Last Tales of the Broken

"Terrorism" Interlude
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“Times are chaotic, and disorder is everywhere; don’t you wish you had some sort of protection? A recognition of civilization when the rest of the world goes up in flames?

" Tomorrow-Shinzui has opened its doors to anyone willing to embrace a new way of life: Digizenship. With its new found sovereignty, Tomorrow-Shinzui is looking to raise up a new generation, willing to fight back the decay and progress humanity to the next stage.

“Tomorrow-Shinzui Digizens receive a IdentiChip implant in their right palm. Over time, Tomorrow-Shinzui nanotechnology will perfect and help you progress to the next step of human evolution. No more death, no more age, no more pain.
Recieve your Digizenship today- correct for disorder soon!”

The Tomorrow-Shinzui Informercial is interrupted by a news broadcast:

“Hi I’m Agatha MacKenzie, and this is a break news break from CIN. Never late, and always up to date!

“Tieton Washington has been attacked by Terrorists. The Tomorrow-Shinzui Security Corps hours ago reported that the town’s some 1200 populace had been killed in a savage massacre. No survivors have been found.

" The Security Corps found evidence linking the terrorists at Tieton to other attacks across the state. It is believed that the terrorists are part of a Cult of Survivialists and ecoterrorists who call themselves ‘The Wolf-Born.’ It is speculated that the recent destruction of Wolves infected with Red Death have caused a violent backlash in the conservation movement, and that many of the infected have joined the ‘Wolf-Born’ out of a delirium.

“Tomorrow-Shinzui subsidy, DNA Inc, issued a report this week supporting that- evidence indicates a genetic connection between some sort of severe psychosis, the Red Death and Wolves. DNA Inc has promised that in the following weeks, they will have more published to help explain this connection.

“Authorities continue to hunt down the Wolf-Born, and Tomorrow-Shinzui Security Corps and CyberSol teams, along with the National Guard, have been sent into the Wolf-Born’s base, believed to be hidden in Olympic National Park. The Wolf-Born are not the only Cult related to the Red Death to emerge in the last few months, a Cult about Dragons has appeared in China, a Cult tied to Foxes seems to have emerged in Japan while a South American Cult obsessed with Big Cats, too, has been found in acts of terrorism.”

Helen's Diary Entries

See Helen’s character page for diaries, if your interested:

Img 1560

Chapter 5

" Well, it started out great. We feasted on some great Chinese before we went on a weird trip in the basement. Our friend Little Sister brought us a message, & somehow it involves this painting we found. It’s of Richard & his family – I never knew he had a twin! It was going well right up until I was suddenly aware that my friends were in danger. I hope that I can help them in time. I liked the opportunity to play toward my flaw, even if it was in a minor way. I hated not being in the middle of the action. I loved getting to try out my new rites. My vision gave me some feeling of empathy for Kataryna for the first time."

Chapter 6

" So much has happened! Our special place was under attack, & we all did our best to defend it. By the end of the evening, we’d followed the trail of a rival gang to their hideout. It was tough to break through their defenses, but by the time that we did, they were lucky we’d come ‘cause we weren’t the first intruders. We saved them from Richard & his gang of thugs, but Richard got away. I liked the scary prophesy we each witnessed. I hated the revelation that I wouldn’t live for many more years. I loved the description of the Wendigo cairn. I’m gonna come visit you soon."

Ludwig and Lynne Interlude
Tieton, Washington


Negotiations finished, and having secured a guide to the Black Furies of Mount Rainier, Ludwig and Lynne sit on a downed tree as Knows-The-Path helps with the efforts to bury the dead. Not many words have been spoken between the two since their leaving Seattle, with Ludwig deep in confusion and trying to get past the anger he still carries, and Lynne not wanting to do anything to upset him any further.

All the while, though, Lynne has been very concerned. Realizing that she has previously known nothing of his life away from her, and coming to know of him being a werewolf, and the Pack he had been associated with, many questions have been eating at her.

“Ludwig?”, Lynne says.

“Yeah? What’s up?”, Ludwig replies.

Lynne takes a moment to adjust her seating, moving herself next to Ludwig upon the tree. Her hands folded across her lap, and looking ahead of her at the ground – which was still littered with bodies and debris – she says “A lot has happened in the past couple of days.”

“Yeah…I’m sorry for uprooting you like —”

“Oh no, don’t be sorry. My father has gone insane, and you were in danger. Going with you is the only thing I could do, with the shelter gone”, Lynne says, staring blankly, her home of the past several years having been taken from her by her own father, seemingly as an attempt to force her to return.

Turning his head towards her slightly, almost unsure as to what to say, Ludwig responds “We’ll get it back, Lynne…even if I have to storm ”/campaign/wta-the-broken/wikis/tomorrow-shinzui" class=“wiki-page-link”>Tomorrow-Shinzui and take it back by force."

He turns his head back, then looks towards the sky, also staring blankly.

Lynne starts to cry, tears pouring down her face.

“No…you can’t do that! You’ll die! You heard the radio on our way out here – Tomorrow-Shinzui is its own nation now! How are you going to go against a whole country?” Lynne pauses for a moment. “I know you’re tough and all,” she says, “but you can’t take on a whole country by yourself..” Her crying turns into a soft sob.

Broken from the thoughts in his head by her tears, Ludwig quickly turns to Lynne and wraps his arms around her, one hand against the back of her head as he holds her close. “You’re right. I’m sorry. I just…”

“I don’t know what to do.”

Her sobbing letting up, Lynne lays her head on Ludwig’s shoulder, her face turned toward his. “I know I’ve never asked where you’ve gone before whenever you’d leave the shelter…” She sighs softly, then continues. “You’re all I have now, and I’m going to do everything I can to help you. But I need to know what’s been going on. Things are happening, and I have a feeling you know a lot more about these things than most people do.”

