Last Tales of the Broken

Interlude: The White Howl

Burning howl Burning-Howl stopped in front of the old, abandoned apartment building near Pike’s Market. He didn’t need to activate a gift to smell the stink of the Wyrm in this place. He could hear Red Death zombies wandering about.
He moved past the white cordon separating the place from the outside world. Black burn marks were all over the ground around the building. Tomorrow-Shinzui’s burning teams had come through this place many times, but obviously did not wish to burn down any buildings in the process. They didn’t want to cause a burn they couldn’t control, and instead focused on creating nice clean lines and wall that contained the blemish they were afraid to stamp out.

Burning-Howl walked up the creaking stairs. Helen had mentioned this place to him, the younger Theurge explaining how she had fought off a Fomori of a homeless woman in one of the higher level apartments. Other commitments had kept her from taking care of the problem, and Burning-Howl decided to take care of it himself.

To be honest, he’d been doing a lot of this lately. He would go out and find the deepest, darkest Wyrm hellhole and burn as much of it out as he could. The Legend knew most of the ancient spirits of this city, and could feel them direct his course.

He closed his eyes, reopening them to see through his Two-World Eyes gift, seeing both physical and umbral realms at the same time. It was much harder than it used to be. The Gauntlet in Seattle had thickened in the last week, so much that even the Caerns had started to be hard to step sideways in. And the Space Needle had grown taller.

He could see the Weaver’s webs strangling tight around the Hellhole the Red Death Banes created. Burning-Howl kicked down a door, entering a dark, empty basement under the abandoned building. Some zombies greeted him, but it took him to no effort to slay them in his homid form.

“I wonder,” Burning-Howl thought to himself, “How my sons and the Broken fare in Portland. I suppose that the Children of Gaia might teach them something, but the Children have gotten so desperate in recent years. Ludwig might be able to teach them and learn something from them.”
Burning-Howl chuckled to himself. No, he imagined Ludwig would just prove how more important action over words really was, and the Children of Gaia would have nothing to say in response to that.Seattle 012

The Fiann Theurge sat down on concrete floor of the basement of the abandoned building. He closed his eyes again, then opened his mouth, chanting words. He howled, his fierce cry scaring those humans who still lived near this place. Weaver-Spawn paused, suddenly focusing on the Wyld energies that Burning-Howl channeled. His howl manifested and turned into living white flame.

My ancestors taught me this gift you Wyrm-fucked basterds. Feel the hot Wyld power of the White Howl. Some of us still exist.

And the gift of the last White Howlers on Gaia seared every beam and piece of wood in the building, the flame white and consuming, a living thing of its own. It slipped in and out of the Gauntlet, tearing down that barrier the Weaver had carved, slaying Banes as it destroyed the building around him.

An hour later, Burning-Howl walked away from the city block that had burned down, destroying Pike’s Market and much of what had been Wyrm-infest waterfront with it.


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