Last Tales of the Broken

Chapter One: Bloody Tunnels
Guess who came to dinner?

Last Tales of the Broken: Chapter ONE
Moon Phase: Full Moon (Ahroun take a -1 penalty on rolls to resist frenzy).

Our pack have been split into two groups, one back at the Sept, while the other went to meet an ally of Father Pisses-Gold (Bone Gnawer Sept Elder). Technically three, since the location of some other members remains unclear/unknown.

GM’s Commentary

This was our very first session.
Idea was, I needed to keep people
from getting bored quickly. So
I split ’em up. That simple.

Its based on an idea I got from
John Wick and his book
Dirty. One of his ideas, to me,
is the idea of player collaboration,
which I’m fairly certain he’s inter-
preting on somebody’s idea and so
forth. Core idea: One person can
write and think up a decent adventure
/module. Two can do better, three
can do even better. So, the more
people collaborating ideas, the
better the end result is. Part of
this involves giving PCs NPCs to
play- a chance for a player to be
in a scene, a combat, what-have-you
without ever being ‘left bored.’

Problem with this session was, like
many of my NPC attempts in the past,
I bungled part of the delivery- at
least one Player kinda got stuck with
a noncombatant, the environment was
kind of stale and oh, I felt like
editing out some of the more disgusting
ideas thrown around. I learned my
lesson, give PCs
active, useful
NPCs to play. Critical to the play.

The missing members of the Pack
are Helen and Dr. Johnathan. What
happened to them will probably be
covered in the next session put up
here. I hope to come back at some
point and better flesh out some details
here and there… but for the most part,
this is accurate. Prophecy is about
to rear its ugly mug, and steer our
story toward its horrible, terrible

-Josh, August 29, 2012

At the MacPherson House, Ashlar and Slays-Names get ready for the evening’s moot at the Caern. Everyone else in the Pack is missing, and they set about trying to find them. Slays-Names gets in contact with some Wereravens, finding out that some of his pack went south to North Bend. Ashlar, meanwhile, headed to Fong’s Bar And Deli to try and ask Pisses-Gold directly about what happened.

Screwdriver, Ludwig and Claire arrive at a Taco Time, which according to Screwdriver, is where they needed to meet this ally of Pisses-Gold. They lie their way into the Taco Time, just as a Biker Gang (The Sons of the Dragon) show up. The leader of the Bikers picks a fight with Ludwig; it doesn’t end well when Ludwig frenzies and eviscerates the man into three large pieces. Claire talks him down, and the three of them try to get out there.

Slays-Names meets Ellie O’Neill, a Corax who has a very important message to deliever to the entire Sept. Slays-Names, with more intention on trying to find his packmates, heads to Fong’s to find Pisses-Gold. Ellie informs him that she heard from another Corax that a pack of Werewolves was heading south, toward North Bend. At Fong’s, Slays-Names and Ashlar decide to go down into the Caern to try and find Pisses-Gold. They find him, and learn where their packmates are and why.

Back at the Taco Time, the others meet Pisses-Gold’s ally, a teen african-american girl, named “Little Sister” who “has an important task” to perform at the Sept. She is to replace someone she calls Big Brother, who apparently was unable to come. A Fianna drops her off, unable to escort her back to the Caern “because some of your Mates have issues with my Tribe.” They hurry for a colvert, stepping sideways and moving into the Tunnels Under Seattle.

Slays-Names and Ashlar use Raven to get an idea of the progress of the others, just as the Sept gathers en masse at Fong’s. They, along with Pisses-Gold, chat among the others, despite harassment from some of the Elders (especially Duncan). Never-Tires, Wendigo Elder, also arrives.

Then things get a bit bloody.

The Wendigo pack, The Screamers, show up with at least one of their pack covered in Balefire wounds. Duncan turns on Ellie, recognizing how convenient it was for her to arrive just as this happens. The Sept heads for the Caern, deciding to wait for the Sept Leader before making a decision. Oaksong suggests putting Ellie in chains to be safe.

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Claire, Screwdriver, and Ludwig escort Little Sister through the Tunnels, coming to a locale in the Seattle Umbra called the Rock Forest. Black Spiral Dancers ambush them, trying to lure Ludwig to return home with them. But the BSD are mostly Metis cannon fodder, too insane to keep from flying into frenzy. They handle them, but not without some serious injury and scars to some of their number.

At the Cave of Howling Storms, Ashlar and Slays-Names witness Kataryna’s arrival. Through verbal and physical abuse, they make Ashlar use his Sense Wyrm gift on the Wereraven. He senses strong Wyrm-taint on Ellie, but that doesn’t necessarily make her corrupted- an item she carries could have the taint.