Sighing heavily, Ludwig closes his eyes. Knowing he can’t keep the danger from her any longer, he submits; "Yeah. And the reason why we’re going to Mount Rainier right now is so that you can learn more. I’m not much of a teacher. Hell, sometimes I don’t even know what I believe.

“Most of my life has been a series of lies, cover-ups and misdirection.” He chuckles. Motioning towards Knows-The-Path, he says “Our new companion over there seems to believe that the Black Fury tribe who resides there would be well-equipped to be able to teach you about these things, and possibly might be able to help you understand your new found abilities. I can honestly say they’ve caught me completely by surprise.”

“But, about me?” Ludwig thinks for a moment, and then says “I found out I was a werewolf about seven years ago…less than a year after I met you. Sadly, I had my ‘first change’ about a year before that. Werewolves experience their first change under different circumstances, but I wasn’t aware of mine, because I was frenzied – in a bloodlust-driven rage where I have no knowledge or recollection of anything I do under the influence of. I was in a similar state back at the shelter before we left.”

Ludwig continues, "Now here’s the not-so-good part: During my first change, I slaughtered my ‘family’. I don’t speak of it, because for as long as I can remember, I was raised isolated from the rest of civilization. I only knew of ‘Father’ and ‘Mother’ – I never knew their names, as they always referred to each other, even, as such. There were also a couple of other men, who I wasn’t to address. Their names were also unknown.

“I was told that many lies about what existed beyond the walls of the home I was raised in. My education consisted of countless puzzles, be they mathematical, graphical, wordplay or otherwise. I also learned a good deal about science, but never was able to touch a computer, or experience any of the things I was taught about. Over time, I began to question what I was being taught, and why I was never allowed outside, until one day something inside me snapped…

“And the next thing I knew, everyone in that building was dead at my feet, and suddenly, I was free to leave. Nobody could stop me. That’s all I could think of; I never stopped to think about what had happened.”

Lynne continues to listen intently as Ludwig goes on to explain how he was later found by the Sept, and told of the First Change, and about his Tribe and Auspice.

“It seems that Philodox experience their First Change most often in response to a great injustice. Looking back on my circumstances, I realized that I in fact was the person who killed those who raised me. I was also told that I frenzied several other times over the course of the next several months before I was ever aware of it. I actually was told about all of this just before I met you. I’m sure you can remember how I was that day. I didn’t know what to say, what to feel, or what to think. This was all outside of the realm of things I had been exposed to the other sixteen years of my life. I didn’t really trust anyone, and I simply wanted to enjoy my freedom. Most of that went as planned, but I ended up growing to trust one person: You.”

Taking another deep breath, Ludwig says “Thing is…as I spent time with you, and came to trust you, I wanted to protect you from myself. At that point, I had begun to become ashamed of what I am. I was brought into the Pack you briefly met back in Seattle, but I never really was one of them. I was pretty much on my own, but my freedom was restricted. I hated that, but at the same time, I felt as if I needed to be around these people in order to keep myself from harming you. My old mentor, Duncan, taught me what it was to be a Get of Fenris, and in that, I started to teach myself how to fight with this —”

Pulling out his Klaive, he looks down at it and says "I managed to find this not long before I killed my ‘family’. I took it and kept it for myself, not knowing what it was, but knowing that I liked it. Later on, I was told what this was, and its significance – this Klaive is ancestral. Within it, a spirit is bound. This spirit is called Fearsome. This spirit, at one point, told me that I am in fact of his bloodline: of a family called MacPherson. So…

“Once again, I was left confused. Nobody had answers for me, even Duncan. I decided after a while that I was just going to seek my own answers, and not wait around for people to take time from their own agendas to do anything but serve themselves. The Pack decided they didn’t like that, so they took every chance they could to meddle in my business. That all lead up to what happened at the shelter. They followed me, even though I told them not to. They tried to stop me from doing what I needed to do. I quit their damn pack, but they stayed anyway, determined to continue to piss me off.”

Lynne stopped him, “I doubt they really wanted to make you mad. I’m sure they had other reasons for doing what they did. Maybe they actually care about you.”

Ludwig laughs out loud. "If they did ‘care’, then they would have backed off, instead of provoking me and pushing me to the point where I would undoubtedly lash out. Your father didn’t help matters any, but even at that point, they stayed, and got in my way…even when I was in frenzy. The one you were checking on back there? He has a tendency to get himself nearly killed – I imagine he must have a death wish.

“One of these days though, I’m going end up actually granting that wish, whether it’s by choice or not. As far as the other two? One of them likes to openly spy on everything I do, which pisses me off to the point of wanting to wring his neck. The other one? He’s the ‘Alpha’ of the pack, and expects as such that everyone will do whatever he says. He uses this idea to further serve his own agendas. He’s not out for anyone but himself and his own grasps at power. There are others in that Pack than what you saw, but they’re pretty much the same. I have no time for this.”

Pausing a moment, Ludwig thinks about what he just said and says “You know…I think at this point, I’m doing exactly what the rest of them do. I’m following my own agenda. I take care of my own. You, and that homeless shelter are my own. I will do whatever I can to protect both…and those idiots kept me from protecting one of them.”

“I know I can’t do all of this on my own, and to some extent, I guess I’ll need the help of people like them. I don’t like it, but eventually, I’ll have to simply suck it up. I have things to find out about my past…some Weaver-spawn back at the shelter told me that I have some sort of implant in me that is doing something or another. I don’t want to believe him, but at this point with as little as I know about my past,
where I come from, and what I’m doing here…I really have no idea what to believe. I need to find out, and I won’t be able to do that on my own. I don’t have enough control over my rage, though, to be able to keep from killing any of those people if they get in my way.”

Lynne starts to look worried. She says “what about that woman over there?” She points to Knows-the-Path. “She seems to be willing to help us, and look what she did with those people who were fighting over all of the dead people here! She was able to dissolve that problem without much effort. Isn’t she like you? One of the Philodox?” Suddenly Lynne’s expression looks a little brighter, as if an epiphany just hit her.

