Virtue: Prudence; Vice: Greed
Auspice: Theurge; Breed: Homid
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Physical Attributes: Strength 2 (3/5/4/2) Dexterity 2 (2/3/4/4) Stamina 2 (3/4/4/3)
Mental Attributes: Intelligence 3 Wits 3 Resolve 3
Social Attributes: Presence 2 Manipulation 3 (2/0/0/3) Composure 2
Physical Skills: Brawl 2, Larceny 1, Stealth 2, Survival 2, Weaponry 1
Mental Skills: Investigation 1, Occult 3 (Umbra), Politics 1 (Blackmail)
Social Skills: Empathy 1, Intimidation 3 (Interrogate), Persuasion 2 (Wereravens), Socialize 2, Streetwise 1, Subterfuge 3 (Lies)
Health: 7 (9/11/10/7) Initiative: +4 (4/5/5/6)
Defense: 2 (2/3/4/4) Size: 5 (6/7/6/4) Speed: 9 (10/13/16/14)
Primal Urge: 2 (Homid: no social penalty) Willpower: 2 Harmony: 6 (-1 per item of silver physically carried)
Renown: Purity 0, Glory 3, Honor 0, Wisdom 3, Cunning 2
Relationship (Create or Pick a NPC) 2, Totem 1, Contacts 3 (Spirits, Werewolves, Scholars), Pure Breed 1, Allies (Gurahl) 1, Ancestors 3
1: Spirit Speech, The Heart of Things, The Right Words, Crushing Blow, Two World Eyes, Know Name 2: Read Spirit, Command Spirit 3: Paralyzing Stare
Rituals 3
1: Ritual Mind, Rite of Questing Stone, Funeral Rite, Rite of Talisman Dedication 2: Rite of Spirit Awakening, Call the Cloudless Sky, Rouse the Fetish 3: Rite of the Fetish
Political Rivals


A Brilliant, Powerhungry Shadow Lord Theurge trying to become the Caern’s Master of Rites despite having to hide his own secret Fianna affilation (Grandfather Thunder, has somehow, decided to help hide him at the Sept).

Political Rivals: The Get of Fenris and others in the Sept dislike Slays-Names; he reciprocates, but this rivalry has kept him from attaining any significant position within the Sept. He chooses to remain despite this, determined to disprove his rivals completely one day.

He knows Christine “Quickreaver”. She taught Slays-Names infiltration, and is known as an Irish Black Widow. She is Fianna Kinfolk. She carries long sharp silver “sewing needles.” She comes from the Whispered Death Sept.

Christine currently assigned to track down and kill Jeremy Miller. She is a cousin of Dillon Dreadcurse, Master of the Rite for the Whispered Death Sept.

Weylyn MacPherson

Book Two: No Longer Alpha

By Chapter 11, three months have gone by and Slays-Names is no longer Alpha of The Broken, but instead has flourished as the Gatekeeper for the Sept of the Last Klaive.


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