Last Tales of the Broken

The Moon Defends Us

Rorg confronts Luna when she blocks his way to Gaia...

92963fe8d1ca97742364e734423dadc1 d5oo7g2 copyThe Great Hunter, Rorg, howled his dismay at Sohkta. The Aspect of Luna held him back, keeping his great talons- the hundreds of asteroids that comprised him- from drifting into the Penumbra.

He roared.

“Let me by! I must strike now! The Wyrm is coiled, it prepares to Awaken! That Machine is already binding the world about itself! LET ME BY! IT IS TIME TO STRIKE!”

The Lunar spirit cried in pain as Rorg struck at her. The two became entangled, fighting and slashing at one another. The Aetherial Realm rumbled and rattled as their battle began.

Meanwhile, in the physical realm, in the depths of space, thousands of tiny meteors pummeled into the Moon’s surface. The dark side of the Moon went up in a dust cloud that surrounded it, giving the moon a dark streak in the sky.

And more asteroids, some larger drifted closer and closer…


damniampretty damniampretty

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