“Maybe she can help you to understand yourself more…maybe she can help you get your answers!”

Ludwig ponders this for a moment, then smiles and nods. “Yeah, I think maybe she can. It can’t hurt, that’s for sure. I’ll talk to her.”

Lynne smiles back at Ludwig, then cranes her neck up to his face, planting a small kiss on his cheek. “And you have me! I’m in this now, whether you wanted me to be or not.” Her expression turning slight more solemn, she looks into his eyes and says “But from now on, you have to let me help…no more keeping secrets from me, okay?”

Nodding in agreement, Ludwig says “No more secrets. I promise.”

And then, Ludwig started feel a headache come on but he doesn’t realize from where or what, only that it carries of a feeling of… cold logic with it.

Chapter Eight: The October Moot

Cloudy night  2c

Moon Phase: Full Moon

Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Slays-Names, Helen, Screwdriver, Ashlar Ghost-that-Runs
The Robot Lords: Conrad Slays-Leeches, Dante Deatheye, Memphis Drives-Fast
Tsuruda Dacchi

Flashback: Ludwig v. Slays-Names

Seven years ago, Slays and Tsuruda Dacchi got stuck with looking into a incident a local pet shop. Slays finds a Klaive there, and in the process, gets jumped by a figure in Crinos. Ludwig, deep in Frenzy, strangles Slays-Names until Tsuruda can help Slays to calm the frenzying Garou down…



Ludwig and Lynne are out of gas in Yakima. Ludwig hears booming thunder out in the distance.


A dark figure darts at the two of them, fear in her eyes. This new Garou warns them to run, and Ludwig reluctantly follows her. They get off the road, and Ludwig insists to confront whoever is following this new Garou, who he learns rather quickly is mute.

Quickly learning that her name is Knows-the-Path, Ludwig and her devise a quick ambush.

Three Black Spiral Dancers and a GIANT come out to meet them in a fight. Twenty-feet tall and wielding a black-green iron Mace, the giant is the hardest to stop- it nearly tears Ludwig in twain with one of its blows. Knows-the-Path manages to blind it, and insists on leaving, but Ludwig instead suggests just finishing off the massive terror.

As he is about to press a final assault, he watches as the wounds on the giant begin to heal, and its eyes start to regrow. He relents, realizing what Knows-the-Path meant; this is isn’t something he can handle on his own.

Ludwig and Knows-the-Path take Lynne with them, deciding to head toward the Black Fury Sept at Mount Rainer, the Mother’s Mountain Sept.

Back Up Protocol

Glass walkers blue 100x100 by scaper deage

Driving their Hummer through the Umbra, the Robot Lords recieve new orders from their Pack Totem, Coyote. The gorgeous latina version of Coyote the three of them know and love conveys their orders in regards to Seattle:

" The big guy has orders for you: there is a Sept in Seattle called the Last Klaive. Join them, earn their trust. When the opportunity presents itself, betray them and infiltrate Tomorrow-Shinzui as best you can. Then, when the time is right, Coyote will tell you when you pull the rug out from under them."

Meeting Helen
Img 1560

Driving along, the Robot Lords run into Helen walking back home to the Sept; Dante quickly identifies her as a Garou. When asked if she knows which way to get to the Sept, Helen lies.

Dante picks up on it, but Conrad and Memphis, as always, ignore him. She seems to convince them a bit, although the direction she points out doesn’t jibe with what Coyote and their own gifts had been telling them.

Memphis cuts to the bone, and uses a Dominance gift on Helen to force her to tell him the truth: Which direction is the Sept?

She tells, and the Robot Lords and Hummer drive off in that direction. Panicking, Helen hurries to find her own pack and warn them of “these strange cyborgs in a hummer.”

Tsuruda’s Bar
Ba bar 528

Most of the pack is at Tsuruda’s Bar, to inform the drunken Ahroun owner that the Sept will be holding a Moot that night. Still very sort of Drunk, Tsuruda offers them drinks. When offered something to drink, Screwdriver manages yet again to get his favorite drink.

Slays, as always, continues to try and recruit Tsuruda to his pack, feeling the need for another Warrior.

Then Helen comes in, worried look on her face.

She tells the pack of the strangers and how they used a dominance gift to get her to tell them how to get to the Sept. The pack decides to go check it out, just in case the Westward Swords miss it.

Robot Lords v. The Broken

Coming into the Sept proper, the Robot Lords are stopped in their Hummer by the Guardians of the Sept, the Westward Swords. The situation tense, the Westward Swords ask why they haven’t done a proper introduction, and what is their business at the Sept?

Memphis ignores them until they say they are going to get one of their Elders. Conrad puts a sword to the neck of Bryon Blackclaw, as a measure of security. Astrid, one of the Westward Swords, takes a measure of the Robot Lords and feels that they may be dangerous in a fight.

When Kataryna arrives, she silences Conrad and Dante when they try to talk or hit on her. She questions them, and upon hearing their offer to join the Sept, she informs them of the Moot, and that “we’ll see.” She leaves, and tells the Robot Lords that Slays-Names of the Broken will take care of their sleeping and other arrangements.

When the Broken arrive to hear this, they don’t like it that much- these new glass walkers are rude and cocky. It doesn’t take long for a fight to break out between Screwdriver and Dante, with Screwdriver eventually pissing all over the Robot Lords’ hummer. They break it up, and Tsuruda offers to let the Robot Lords crash at his bar.

At the mention of a bar, the Robot Lords immediately follow Tsuruda.

“Bar? Why didn’t you say so?”

Knows-the-Path and Ludwig

Heading southwesterly, Ludwig and Knows-the-Path, in Hispo form, come to a tiny town in ruins, Tieton Washington. Bodies strewn everywhere, with what looks like slash marks made here and there. Every human in the town, that the three of them see, are dead.

