Kataryna Deathless of House Austere Howl

A petite woman, no taller than 5'2". Her hair is platinum blonde, her flesh covered in scars from fights with Black Spiral Dancers.


Tribe: Silver Fangs
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Homid

Attributes: Physical 6, Mental 5, Social 4
Skills: Physical 5, Mental 4, Social 5

Rank: Elder (5)
Renown: Purity 5, Glory 5, Honor 3, Wisdom 3, Cunning 5
Merit(2): Striking Looks


Lady and Sept Leader of the Sept of the Last Klaive.
She took over after her father was slain dueling MacPherson the Burning-Howl. Kataryna has solidified her grasp over the Sept, between rising tensions with the Wendigo and doubts after her father’s death.

Motivation: Tradition.
Roleplaying: She walks slowly, picking up objects and looking them over casually. She talks as if she knows more than whomever she is speaking with.

Personality: Despite her good looks, Kataryna is a scary woman. Anyone who spends time with her is uncomfortable with the subtle force of her personality.

Allies: Kataryna has deep loyalty from Duncan Thrashes-Eyes, who has witnessed her battle prowess first hand. He will gladly cut off his own appendages if she orders him to. Oaksong is also very loyal to her, although as a Child of Gaia, his suggestions often aren’t as violent as Kataryna would like.

Chapter 3

Duncan was taken by Great Fenris himself, to Erebus. Unsure as to know when Duncan might return, Kataryna has to find a replacement for the position of Caern Warder.

Chapter 4

Never-Tires, now dead, leaves a second position open at the Sept. Kataryna may be forced to come up with a variety of new voices to take up Caern positions.

Kataryna Deathless of House Austere Howl

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