So, the Sept strips her naked and begins to interrogate her. Starting to grow enraged, Slays-Names intervenes and tries to get her to say her message, to explain why she had come. He even bites someone’s hand to give her the chance to talk.

And we end the chapter just before Ellie is going to share her message, just beginning with the phrase- “They are coming!”

Characters Introduced
To be filled later…

XP & Renown Rewards

Slays-Names: 5 XP Earned Honor
Screwdriver: 5 XP Earned Glory
Ludwig: 5 XP Earned Glory
Ashlar Green: 3 XP Earned Wisdom
Claire Grimes: 4 XP Earned Glory
Chapter Two: Weaverish Dreams
The Pack is Thicker than Blood

Moon Phase: Full Moon
Ellie O’Neil gives a warning direct from Helios and Phoenix himself:

They are coming! The next sign is upon us! The Machine Awakes and Malfeas is set to make war upon the Pattern Web.

Slays-Names works to free Ellie from the Wendigo, insulting them and escalating the situation to try and get Ellie out of the situation.
Oaksong calls for some sort of “compromise.” Kataryna the Deathless calls for the Elders to confer with her privately for a moment.
The Sept Leader instead states: "We cannot take her Wyrm-Taint lightly. She will leave before the Moot begins. As for verifying her message, we will hold her in custody until we are certain she can believed.
“Tomorrow night, this Wereraven will have the chance to defend herself in a Trial by Combat. That night, we will let Gaia decide whose claim is stronger. Duncan? You will choose who will represent the Sept and face this Wereraven.”

Meanwhile, Ludwig Rages-Truth, Claire and Screwdriver are walking the umbra, still escorting Little Sister back to the Sept. The umbra here is flat, foggy and the occasional puddle of water litters the ground.
Off in the distance, a wave of water flows toward the four of them. Screwdriver, protective as ever, takes Claire and Little Sister with him, side stepping immediately back into the material world. They arrive a hundred feet in the air. Screwdriver, however, acts quick, using his Catfeet gift to slow their fall.
Ludwig doesn’t back down though. Even though Screwdriver fleeing pisses him off, Ludwig confronts the wave that inbound at him. The comes to a stop in front of Ludwig, and forms into the body of a fifteen foot tall woman, her body made of water, sea foam and seaweed.
The Spirit, clearly some sort of ocean spirit, gives a bunch of signing and motions- some sort of message- to Ludwig, and shows him a image of Slays-Names. He leaves confused, deciding to relay this to Slays-Names, and figure out what to do from there.

Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth and Helen sneaked out to go get some Tacos, that’s what they remember last when they wake up in cages, in a lab. Mercy-Bringer wakes first, recognizing the drugs in his system, resisting them with his best concentration.
Its fully stocked lab, with many man-sized cages, beds, IV drips, and steel mirrors installed in the walls.
“And here we have our latest subjects.”
Three scientists enter and ignore most of what Mercy-Bringer says. The lead scientist, a Dr. Lawrence, explains that they are “victims” of the Genetic Lycanthropic Syndrome (GSL), and that their organization, DNA inc, is devoted to curing victims such as themselves.
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Back at the Sept, Slays-Names and Ashlar take Ellie out of the Sept. The rain outside Fong’s had stopped, and Slays gets ready to plan how to find the rest of their pack.
That’s when Screwdriver, a la Mary Poppins, drops down from the sky with the injured Claire and Little Sister.
A moment later, Ludwig materializes as well, but he winds up crashing into the top of a tree. He climbs down, rejoining the Pack. He tells Slays what Song-of-the-Ocean told him. Slays and Ashlar decipher the spirit’s meaning:
Song-of-the-Ocean knows where Helen and Mercy-Bringer are.
Screwdriver uses his pack awareness gift to give Slays a direction to head in. They move out, leaving Little Sister to Father Pisses-Gold and let Claire and Ellie recover back at the MacPherson House.

Slays and the Pack look for their missing packmates. They come to a pier near downtown Seattle that Song-of-the-Ocean had shown Ludwig. They step sideways into the umbra, and find themselves standing atop a few rocks poking out of the ocean, next to the deep webs of downtown Seattle’s Penumbral reflection.
Song-of-the-Ocean appears, and informs Slays of how Mercy-Bringer and Helen were captured by odd men and taken to the new DNA lab building nearby. As Mercy-Bringer and Helen escape, the rest of the pack helps them get away from endless hordes of Pattern Spiders descending down on them.