Shocked by the dead, Ludwig asks Knows-the-Path what happened. Knows-the-Path, herself still trying to comprehend all of the ghosts she senses, makes the tribal glyph for the Red Talons. Although technically not a crime against the Litany, it still feels like a violation for Gaian Garou to have done this.
Broken wolf fight 2
Nearby, they hear the sound of a argument between some people. At closer inspection, it is a argument between a pack of Bone Gnawers and a pack of Black Furies. Furious at hearing them fight over the women survivors of Tieton, Ludwig is stopped by Knows-the-Path. The Silent Strider Philodox instead sits down and mediates between the two arguing packs.

Knows-the-Path gives the Bone Gnawers a fetish, which they take in exchange for leaving- after all, they were arguing for compensation at the loss of so many of their kinfolk. Thanking her, the Black Furies start to leave.

She stops them, and in no uncertain terms, lets them know she thinks that they are culpable, especially if they could’ve stopped the slaughter in some way. She demands that they bury the dead, show the proper respects.

Once this is done, Ludwig apologizes, especially after watching Knows-the-Path work.


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At the start of the Moot, the only conscious Galliard in the Sept, Screwdriver, is ignored and not given the title of Master of the Howl. Instead, Kataryna has selected Rent-is-Due-Too of the Seawalkers to act as the Master of the Howl.

Screwdriver challenges him for it, but loses at gamecraft to the clever Bone Gnawer Ragabash.

Rent-is-Too-Due starts the Moot, asking Screwdriver to perform the second, mournful howl for all the Lupus and Wolves lost. Things go smoothly, with Father Pisses-Gold acting as Caller of the Wyld. Of course, the old drunk doesn’t necessarily… get it all right…

During the Cracking of the Bone, the Alpha of the Westward Swords acts as Truthcatcher, first asking for grievances then moving on to challenges for renown, rank and sept positions. Ghost-that-Runs challenges for the rank of Fostern, and Pisses-Gold gives him a task to prove himself:

Uh, yeah, challenge, right. Totally kewl with me. Uh, Ghost-that-Runs, you need to go to Rorg’s realm and steal one of his stones without being noticed by the Many-Taloned Hunter.

Ashlar accepts this, and others challenge for other things. Memphis Drives-Fast of the Robot Lords convinces Kataryna and the other Alphas of the Sept to accept him as Sept Warder- through a display of various gifts and kicking the ass off of Bryan Blackclaw.

Slays names

And Slays-Names, challenged for the position of Gatekeeper. Another Septmate, Kana Thunderservant of the Seawalkers challenged as well, and the two of them engaged in a tense riddle contest to see who was more clever for the job. Kana lost, with Slays-Names using a riddle or two from the Hobbit.

The Revel

After songs and stories- Screwdriver impressed the entire Sept with a stirring rap-tale on his pack’s exploits- Pisses-Gold started a chant. The song rolled over and over; its chanting chorus of:

Fuck the Wyrm! Fuck the Wyrm! Fuck the Wyrm!

Stirred more and more energy in the Sept. It rushed into a crescendo, and Kataryna stepped forward and thrust a fist in the air. As the Wyrm Foe for the sept, she led all of them, in Crinos, on a wild, crazed hunt through the Umbra…


Knows-the-Path and Ludwig discuss their next move, with Knows-the-Path suggesting that Ludwig ask the Black Furies to escort them back to the Mother’s Mountain Sept. There, Knows-the-Path suggests, the Black Furies can teach and try to get Lynne on the right path. Also, travel with the Black Furies would be quicker and safer- hopefully.

Ludwig agrees, and learns that Knows-the-Path was supposed to deliver a message to the Wendigo and the Sept of the Last Klaive from Burning-Howl MacPherson. Still curious about her, Ludwig has decided that maybe this Philodox can teach him a new trick or two…

After the Moot

The next day, most of the Broken wakes in the dining room of the MacPherson House, their heads hurting from the big revel the night before.
Mac pherson house
They wake up to meet a Corax waiting for them. Calling himself Shiny Jack, he’s come to see their Shrine to Raven and pay his respects. He gives them a update on the latest news.

Most of the human world is at war. Several cities are smoking, nuclear craters, and many Garou say that the Fifth Sign is upon us. The sky is yellowish, and it feels as though things are going to get hotter and hotter…

Interlude: Like Father, Like Son
First Steps of Betrayal...

Glass walkers blue 100x100 by scaper deage

It took Dante about half a day to hack his way into his father’s messaging system. As always, he made contact with him via a holographic interface. This time, Dante knew, he had to sell it and sell it good.



Virgil O’Neil didn’t look pleased to see his son. “We are going to track you signal pretty soon and-”

“I have an offer for you, if you are willing to take a gamble on me, father.”

Dante’s words, weighted just the right way, caught Virgil off guard. Scratching his beard curiously, the hologram of Virgil raised a hand, gesturing for Dante to continue.

“Well, we currently have infiltrated, uh, what your techs would call a ‘hyperbolic space-time anomaly’; my pack and I are in a position of power here now. I believe you and some of your compatriots might be interested in it…”

And Dante continued to talk, working to help his Pack to eventually become part of the Machine itself. He succeeded at keeping himself from revealing his hand too soon…

Chapter Seven: The Homeless Shelter
Prepare, for soon We Hold the Moot

Cloudy night  2c
Dateline: Friday October 12th, 2012 up to Friday, October 26th
Moon Phase: Gibbous Moon

Dramatis Personae

The Broken: Ghost-that-Runs, Ludwig Rages-Truth, Screwdriver, Slays-Names

New Characters Introduced: Jeremy Miller, Lynne Miller and Christine Silver-Bearer

Previously On The Last Tales of the Broken

The Broken discovered a second Caern under Dark Seattle’s Lake Union, the Caern of the Phoenix. A battle had been fought and won against the Black Spiral Dancers, but clearly it was a distraction for Richard MacPherson while he focused on taking The Screamers down. Many Silent Strider Traitors were part of it; now the Pack has returned to the Sept of the Last Klaive to report on they had found…


Screwdriver Tells it How it Is

Upon returning, Ludwig and Screwdriver wait in the Assembly Area of the Caern. Kataryna called together a council of Elders and Pack Alphas to discuss what the Broken had found.

