The Fearsome Klaive

This silver Klaive is cracked and darkened with centuries of age. Various glyphs cover its surface.

weapon (melee)

When making All-Out Attacks with the Fearsome Klaive, the bonus you receive is +5 instead of +2.
In addition, the spirit of the Fetish is the Ancestor-Spirit Fearsome the-Last-White- this spirit can be contacted, and is willing to teach or aid any of his descendants, so long as they fight Black Spiral Dancers.


When wielded in combat, the Klaive pulses with battlelust, eager to especially slice down servants of the Wyrm. When used against Black Spiral Dancers, the Fearsome Klaive glows bright, as though it is struck by moonlight.

My Son forged this Klaive, binding me to it not long after my death. Its silver was forged in the hot silver rivers of Erebus cooled near the great pit of the Abyss and tested in Malfeas itself.
I refuse to sit and dwell in the Umbra when Black Spiral Dancers still walk upon Gaia.
—Fearsome, on the Fetish he resides in.

The Fearsome Klaive

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