The Broken, now reunited, get back to the Moot at the Cave of Howling Storms. During the end of the Moot, we learn a couple of things: Ludwig has been invited by Duncan Thrashes-Eyes fight for the Sept against Ellie. At Raven’s suggestion, Mercy-Bringer volunteers to fight for Ellie, as her Champion.

And Ludwig lets them know that he is fighting for the Sept, well thinking about it…

XP & Renown Rewards

Slays-Names: 5 XP Earned
Screwdriver: 5 XP Earned
Ludwig: 4 XP Earned
Ashlar Green: 5 XP Earned Voted Winner!
Doc Johnathan: 4 XP Earned
Helen: 3 XP Earned
Chapter Three: Family
Bonds are Born in Fire and Silver

Our Pack wakes up, greeted by Father Pisses-Gold‘s son, a kinfolk named “Connie” Conrad Pearce. Connie doesn’t seem too bright, has trouble understanding everything asked of him, but is still embraced by most of the pack as a brother in arms.

We learn where most of the Pack sleeps when they stay at the MacPherson House. Pisses-Gold and Little Sister prepare the pack their breakfast, and some discussion begins.

Ludwig Rages-Truth broods up in his room, still thinking on the duel that is coming later in the day.

Screwdriver, on the other hand, tells Connie to bring his breakfast up. He doesn’t want to go out of where he sleeps, the bathroom.

Of course, Helen and Doctor Johnathan Mercy-Bringer come down together. Slays-Names begins to think on how to best determine what exactly Little Sister is, and how much of a threat she might be. The others, however, focus on enjoying breakfast.

Breakfast is interrupted by a knock on the front door…

Homeless allies of Helen have arrived, and they are very sick, with red pustules all over their bodies. Helen and the Doc get to work, trying to figure out what it is, and how to stop it. The Doc quickly realizes this disease is brand new, and clearly is a very dangerous variant on the Black Death, a “Red Death.” Helen tries to determine if there is some sort of spiritual undercurrent to this disease.

Worse, though, is that Red Death appears to be virulent enough to even sicken a Garou. Both Helen and the Doc try to do their best, and employ Connie to gather needed drugs and medicine. Connie quickly hotwires a car and drives out to get the goods- only after leaving a dumpster on its side in the front yard of the MacPherson House.

Meanwhile, Slays-Names steps sideways, intending to find a local spirit and get a read on Little Sister. Instead, he finds that a cluster of newly born banes are festering all over the umbral reflection of the front yard. He sends Raven off to get Ludwig. After Ludwig arrives, the two of them quickly dispatch the young banes.

It becomes clear to Slays-Names that these banes are a result of the diseased Homeless, and that this Red Death spawned them. Not a good sign for things to come. So, he instead decides to take a look into it as well as Little Sister. He brings Ludwig along with him, and journeys to a nearby umbral locale with ties to Luna.

A local Lune (moon-spirit), a crescent moon half-asleep during this full moon, greets Slays-Names. After an offer of chiminage, the Lune asks Slays-Names what he wants to know:

“This new disease, this ‘Red Death’, how far does it reach? How many are sick with it?”

The Lune departs, promising to return as soon as it learns the answer. Meanwhile, Ludwig asks Slays-Names a few questions on the umbra, learning what he can of the ancestral homelands of the Get of Fenris.

The Lune returns, and informs Slays-Names that the Red Death will:

“By tomorrow, it will have spread to every City and Place of Man on Gaia. Rorg stirs now, because of it, Malfeas rises and the Weaver spins quicker and quicker.”

Slays-Names asks about Little Sister as well, and learns that she is “Child of Dragon.”

Mac pherson house

Meanwhile, Ashlar finds himself alone with Pisses-Gold and Little Sister. Pisses-Gold tells him that Little Sister now wishes to stay with the Broken, and that she has a service to perform for them. The Prophecy of the Last Klaive cannot be told by any Elder of the Sept to anyone except another Elder…

…But since Little Sister is a Mokole, one of those who acts as the “Memory of Gaia”, she can channel one of her ancestors that heard that prophecy when Stag originally gave it to the founders of the Sept back in 1805.

So, as a loophole, Little Sister can tell the Pack the prophecy, which Pisses-Gold is certain they need to hear. They are interrupted when Doc and Helen come in.

“Pisses-Gold, do you know the Rite of Cleansing? We think we might need it.”

Pisses-Gold frowns for a moment, and gets up. “Of course I do! Come outside, all of you, you might learn something.”