First to appear is the Alpha of the Seawalkers, Koulter Stormfury. Koulter seems to share the same opinion that Ludwig does, that Kataryna needs to fall and Duncan needs to come back from Erebus. Next is Bryon Blackclaw, Alpha for the Westward Swords and Slays-Names.

Stormfury and Blackclaw share a informal staredown, with Koulter backing down- barely.

After that, Sept Leader Kataryna and Father Pisses-Gold enter and begin the Hearing. Before Screwdriver can explain the story of how the Pack found the Second Caern, Koulter Stormfury breaks etiquette and challenges Kataryna’s leadership- something that is not done. Kataryna beats him, breaking many of his bones, and tells him to keep quiet.

Ludwig offers himself up for his own challenge, but Kataryna flatly refuses him- this was a demonstration for all of the Get of Fenris: she will not kill each and every Get of Fenris in order to prove her competency and she will not rescue someone like Duncan Thrashes-Eyes from Erebus. Clearly her former Warder has sins he must atone for. Kataryna strips the Seawalkers of five of their kinfolk as punishment for their waste of her and the Sept’s time.

With that done, Screwdriver explains how the Pack came to find the Caern of the Phoenix…

6985547787 899029a5d9 b copy2

…After Ludwig collaborates and confirms his packmate’s tale, Kataryna asks the assembled what they think needs to happen next. Concerned with the loss of the recent seven or so Garou from the Sept’s numbers, Kataryna listens to their suggestions.

Slays-Names spoke up first. “You need numbers? I know where we could get a pack or two- they’d have no problem at all helping us out.”

Bryon Blackclaw seconded the idea, adding: “You could always take up your father’s crown, milady. Become the Queen of the Northwest.”

Neglecting to answer, Kataryna listens to a suggestion from Ludwig instead. He suggests teaching the Kinfolk to fight, so that they can bolster numbers for the time being.

Kataryna nodded and made her decision. " We need numbers; at the next moot, I’m given to understand that we will have a new Gatekeeper. The Guardians will remain the Westward Swords, despite their failures recently; the Seawalkers will continue to maintain our spiritual ties.

Kataryna the deathless

" The Broken have proven themselves as of late. I wish to reward that. They will coordinate with our Gatekeeper and be our emissaries to all the other Septs. I’d like them to first make contact with the Red Talons Sept of the Sleeping Ice, but only after they’ve taken the time to let their pack heal and recover from the fighting.

“Also, I am unsure if we should have the Moot this month- the Revel may be too risky.”

Slays disagrees, pointing out that maybe this is exactly the right time for it.

Reticent, Kataryna remarks that she will make her decision before the Full Moon at the end of the Month.

Training Days

Mac pherson house

After two weeks, the pack has rested some from their injuries at the Battle of the Howling Storm. Ashlar watches Ludwig train Helen’s homeless allies and kinfolk in Weaponry at the MacPherson House. Most of them at first seem to not catch on very well- but some are starting to learn. Ludwig seems to excel as a teacher.

Connie and Screwdriver meanwhile work on some sort of still in Connie’s Dumpster.

Ashlar’s spying is interrupted when a ghost talks to him. Having staked out from inside Ludwig’s room, Ashlar is surprised to see a little girl with a large claw wound across her face and chest.

“Hello.” She says, and Ashlar asks her who she is.

She is Ashley MacPherson. She remembers one night that a man her father and her Uncle Burning-Howl despised killed her. To obtain some form of rest, the little girl’s ghost explains that she wants to say goodbye to her father, Richard MacPherson.


Ashlar promises that he’ll do what he can, but, well, he is uncertain on that.

Meanwhile, a tall red-haired woman in a red dress and a mischievous smile walks up to the cast iron gate of the front yard. Screwdriver glances over at her, and Ludwig turns toward her. He asks her why she is there.

“I need to see Slays-Names. Tell him its about Patrick.”

Ludwig begrudgingly goes to the basement of the MacPherson House to see Slays-Names. He informs him of this, and Slays-Names tells Ludwig to bring her down. Ludwig asks him if is his going to tell him anything else, but Slays declines sharing much more than that.


Outside, Christine shares a mighty potent brew with Screwdriver, strong enough to knock the Bone Gnawer on his ass and begging for more. Christine refuses, certain that anymore might kill him. When Ludwig returns, he takes Christine down to Slays and comes back outside to continue with his lessons.

But he is interrupted yet again, when Bryon Blackclaw shows up to tell him to get Ashlar. Kataryna wants to talk to Ashlar, now. Blackclaw points Ashlar out, spying on Ludwig from Ludwig’s window. Ludwig throws a rock, knocking Ashlar away from the window.

Ashlar leaves with Blackclaw, and Ludwig starts to feel tired of playing usher for the pack.

Old Friends

Slays gets to have a moment with an old friend of his, Christine. Christine updates him on what has been going with the Whispered Death Sept and in return, Slays tells her of what he and the pack have been up to recently.
Cool in a kilt 2 by salemburn
“Dillon wanted you to have this, a reminder of home.” Christine gives Slays the bottle of Spirit Brew that had laid Screwdriver low.

“I’ve got a job I’m working on here in Town,” Christine smiled at Slays. “A man named Jeremy Miller. You don’t mind if I crash here for tonight and the next couple of nights?”

“Not a problem.” Slays told her.

Christine leaves, so that she can go to work…

Ashlar @ Kataryna’s

Bryon Blackclaw left Ghost-that-Runs alone in the front yard of Kataryna’s house. A pile of ashes from the Black Spirals she’d killed still smoldered there. Gulping, he climbed the front porch and walked in. Inside Kataryna’s house, he notes a empty cage hanging on one wall, and all sorts of claw marks all over various walls.

