Sarah Maneater, Hand of Lady Aife

A tall woman, with dark brown hair and fair skin. She carries banal look of hunger in her eyes, often eyeing potential prey she might wish to snack on.


Tribe: Black Spiral Dancer
Auspice: Galliard

Rank: Athro (4)


Sarah MacPherson used to be married to Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth, long before his late first change. It was a secretive marriage, one neither admitted to after he joined the Sept and accepted his birthright as a Silver Fang. Sarah herself was the last Fianna to live as part of the Sept- she kept her Fianna relations a secret, and claimed to seek adoption into the Get of Fenris.

She betrayed her pack and husband, leaving only him alive. She has become one of the most powerful members of a Hive of Black Spiral Dancers, claiming to serve the Wyrmish Incarna Lady Aife herself.

She is also sister to Ludwig, something he knows nothing of. She was there the night he was taken, but why she didn’t try to stop them or if she helped, remains unknown. Maneater is often seen working with Richard MacPherson, who some suggest is her uncle.

Burning-Howl is her father.

Aife’s Sword Hive

Maneater is one of the leaders of the Aife’s Sword Hive, the largest and most powerful Black Spiral Hive in Tacoma.

The Fiery Crown

Following Chapter 10, and the Silver Fangs’ fall from grace, the Black Spiral Dancers and the newly fallen tribe were engaged in warfare.

Sarah Maneater, Hand of Lady Aife

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