Oaksong (Deceased)


Tribe: Children of Gaia Auspice: Philodox
Breed: Lupus
Rank: Elder (5)


Oaksong is a old Lupus Child of Gaia, who has a strong allegiance to Kataryna and acts often to ‘mellow’ her out. He recently was promoted to the position of Master of the Rite over Slays-Names, something that Slays-Names sees as a slight, since Oaksong already held the title of Opener of the Ways.

Oaksong has no specific pack that he is adviser to, although he often works to protect cubs and newly born garou from persecution, and was outspoken against the mass execution of the Fianna ten years ago when Anton (Kataryna’s father) ordered it.

Oaksong (Deceased)

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