Ashlar meets Thomas, a kinfolk- well, he thinks mate, but is uncertain on that point- of Kataryna’s. Kataryna shares a meal with Ashlar. She informs him that she understands about his wanting to hunt down Richard MacPherson, and that she has had her own problems with him. She gives Ashlar her blessing to hunt him down.

After Kataryna and Thomas leave him to finish his steak, Ashlar notices a small photo signed by Bryon Blackclaw. A younger version of the metis Alpha of the Westward Swords and Kataryna together, with the words “for you mother” written on it. Apparently more came out of that horrid memory Ashlar and the Broken saw than just cruelty by Richard MacPherson.

Ashlar leaves Katayrna’s house, chewing over what he’s seen and what Kataryna told him.

Following Christine…

Christine walks past Ludwig and gets into her own rental sedan and drives off.

Ludwig follows her- using a Pinto that Connie and Screwdriver were messing around with, especially since now it has a full tank of gas. Unbeknownst to Ludwig, Screwdriver is in the trunk.

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He drives toward Downtown Seattle. As he passes Kataryna’s house and her yard, Ashlar sees Christine and then Ludwig drive by. Ashlar quickly moves, using his Speed of Thought to try and catch up with Ludwig via some shortcuts around Seattle traffic.

Meanwhile, Slays-Names goes upstairs to talk with a packmate- but all of them apparently have ran off. Irritated at it happening again, Slays steps sideways and gets a hold of a Stag-spirit who’ll give him a airt path to follow his packmates with, toward the mess of Webs that is downtown Seattle.

Eventually Christine arrives at the homeless shelter, which Ludwig considers a second home. He follows her into the homeless shelter.

Ashlar soon comes to Ludwig’s pinto, and lets Screwdriver out of the trunk. Screwdriver takes the guise of a Great Dane, but the two of them still had to outwit a Patrol Cop. Both acted fairly crazy, and Ashlar left Screwdriver to continue tailing Ludwig.

Screwdriver, in Great Dane form, cuts across the day by himself, while Ashlar tries to catch up to Ludwig at the Homeless Shelter. Slays-Names emerges from the Umbra and grabs the two of them.

“We’re going to get Ludwig and get home, damn it!”

Seattle night02

Meanwhile, in the homeless shelter, Ludwig comes across a shouting match between Christine and a FBI agent in the usual Man-in-Black outfit. Disgusted, Christine leaves instead of wait for Jeremy Miller to appear.

Ludwig questions the Agent, who calls himself ‘Agent Dunlap.’ Quickly the interaction becomes terse; Dunlap offers to tell Ludwig all he wants to know on Project Wotan, but only if he agrees to apprehend a target for Tomorrow-Shinzui and the FBI. The Agent also offers Ludwig a chemical compound that is ‘supposed to give you more Self-Control.’

Ludwig vehemently disagrees, and Dunlap walks away. As Agent Dunlap tries to leave, Ludwig grabs him by the back of the collar of his suit.

Slays interrupts Ludwig, and paralyzes him with his stare. With Ludwig frozen, Dunlap leaves a manila envelope on a table and rips his suit getting free of Ludwig. The ripped suit repaired itself instantly. Dunlap leaves.

Ashlar quickly looks through the manila envelope and sees the target: Richard MacPherson.

Once free, Ludwig tells the pack off, and announces that he’s done with them. He no longer wishes to be a member of the pack. He goes into the back, to see Lynne Miller and checks up on here. Slays and the rest of the pack quickly takes an account of the Homeless Shelter, curious about it now.



Jeremy Miller arrives, bald and goatee and all malicious smiles.

" This is now the property of Tomorrow-Shinzui. It is hereby closed and all of you are on private property- leave now. Go on, leave! Scram!"

Raven informs Screwdriver that he wants Screwdriver to give Ludwig a final opportunity to rejoin the Pack and ask for his forgiveness, or else Raven will turn from Ludwig- and turn from him hard. It appears that Raven sees Ludwig leaving the pack as a grave insult, based on its prior experience with other packs.

Slays works with some the homeless shelter workers to set up a backup shelter at a place he knows is safe.

Ludwig shoves past Screwdriver, telling him that he is done with the pack. He confronts Jeremy Miller, and in turn, Jeremy Miller humiliates and dresses Ludwig down. Ludwig, his Wrath stoked, frenzies.

The broken try their best to try and calm Ludwig down. Homeless panic, and Jeremy Miller flies into full blown delirium.

Screwdriver puts himself in Ludwig’s way, keeping Ludwig’s attention on him. The frenzying ex-packmate nearly kills Screwdriver. But the Galliard has trouble talking Ludwig down until he realizes that Lynne is there, and that she is watching Ludwig with worry.

“Don’t do it for me or the pack, Ludwig, do it for her.” Screwdriver steps to the side and directs Ludwig’s view to Lynne. Its finally enough to give Ludwig control back.


Ludwig and Lynne go out the back, with Ludwig keeping Lynne from getting too close to Screwdriver.

Screwdriver falls unconscious from the wounds he’s taken. Slays and Ashlar step sideways and take him home. Slays notes that in the Umbra, pattern spiders are working on something geometrical where the reflection of the homeless shelter should be.

Wto seattle photo

Ludwig and Lynne drive until Ludwig runs out of gas outside of Yakima. He drives off an assault of Black Spiral Dancers, but finds Lynne has disappeared. She then reappears. Lynne, it appears, has become a Mage, and has a fascination with the Weaver.

The pack returns to the MacPherson House. They inform Pisses-Gold of Ludwig leaving the pack, possibly the Sept. Pisses-Gold suggests that the Sept may want to find Ludwig, if only to get his Klaive from him. Christine returns to spend the night, dropping off pizza she’d been given free…

Cut Scene: Sweet Old Chicago

Glass walkers blue 100x100 by scaper deage

Chicago, in front of the Sears Tower, late into the night. A hummer is running, and some is yelling at a very big man in front of the massive skyscraper.

