Last Tales of the Broken

Suspicions (Helen)

A Phone Rings...

Helen’s mother brought the phone up to her ear.
" Yes sir, I told he was coming from Portland. Did I tell her who her father is? No sir."
She nodded and listened to the voice on the line for a moment.
“Of course not. I remember. You promised me a daughter, and I will keep my part of the bargain. Even if she is Garou, she will never who her real mother is, as we agreed. The Fetish remains hidden, as you’ve asked years ago.”
She listened quietly.
“You promise you will keep her safe then?”
Another pause.
" Yes sir, I will do whatever you ask, so long as my daughter is safe. I am her mother, not some Black Fury with an axe to grind. Whatever you ask sir, I’ll do it to keep her safe."
Another long pause.
“I bring it up with her the next time we talk. I’m sure I can convince her to start thinking more in that direction.”
Then Helen’s Mother put down the phone onto the receiver. She then took out a knife and started to slowly dice an onion. She didn’t shed a single tear.


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