Dante Deatheye

A giant of a man in a suit with a blue tie, he is missing his left eye, which is replaced with a glowing red cybernetic implant


Auspice: Ragabash; Tribe: Glass Walkers; Aspect: Thief
Rank Adren (3)

Physical Attributes(3): Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 2
Mental Attributes(2): Intelligence 4 Wits 3 Resolve 2
Social Attributes(1): Presence 2 Manipulation 3 Composure 4

Physical Skills(1): Brawl 2 Firearms 2 Larceny 4 Stealth 4 Survival 2
Mental Skills(3): Academics 2 Computer 4 Occult 1 Science 1
Social Skills(2): Empathy 1 Persuasion 1 Socialize 4 Streetwise 1 Subterfuge 2

Merits: Resources 4, Retainers (Robotic Frontiers) 3, Totem 3, Giant
Renown (15): Purity 3 Glory 4 Honor 0 Wisdom 3 Cunning 5

Gifts: (1) Diagnostics (W:tA), Speed of Thought, Wolf-Heart Lies (Cunning Signs of the Moon) (W:tA); (2) Cybersenses, Steel Made Flesh, Steel Fur; (3) Intrusion (glasswalker tribebook), Iron Treachery (W:tF), Distractions (W:tF), Running Shadow (W:tF); (4) Machinegeist (W:tF), Doppelganger; (5) Cheating Fate (Cunning, Signs of the Moon);
Cyberfetishes: Dante’s Eye, Chest and Hands.

Auspice Ability: Trickster’s Luck
Aspect Ability: Thief. Dante gets 9-again on Larceny and Stealth. He cannot keep anything he acquires that would be put to better use for his pack. It can be communal property or he can borrow it, but he cannot be its caretaker. The storyteller determines what he cannot own and what should belong to a packmate or the Robot Lords as a whole.


“Time to go to the instant replay!”

Main fixer and overall technician for the Robot Lords, Dante is about the cold heart of the machine, even if it requires a business suit to get it done.

Dante Deatheye

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