DANTE, get in the damn CAR!” Memphis Drives-Fast shouted out of a window of the massive modified, glyph covered Hummer his pack preferred.

“Aww, but I wanna record the disintegration wave!”

“You said we had three minutes to get out, remember?”


As soon as Dante was in, the Robot Lords drove off. Memphis Drives-Fast, his arms and head gleaming with cybernetics, turned to the garou in shotgun, Conrad Slays-Leeches.

“Activate the fetish, Conrad.”

A nuclear blast began to erupt from the city behind them.

KEWL!” Dante shouted with glee, Memphis had to restrain his urge to cut out Dante’s tongue.

“Coyote, help us.” Conrad muttered.

Glyphs on the hummer glowed, and with a flash, the Robot Lords and their hummer stepped sideways into the Umbra

CIN Interlude 3
Tomorrow-Shinzui; Bringing You Tomorrow

Glass walkers blue 100x100 by scaper deage

“Hello and we’re back- This is CIN News, up to date and never late!”

“ I’m Agatha Mackenzie and we are still getting information in the aftermath of the bombings in Chicago, Mumbai, Paris, Beijing and Johannesburg. Coupled with the Red Death and food riots worldwide, open warfare between various nations-

" Oh, we got some breaking news! Tomorrow-Shinzui CEO and President Virgil O’Neill is making a press announcement- each of the nuclear detonations were directed or centered at their various regional headquarters. We are switching to him- now."

The camera switches to a man in a very expensive dark suit, his hair brown with a thick beard and piercing eyes. Holding a microphone close to his mouth, standing out behind him various cybernetic devices float and move behind him. Figures in large powered armored mecha stood far behind him, the corporate logo of Tomorrow-Shinzui, the outline of a green-blue tree with a infinity symbol and a microchip overlaid on it, emblazoned all over them.

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" It the last twenty-four hours, Tomorrow-Shinzui offices in Chicago, Paris, Beijing, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Dublin, Cairo and Edinburgh were attacked. Dublin and Cairo were able to prevent the detonation of nuclear warheads. Tomorrow-Shinzui as a corporate entity firmly believes that two parties took part in these bombings. Pentex, Inc.- and we can prove without a doubt they were involved- provided and helped to plant at least three of the warheads."

A holographic image of Richard MacPherson’s head suddenly appeared behind O’Neil.

" This man is Richard MacPherson, known terrorist and criminal from the Seattle-Tacoma area. He was seen with a number of middle eastern men, assaulting and planting the bombs in Los Angeles. We believe he, along with some others, form a sort of assault team for Pentex. Another man, calling himself Alexei Balefang planted the bomb at our Chicago location.

" The second group are these three men," O’Neil pauses to switch the hologram to a image of three men. One of them towers over the others, all three of them partially covered in various cybernetic implants, with the tallest one possessing an eye that glows red. O’Neil wipes a tear from his face, but the motion is so cold it just feels ‘fake for the sake of PR.’

" My son and his associates, Conrad Shivinsky and Erik Virtannen. Owners and manages of Robotic Frontiers, the three are known mercenaries. Erik has been accused of killing at least thirty people, all members of various Chicago gangs, while Conrad has been taped doing, well, public decapitations."

The hologram behind O’Neil shifted once more, this time showing a youtube video, date stamped to some point in 2005. In the extreme heavy rain on a expressway, a man no older more than twenty, slices off the head of another man with a sword.

" Clearly these ‘Robot Lords’ as they call themselves also participated; my son was seen near Sears Tower prior to the explosion. It is believed he survived the assault- I received a threatening email from him later that day.

“Nonetheless, my son is convinced he has been experimented upon my company and that we owe him some share of money and control over it. He shall never have it. Agent Dunlap of the FBI, will elaborate.”

Passing the microphone to a nondescript man in a suit with dark sunglasses, O’Neil walked behind his power armored soldiers, ignoring questions from the assembled press corps.

" I am Agent Dunlap of the Special Affairs Division, FBI. I have been authorized by the President of the United States to announce, today, Executive Order 2012-X-10-WOTAN. Due to various foreign affairs and other disasters taxing our government, the President has granted Tomorrow-Shinzui sovereignty and permitted them to with various immunities to be later detailed.

“From now on, Tomorrow-Shinzui shall maintain its own security forces, obviously augmented through their various technological grants. Furthermore, the United States will openly support whatever retribution they choose to execute against Pentex.

“A bill in congress, if passed later this year, will grant Tomorrow-Shinzui the right to take over the police and administration of Seattle and western Washington. As of today, Tomorrow-Shinzui is recognized by the United States as its own Nation.”

The assembled press exploded with questions, and Virgil O’Neil, now ruler of his own nation, gladly took them…

Ludwig Monologue 1

“So many questions. It’s time to get some answers.”

“For eight years, I’ve been surrounded by lies, cover-ups, and power-plays. The freedom I craved was taken from me, and I was put here, with a group of other misfits who happen to have supernatural powers. They’re all self-serving….but maybe I am too?”

“Until recently, I just went with what I was told, and didn’t really question much. I put my past behind me when I slaughtered my ‘family’ back then. Now, though, I’m told I’m a MacPherson…which I sure as hell know isn’t what I was raised as. But…come to think of it…I don’t even know the name of the family I was a part of and killed. I don’t think I forgot, either. It’s more like…that knowledge was never there to begin with.”

“Then…I have that dream – telling me to go back to that building. I don’t know why…but now I feel as if that dream is in line with my own agenda. I want to know what the hell is going on. I got as far as finding some papers in that building, which was surprisingly clean – like it has been kept up on for the past eight years with nobody even living in it. I need to go back and look more…I just have to trace the clues.”

