of the Get of Fenris must look like. They arrive at the gate to the Tribal Homeland, to find it guarded by a twenty foot tall spirit in Crinos form.

Ludwig and Slays-Names introduce themselves to the big spirit acting as bouncer for the Homeland. It only responds to them in growls. Unsure what to do, Ludwig attempts to explain what he and Slays-Names are there.

Begrudgingly, the spirit turns its head, and calls another to come up to them. A blond Get of Fenris Ancestor Spirit in a kilt walks up.

“Hello! My name is Bjorn Scars-the-Wyrm- what can I help you with?”

Bjorn turns out to be a Loki and Viking. He died fighting a Fiann MacPherson in dark ages Scotland. He wishes to have a re-match. The Guardian spirit explains this, and agrees to share what it might know on the Klaive and its connection to the two of them if they help Bjorn find the MacPherson (a ancestor of Ludwig’s) in the Legendary Realm.

The two of them agree to take the quest. Slays-Names finds a Ox-Spirit who guides them on a Airt path to the Legendary Realm. So they go questing through the Legendary Realm, through grand cities and kingdoms ruled by heroes. They travel northward, hearing tales of the oncoming Fimbulwinter that seems to have grown worse recently.

They come to a grand Castle surrounded on one side by summery pine forest, and on the other by the cold tundra. The Fianna who man the Castle let the three of them in, and take them to the Throne Room, where their lord, Fearsome can meet them. They meet the lord of this place, who grants Bjorn the chance to get his rematch with the MacPherson that killed him.

Fearsome explains that he is the one who inhabits the Klaive as its empowering Spirit. He is the last of the White Howlers, and that all of his descendants are called MacPherson, or Son of the Fearsome. Slays-Names is revealed to Ludwig to be a Fianna and a MacPherson, something that will not be well accepted if revealed to the Sept as a whole, since they executed all of the Sept’s Fianna over ten years ago.


We learn that Slays-Names saved the life of Ashlar years ago, from a Nexus Crawler. He did this as a favor to a Gurahl called McDougall. The Nexus Crawler was known to Slays-Names, for he knew its particular ban, the sound of its own name.

XP Rewards


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