Pisses-Gold then performs the Rite of Cleansing on all of the Homeless allies of Helen, using a Bone Gnawer variant of the rite that is quite heavy on the absinthe. Sad for Connie, who before leaving had been enjoying quite a bit of the stuff.

Once cleansed, the Doc and Helen are fairly certain the meds Connie is retrieving will help them recover as best as possible.

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Well, eventually everyone gets back together and the Pack discusses what to do. The Red Death is spreading throughout the entire world, and do they need to do something?

Ludwig demands that they take some sort of action, especially turning on Father Pisses-Gold.

Ashlar suggests coming up with a plan before doing anything.

Pisses-Gold turns things over to Slays-Names, instead deciding to go inform the Sept Leader Kataryna Deathless about whats happening.

Before Slays-Names can say or do anything, Ludwig leaves, with the Doc behind. They are going to try and get the Elders to do something or so help them…

At Fong’s, they find Kataryna, but she is only willing to talk to the Doc, as both of them are Silver Fangs. Ludwig learns from Pisses-Gold what Kataryna thinks of the Red Death- a way to help cull humanity down. She sees no reason to try and interfere with it. Pisses-Gold is angry with this as well, especially with Kataryna sending the Wendigo off to fight the Black Spiral Dancers.

Kataryna asks Doc what he thinks she should do about the current situation; Doctor Johnathan doesn’t feel that he has anything useful to advise. She informs him that he and his pack are to immediately show so that they can conduct the duel “and all this shit with the Wereraven done and over. We need to be working on more important things.”

So Doctor Johnathan reports back to the rest of the Pack. Meanwhile, Ludwig goes down into the Caern in order to find Duncan, his mentor, and ask him about whats going on. Ludwig, it seems, has a issue with this whole situation.

Ludwig confronts Duncan, and causes his mentor to hesitate about the duel. Duncan has been setting up the Heart of the Caern for the duel for the life of the Wereraven. Duncan at first is excited for the fight, but his talk with Ludwig seems to lower his excitement some.

The pack comes into the Caern, as does the rest of the Sept. And they begin the ceremonial trial by combat to decide the fate of the wereraven.

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Unbeknowst to the Sept, Slays-Names lets Ellie go- she asks him:

“Anything you wish for those in Spokane to know?”

He replies: “The betrayers are close, we are close, to getting them.”

“Long live Clan MacPherson,” Ellie exclaims, before shifting into Raven form and flying away…

Once together, the Sept announces its champion: “Ludwig.”
And for the raven, the Broken have their own Ahroun step forward, Mercy-Bringer. This shocks the Silver Fangs of the Sept, causing them to reconsider.

The two agree to fight in Crinos, in the waist deep water on the rocks of the Heart of the Caern.

They wait for Stag to announce the start of the duel…

Mercy-Bringer moves first, using a gift to cause his hair to move in a breeze, then he shifts immediately into Crinos.
Ludwig shifts into Crinos, and tries to kick Mercy-Bringer in the face.

Connie tries to stop the fight, but a angry Duncan holds him in place- Slays-Names joins Stag and

Raven in the Umbra, watching the fight from the otherside. He holds Ludwig’s hammer and Klaive- and the Klaive seems to ‘like’ Slays-Names’ presence. Like it was familiar and approved of him.

The fight continues, back and forth, until Ludwig knocks Mercy-Bringer over. But Mercy-Bringer refuses to surrender- so Ludwig instead bares his throat and turns his barely controlled fury on the Sept-(paraphrasing):

“You dare let packmates fight? This is OUR territory: raven and all his children are OUR territory respect that! I surrender because it should never have gotten this fucking far!”

And as those words echo, the chapter closes with our Pack earning a tiny bit more respect from their Sept, for now.

XP Rewards

End of the story, so bonus XP this time!

Name XP Renown
Ashlar 7 Cunning 1
Slays-Names 7 Wisdom 1
Helen 7 Purity 1
Connie 7 NONE
Ludwig 8 Voted Reward! Honor 1
Mercy-Bringer 7 Glory 1
The Broken Interlude One
Cull the Herd

A thousand half-rat, half-human Ratkin crowded in the empty sewer tunnel, torches and barrels alight with burning garbage. Chattering and chittering echoed- chitchitchitchitchit.

It stank. None were clean, every single Ratkin buzzed with excitement.

In the center of their assembled mass, a dead Metis Werewolf hung, covered with flies, its eyes ripped out.

Obscenities were spray-painted all over the Black Spiral Dancer’s body.
A gaunt Ratkin stood up in front of the trophy. A patchy beard hung down his chin, his body covered in tattooes, each a image taken from the book of revelation, star wars and just plain taunts.