“Problem is…I can seem to take two steps on my own without me being called to save the asses of the ‘Pack’ I’ve been placed in. Black Spiral Dancers – which seem to want something of me specifically too – they have their own agenda. An agenda! What could be driving an inherently chaotic and malevolent group of idiots to actually be organized? Or is it the damn Sept just too busy being nose-deep in their own agendas to even pay attention to when they’re going to be attacked?”

“I get the feeling that Duncan would have had them better prepared. Then again, he always seems to know something that others don’t – kind of like Slays-Names. The difference being that I actually trust Duncan to an extent. As far as Slays-Names? Not as far as I can throw him (and sometimes I really want to test out how far I could actually chuck him). I can’t ask Duncan though, because now the man who was the only guiding hand I seemed to have had in this life as a ‘Garou’ has been taken off somewhere by a spirit of Fenris himself. And something this spirit said has me up in arms too. He referred to me as his ‘chosen’ as he was taking Duncan away to Erebus. What the hell is that supposed to mean? Yet another question that needs answering, and one that I’m going to eventually follow, if not in the near future.”

“While I have these answers I have to find, there’s still the matter of the constant danger that Lynne and the rest of humanity seem to be in. The Sept and the Pack seem to be ignoring it. To hell with them…I’ll fight it all myself if I have to.”

“No…no Ludwig…you can’t fight it all on your own. That would be lunacy. I’m going to need to find my answers first, while making sure that the immediate dangers are guarded against. I need to make sure Lynne is protected. But who can I trust?”

“Ashlar has attempted to reach out to me, with an olive branch that seems riddled with thorns – though, I know how badly he wants to kill this Richard MacPherson guy. He wants to use me as a weapon, but it makes sense. Perhaps aiding him can get some favor in my own direction – he seems as if he does have a sense of honor.”

“As far as the rest of this pack…Screwdriver would probably be my other choice. We’ve clashed in the past – well, mostly I’ve clashed with him out of my stubbornness or eagerness to fight – but when it comes to defending the Pack, he would give his life. Hell, he almost did when the Black Spiral Dancers attacked the Caern. I definitely have a new respect for him. At the same time, he has motivation against the governments of the world, with them slaughtering his kin out of either blind fear…or something else. My bet is actually on the ‘something else’, if the notes I recovered from the place of my upbringing are more than just coincidence. If anyone could be trusted to help me protect my own kin…it’d be him, I think.”

“Helen seems like a plain old coward to me. I’ve been told that she just let a handful of humans die, just to spare her own hide. Perhaps that’s some sort of nuance that I don’t understand about Bone Gnawers, but still, I haven’t really seen her as being all that useful otherwise. I’ll have to keep my eyes on her, to see what her motivations actually are. I have a feeling that there is also more to her than first glance would say.”

“If Claire or the Doc come back, they might warrant another look as well”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I’m actually looking forward to this coming Moot. I need to be listening, and start to get my answers about loyalties. And I think there’s something about Kataryna that I don’t like. A leader should have never allowed the Caern to be attacked…even without Duncan, a backup plan should have been in place…or something. Also, her level of intolerance goes much beyond my own. I’m intolerant of many things, I know…but as for her? She’s far too intolerant of people to be a leader, I think. This whole ‘cut your finger off’ thing…it’s too much. Do I challenge her or not? I’ve never seen her fight, so I can’t speak for her ability. But if she is good…and I lose…will she just simply kill me? Then again…”

“…maybe she’ll banish me as a Ronin.”

“Advantage? Disadvantage? I don’t know. But what I do know is that she is yet another one of those unknowns that need an answer put with it.”

“…this Moot should be quite interesting.”

Ashlar Interlude 3
Blood Brothers?

A note to Ludwig


I need your help. Richard MacPherson is a stain on the good name that was MacPherson. Help me find him so that we may cause him the same pain he has caused us. I know you are troubled by the Sept’s apparent inaction but such is the way of bureaucracy too much Weaver and not enough Wyld. They are slow to act because they want a sound plan of action. I however have a plan of my own… It’s dangerous to go alone, I need a Big Stick, a really Big Stick; You, Younger Brother, are that stick. We are going to hunt Dick and slay any foe that stands in our way. We will make him pay for all the pain he has caused and all the laws he has broken. First, however I need to find out if the women I knew as my mother is really truly dead. Help me Ludwig Rages-Truth, you’re my only hope.

Your Brother,

Ashlar McPherson-Green, Hor-Ammon, The Ghost that Runs

P.S. Did I mention that we will slay the wyrm.

Mercy-Bringer Note 1
Bringing Mercy to Russia

Mercy-Bringer arrived in Moscow, for the Grand Convocation of the Silver Fang tribe. Silver Fangs from every corner of Gaia were gathering- Cliath, Elder, even Legends. It was the first time in living memory that the Garou’s royal tribe had ever even attempted such a Moot.

Well, if Moot was the right word for it.

Mercy-Bringer had no idea what to expect.

Kataryna sent him in his stead, but she gave no explanation as to why- she asked him, he said yes, and that was that. Slays-Names didn’t disagree, or agree. Who knows with the Alpha what his real opinion was.

So, Mercy-Bringer had taken the most expedient of moon bridges and routes to the Mother Land of his Tribe. That first night he had met over fifty different Silver Fangs- Metis, Lupus and Homid, of all Auspices, from all sorts of places. An Egyptian Silver Fang engaged him in a discussion on Pharmaceutical treatments for the Red Death; another from England tried to bait him into a complicated hallucination that Mercy-Bringer was certain was a sign of some sort of psychosis- something about sheep; a Greek Silver Fang woman offered to sell him her Kinfolk, which he wasn’t sure was legal in Werewolf circles or not.

All in all, nothing had happened, yet. But they said the King would soon get ready to call a start, once all the important Elders had arrived.

And so, Mercy-Bringer continued yet another week of waiting as more and more deformed, crazed and mad Silver Fangs gathered.

“Falcon save us all.”


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