Father Pisses-Gold

Lean, mean, grizzled old Bone Gnawer. Always has something at hand to put in his mouth.


Tribe: Bone Gnawers Auspice: Theurge

Rank: Elder (5)
Renown: Purity 4, Glory 4, Honor 4, Wisdom 5, Cunning 6


Sept Position

Father Pisses-Gold acts as the Sept’s Keeper of the Land, frequently drinking and keeping Stag happy. He also acts as the “Elder Mentor” for all the Bone Gnawers, metis, misfits and outcasts that are still allowed within the Sept.


“Connie” Conrad Pearce is his son, but is only Kinfolk. Connie always seems to be around The Broken, as he favors them for saving his life previously. Connie isn’t very bright, but makes up for it with a variety of strongman and criminal skills. Pisses-Gold is always proud of his son, despite Connie never becoming a full-fledged Garou.

Father Pisses-Gold

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