Vigilant One-Eyed Raven


Totem Point Cost: 2
Attributes: Power 2 Resistance 3 Finesse 4
Traits: Corpus 4 Defense 4 Willpower 6
Influences Wealth 2
Numen: Material Vision, Materialize, Swift Flight (W:tA)
Base Benefit: Wearer of the Hat receives +3 on Survival, +1 on Expression, +1 on Occult, +1 on Subterfuge and can use Death Sight (W:tF pg 106).
All members of the Pack receive Wereravens as a specialty in Persuasion and a +1 on Occult.
Ban: Must never possess any real wealth of their own; Raven provides instead for all they need.


Who provides for his pack, no matter the cost- despite losing his left eye to the forces of the Wyrm. Harbors enmity toward the Whippoorwill spirit for the loss.

Vigilant One-Eyed Raven

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