“Shut UP you fucks!”

The chitchitchittering stopped. Heads bowed low, and the many Ratkin snapped claws in unity. Click, click, click.

“We all heard the SCREAMS, didn’t we?!” The Ratkin mob leader screamed each syllable out. The other Ratkin screamed in reply, a thousand different replies.

“Didn’t we, you fucks!?” Again, the thousand replied. This time, louder.

Mother Rat screamed, you rat fucks! Its time! Chaos blesses us! Tell me whadda think we should DO?! WHATS MY NAME? WHATS all our NAMES!?”

“Plague! Death! Plague! CULLS THE HERD!

“That’s right!” King Culls-the-Herd pulled out a human forearm, covered in Red Death postules. “Gaia gives us the Red Death! Take to every inch of this shiteating town, you ratfucks! Cull Seattle! SAY MY NAME!”

And the thousand ratkin chanted and chanted and screamed and roared: “Culls-The-Herd! Culls-The-Herd! CULLS-THE-HERD! CULLS-THE-HERD! CULLS-THE-HERD!”

Ludwig's Interlude 1

Not here. Don’t look for me. If I see any of you before I come back, I will break you.

This note was left on Ludwig’s hammer, the day following the duel to decide the fate of Raven’s messenger, in his room at the MacPherson house. Leaving his hammer behind is not only unusual, in the fact that it is always with him, but also a sign that he will return.

The sky in Seattle carries an oppressive sort of weight to it, with the influence of the Wyrm beginning to fall over the city like a curtain on the stage of humanity’s last show. The air felt heavy, and the usually bustling metropolis seemed eerily quiet.

Now called “Rages-Truth” by the Sept, Ludwig walks towards the only place he ever is when not with his pack: the homeless shelter he was brought to when Lynne Miller found him wandering, looking for the truth of the world after he had brutally slain his family…or “jailers”, as he called them. Contemplating the meaning of this new “deed name”, he found himself walking a bit slower than usual, taking in the city around him. Many of the people around him gave off an air of anxiety – with good reason. Countless numbers were already infected with the Red Death, and those who had not already succumbed to the blight were spreading this unnatural disease to those around them.

If the foreshadowing given by the spirit Ludwig encountered in the Umbra wasn’t true, it didn’t matter to him: the evidence was quite clear that this was going to spread far, and many people were going to lose their lives. Not convinced of Pisses-Gold’s defense of the Sept’s lack of response to this epidemic, Ludwig realized that rather than allowing the rage to overcome his ability to reason and deal with the situation where others refused to, that he needed to assess things for himself: he needed to be out with humanity, to see for himself just how dire the situation was. But most of all, for him, he needed to be sure that Lynne was alright.

Navigating the streets purely by instinct while he thought, Ludwig soon found himself at the door of the shelter. As he walked into the lobby, he took pause to notice what seemed like a huge increase in the number of people in the shelter. These people were definitely suffering and impoverished, but none of them seemed to show signs of the blight yet. As he made his way to the front desk, the receptionist – a middle-aged woman of reddish-blonde hair – greeted him on sight.


“Hi there Ludwig! Haven’t seen you in a while! How are you?”

Ludwig replied, “It has been a bit, Beth…sorry about that. I am doing well. Do you know where Lynne is?”

“Of course, dear”, Beth chimed. “She’s in the kitchen helping out with dinner. We have a pretty large crowd today!”

Beth could see what was obvious, but rather than worrying, she was just happy to be there helping these people. She, like so many others volunteering their time at this shelter, was dedicated and eager to help those less fortunate.

“Ok. I’m going to go back there and help out as well. Thanks Beth – it is good to see you.”

Beth smiled. “It’s always so wonderful to see you too, Ludwig! Take care darling.”

As he made his way towards the dining room, it was obvious that the shelter was not going to be able to house all of these people. But Ludwig knew that his friend would do everything she could to take care of each and every person who walked through the doors.

Walking into the dining room, Ludwig immediately caught sight of a beautiful young woman – a tall and slender, yet shapely woman in her mid-twenties, straight red hair falling halfway down her back. As she served the home-cooked meal she had prepared to the four people at the table she stood beside, she looked up, and her emerald eyes lit up in joy.

“Lugwig!”, she chirped, as she set her serving dish and utensils aside, and bolted across the room, throwing her arms around Ludwig’s shoulders and nearly squeezing the life out of him in her embrace.

With a slight, uncharacteristic smile, he wrapped one arm around the woman’s waist, and laid his other hand on the back of her head.

