Memphis Drives-Fast

Arms of steel, eyes that are cold, and a short hair cut, this man feels like he is built for being in a car


Auspice: Ahroun; Tribe: Glass Walkers; Aspect: Tactician
Rank Adren (3)
Physical Attributes: Strength 4 Dexterity 4 Stamina 3
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 2 Wits 4 Resolve 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2 Manipulation 2 Composure 2

Physical Skills(1): Brawl 5 Drive 4 Firearms 2 (Automobilesx3) Survival 2 Weaponry 3
Mental Skills(2): Academics 1, Craft 2 (Automobiles), Computer 1, Occult 2, Politics 1
Social Skills(3): Intimidation 3, Persuasion 1, Subterfuge 1

Willpower: 5; Primal Urge: 5; Harmony: 4; Health: 8

Merits: Language 3 (Finnish), Stunt Driver

Renown (15): Purity 5 Glory 4 Honor 2 Wisdom 0 Cunning 4
Gifts: (1) Razor Claws, Right Words, Falling Touch, Crushing Blow (Strength1); (2) Spirit of the Fray, Steel Fur, Mighty Bound(Strength2), Righteous Rage (Purity2) (3) Steel Blowfish, Iron-Rending (Strength3), Voice of Command (Dominance3) (4) Doppelganger, Know the Path (Knowledge4), Savage Rending (Father Wolf’s Gifts4); (5) Kiss of Helios
Cyberfetishes: Arms, Ears (+1 to Str and Wits).

Auspice Ability: Warrior’s Eye (W:tF).

Aspect Ability: Memphis can use his Warrior’s Eye on situations, as well as individuals. He decide immediately if a situation is winnable and what his greatest assets and deficits are. If he uses this and has even one turn to communicate this to the rest of the Robot Lords, the Robot Lords all receive a +3 on their initiative.
Memphis always must train- such is the way of one who plans ahead. If he misses out on spending at least three hours a day training, planning out battle tactics, drilling with his pack or in some other way making sure he is ready for the unexpected, he suffers a -3 on rolls to avoid Frenzy. He is unsure of what to expect, and this grates on him.


“Heh. Think I can’t get to you from inside my car?”

Alpha of the Robot Lords.

Memphis Drives-Fast

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