Last Tales of the Broken


Can't You Hear the Onesong?

Glass walkers blue 100x100 by scaper deage
Long lines of people walked along the streets of Seattle. Each street corner looked extraordinarily clean, perfect angles with no trash and no stains at all. Not a single weed grew at all.

Each person walked in almost perfect unison. Each of their left hands glowed with the blue light of their digitizenship, connecting their minds with the super-hifi wireless networks of Tomorrow-Shinzui.

Off and around one corner, the Space Needle pierced the sky. Construction covered it, and it looked like it was growing taller and taller. Blue lights thrummed from it, each flash happening at the same moment as every human’s heart beat or footstepped. Most of them belonged to the Weaver now.

“Its almost time, I think,” Dante told Eric. Every member of the Robot Lords had faked digitizenship of their own, but without the Onesong they had to rely on their Totem and fetishes to keep from giving themselves away. “Tomorrow-Shinzui has almost completed that thing on the Space Needle. We target that.”

The ahroun nodded. “We needed a distraction too, I think. The Nuwisha might have some ideas, but I think we need more than a explosion or three.”

“What are you thinking of then, Alpha?”

“You’ve seen those files that Tomorrow-Shinzui has on that Sept we screwed over? We send them a bunch of them, on the down low. You might even give them a call. Tell them about Daniel MacPherson and where all the Garou, Ratkin and Corax are being held. They might just go create a distraction with that. Besides, we aren’t going to have the time to free all of them when we blow the Weaver’s Spire. We need to be able to focus on that before the Wyrm’s forces try and pulverize downtown Seattle.”

“Okay, I give them a try. But the Broken might not want to listen to me right away. Especially that four-legger.”

“Sure, they are justified in that. I’d want to kill us too, if I knew what we were up to. Just do it and put on your charms and get it over with.”

“Allright.” Dante sighed. He pulled out a pair of smartglasses and started a call or two…


damniampretty damniampretty

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