“Hey there, Lynne. I’m back.”

Ludwig earns 1 XP for this- GM

The Broken Interlude Two
Now for the News You Deserve!

“Hello and we’re back- This is CIN News, up to date and never late!”

The pretty black haired anchor smiled a smile full of too white teeth, while people pretended to mill around behind her. To give you that ‘real newsroom feel.’

“I’m Agatha Mackenzie and here is the latest news from around the world.

“Red Death has now claimed over 50 million victims. World disease experts have reported that the disease can be traced back to a canine carrier virus. Since Red Death first emerged in the United States, it is suggested that resurgence of Wolf populations in the last decade probably led to the rise of the Red Death. Virulogists caution that since it can be carried by Canids, action should be taken to reduce the risks of further outbreaks.

“The President has sent out a executive order authorizing the large scale hunting and execution of all wolves within the borders of the US, and the United Nations is believed to put out similiar orders later this week.”

Ludwig's Interlude 2
Everybody needs Somebody...

Back in the shelter’s kitchen, as Lynne went back to cooking for the many people filing in to seek refuge, Ludwig took up to washing dishes. Having helped out around the shelter while he lived there, he went about the work as if he had done it a million times before. As the two caught up – it had been about three months since they had seen each other – the recent events Ludwig had come to knowledge of and witnessed first hand continued to tear at him. To others around the shelter, he was just the same old Ludwig they had known for so many years. But to Lynne, something was obviously not right.

“So when are you going to tell me what’s bothering you?”, Lynne asked.

Ludwig glanced over, as he set a clean plate on a rack beside him to dry, a cold, nearly emotionless look about his face. Lynne had seen that look before, and this time, after having not seen her best friend for three months, she became even more worried. Food cooking, she walked over to the sink, set her delicate hands upon Ludwig’s chest, and stared him straight in the eyes.

“I know that look, Ludwig…please tell me what’s wrong. I haven’t seen you in so long, and I worry about you every day. And right now, you’re scaring the hell out of me.”

Taken back by the thought of scaring the only person to mean anything to him, Ludwig broke from that which was in his subconscious, his attention entirely focused on Lynne.

“Lynne…”, he said. “…There is a lot going on in Seattle, and all over the world right now…”

Lynne cut in as he spoke. “The ‘Red Death’, you mean?”

Ludwig nodded. “But there are other things. I know I don’t tell you anything about my dealings outside of here, but I just want to keep you safe. And right now…I don’t know if I can do that.”

The sternness in Lynne’s stare softened, seeing a side of Ludwig that only she has ever been allowed to see before. She thought for a moment about how to respond, then in an attempt to lighten his mood, she smirked and said “I can take care of myself, you know! I’m older than you, after all!”

This didn’t cut through Ludwig’s concern at all. Now she was really worried.

“You’re all I have in this world, Ludwig”, Lynne pleaded. “If something is wrong, I wish you would tell me so I can help.” She reached up with her right hand, cupping Ludwig’s cheek within it.

Shaking his head slightly, and taking her hand in his, the coldness in Ludwig’s gaze faded some. “You can’t help with this, though. You just can’t. It’s…”

Ludwig paused.

“…I can’t explain it. This is something that I have to take care of. There’s a war coming.”

Startled, Lynne dropped her hands, and took a step away from Ludwig. “What do you mean ’There’s a war coming’?! Are you trying to scare me? Just what are you doing when you leave here, anyway? Did you enlist in the Army or something?!” Tears began to roll down her face.

“No, Lynne, nothing like that…I just mean that, well, you’ve seen the news, right? The whole world is up in arms about this disease that nobody can explain – "

Lynne stopped him, “Then why did you say it’s something you have to take care of?”

As she glared at him, her sadness giving way to a hint of anger, Ludwig knew that the cat was out of the bag, so to speak. Now the only question was how to tell her the truth – she deserved that much.

“I don’t know how to tell you this in a way that won’t make you think I’m insane”, Ludwig began. Thinking for a moment, Lynne pleaded “Just tell me. It’s me here…you don’t have to hide things from me.”

Ludwig nodded slightly. This much was true. Lynne had always been there for him, for the past 8 years since stepping into the real world for the first time. There was nobody else, anywhere, that he trusted at all. But this woman was different. Lowering his head and putting his weight onto his back leg in thought, he realized that he had to tell her straight out – but this wasn’t the place to do it.

“Can we go somewhere else where we can talk?”, Ludwig asked. “There are too many ears here, that just don’t need to hear this.”

Lynne nodded, and looked back at the food she was cooking. “Let me find someone to take over with this, and I’ll go wherever you want.”

Outside, walking closely side-by-side, Ludwig and Lynne headed towards their favorite place to spend time together: the pier. Both were extremely quiet – the fear Lynne had shown had left her, turning again into concern for the man she had grown so fond of over the years. This is the man who had protected her so many times, both from the gangs of Seattle and her own father, the reason she ran away from home so long ago to begin with. This man was the only person she has truly been able to count on, no matter what. In that moment, she wanted nothing more than to return kindness – to protect Ludwig from whatever it was that had him so spooked.

Ludwig’s silence was especially deafening. At all times, he has been vigilant as to any trouble that might occur, but this time was especially so. The Wyrm was making its move. The Red Death had spread all over the world. Humankind was in a panic. He had plenty to be watchful for, but at the same time, he now had to protect Lynne from the truth of what he is. For once, he was actually afraid.

Suddenly, Ludwig’s gift for sensing malice about him stopped him in his tracks. It was all around them, but there was something odd and yet familiar about it at the same time. A small gang stepped out from the shadows of the alleyways surrounding them. Lynne rolled her eyes, as she has seen first hand what has happened to gang members who have messed with Ludwig before. Ludwig, however, was on guard. There was more to this group of six than there appeared to be. After what felt like an eternity, Ludwig spoke up.

“You guys should turn around now. You don’t want trouble.”

“Oh sure we do!” one of the scrawnier of the gang exclaimed. “There’s just two of you, and six of us. And besides: we were told that you were all sorts of fun, Ludwig!”

Now a bit shaken, Lynne thought to herself “How do these people know Ludwig’s name? What is going on here?” She looked over at Ludwig, who lowered his head a bit.

“Oh so you’ve heard of me, huh? Then you must have heard what I do to punks like the lot of you who think they have something to prove.” He grinned. “Oh and, I imagine you’ve also been told that you are in fact the ones who are outnumbered.”

The six began to laugh hysterically, almost maniacally. “Alright then, come get me then, funny guys.”, Ludwig demanded.

As the gang charged, a quick glance was all Ludwig needed to determine his defense. The first to reach him was met with a fist to his face, sending him flying back ten feet. As the second quickly approached him from behind, Ludwig flowed quickly to strike him squarely in the cheek with a spinning backfist from his other hand. Still spinning, Ludwig used the momentum to send his right foot skyward, connecting with the chest of another lunging gang member. The momentum now carrying him into a backflip, his next strike was with a side kick into the stomach of another. As he landed, he dropped into a sweep, knocking the feet from under the fifth, a haymaker from both fists crashing down on him to the ground. The last gang member, jumping over the limp body of one of his unconscious cohorts, met a powerful uppercut, which sent him flying several feet in the opposite direction.

As Lynne looked on at the fight – if one could call those few seconds a “fight”, she couldn’t help but be once again amazed at Ludwig’s performance. He had never shown any amount of fear in any fight he had met before, and he always won. These fights always seemed to end faster and faster though, as his skills continued to sharpen. Six people with only seven hits, in what could not have been more than five seconds. Her amazement quickly left, as another group of people leaped out from the shadows.

Ludwig chuckled. “This is how you freaks have fun now, sending defenseless humans at me?”

Four more people had now come into the fray, but these were unlike the gang members Ludwig had just effortlessly toppled. A baseball bat in the hands of one, and broken bottles with the others, these people were misshapen and seemingly disfigured. Lynne looked on, as this was unlike any confrontation she has seen Ludwig in before. Fear flashed across her face.

While unknown to Lynne, Ludwig knew very well what he was facing. Black Spiral Dancers. The stakes had changed. Knowing their capacity for violence, and their unpredictable nature (along with the memory of what one did to Screwdriver), he knew he had to end this battle quickly. He reached around his back, drawing his Klaive from his belt, and dropped into an entirely different stance. Lynne looked on, her hand to her mouth in shock, as she had never seen Ludwig actually use the blade he always carried with him. Her fear had her shaking now, and she backed herself away.

Not allowing his Metis opponents a chance to strike, a flash of rage streaked through Ludwig’s eyes a split second before he dove at the Black Spiral Dancers. The spirit within his Klaive seemed to scream in delight through him as Ludwig dashed from target to target, carving at each with the gleaming blade. As he came to rest on the other side of the Black Spiral Dancers, he returned his Klaive to his belt, and the Metis abominations fell dead, each cleaved in two at various angles before they could even make a move. Breathing deep, Ludwig felt a brief sense of relief, until a shriek of terror rang out from behind him. He turned quickly, the color draining from his face as he knew the source of the scream.

Behind him, two more Black Spiral Dancers had emerged. One held Lynne’s arms, as she flailed helplessly, and the other held a broken bottle a few inches from her throat.

“You don’t want this girl, Ludwig! We’re your real family! You’re going to come home with us now, after we cut this girl into pieces…it’s going to be so much fun!”

Fear overcame Ludwig. He struggled to contain the rage which was building up quickly. The only thing now keeping him from flying into a frenzy was the fear that was overpowering him. Growling and snarling as his features started to distort, he looked into Lynne’s panic-stricken eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Lynne…this is not how I wanted to tell you. This…is what I truly am. And you two…” He glared at the two who had made the unforgivable mistake of touching Lynne…


As he roared his judgement, Ludwig transformed into his Crinos form. Lynne could not believe what she was seeing. Where her friend previously stood, was now a ten-foot-tall wolfman, bearing down on the two who had held her hostage. But she knew as she looked into the wolf’s eyes…this was Ludwig.

As the Black Spiral Dancer holding the broken bottle moved to slash Lynne’s throat, one large clawed hand shot towards him, splattering him against the wall behind him. In the next instant, Ludwig grabbed at the other, ripping him from the arms which had been pinning Lynne. He held the now-armless Metis above his head and roared before throwing him down on the ground and crushing him underfoot. As all the Black Spiral Dancers now lied dead at his feet, Ludwig looked up towards the sky and howled in triumph, his voice echoing through the entire city.

The crisis now over, Ludwig returned to his Homid form, dropping to his knees. He reached for his coat, which he had thrown aside before making his attack with his Klaive, and threw it over his shoulders, to cover his now naked body. He looked down at the ground, ashamed of what he was now more than ever, and fully expecting his friend to have lost her sanity upon seeing his true form. He began to weep silently, when a familiar hand reached out and touched his cheek. Knelt beside him, and gazing at him with her bright green eyes, was Lynne, tears running down her face.

“I’m so sorry Ludwig! I’m so sorry…I never knew.”

Ludwig couldn’t believe his senses. He shook his head, trying to absorb what was going on here. Was he imagining this? There was no way this could be. People go mad when they see a werewolf in Crinos form. This couldn’t be Lynne…but it was. He felt the warmth of her presence that he had always felt before, and the look in her eyes was the same look she gave him every time he had to leave to return to the Sept.

Lynne threw her arms around Ludwig, and wept into his shoulder. “I’m so sorry…it must be so terrible for you…”

Ludwig smiled slightly. The one person who had been there for him his whole life thus far – the only life he recognized – truly understood how he felt, especially with knowing now the burden he carried. He brought one arm up, and laid his hand on the back of Lynne’s head, holding her close.

“I’m so glad you’re safe, Lynne. I don’t know what I’d do without you around.”

Later on, as they sat on the pier where they had spent so much time together in the past, Ludwig told Lynne everything. The truth of the Red Death, about the Black Spiral Dancers, and of the Sept. The veil had been parted, against the ways of the Sept, but Ludwig did not care. The Sept could be damned, as far as he was concerned. His duty was to the woman he had grown to love, whether he knew to call it love or not.

“Lynne, the war is coming…and I have to make sure you’re safe. Nothing we’ve ever faced together will ever compare to this. I know that your place is at the shelter, taking care of those who have been affected by all of this. I wish you would come with me, but please at least keep this with you.”

Ludwig reached into his coat, and pulled out a extendable steel baton, which he placed in Lynne’s hand. “If you’re ever in trouble, I will be at your side as quick as I can…but I want to make sure you can stay alive until I get there.”

“I understand,” Lynne said."

Looking into her eyes, Ludwig says “If shit gets too bad, I will get you away from here. I can’t lose you, Lynne.”

Smiling, Lynne leaned in and kissed Ludwig on the cheek. “I know you will. When it comes down to it, I’ll go wherever I need to go, as long as you’re with me,” she said.

Standing up and helping Lynne to her feet, Ludwig smiled at her and says, “Alright, let me show you how to use this baton.”

A new determination and sense of purpose in his mind, Ludwig spends two weeks with Lynne at the shelter, doing what he can do to help humankind, remembering that all are Gaia’s children. The Litany applies to everyone; not just the Sept. He enjoys the time he has with Lynne Miller, knowing that she now really does know everything about him. Now that Lynne knows the truth, she does everything she can to learn how to fight to defend herself and others who can’t defend themselves, and to fight for what is closest to her heart.

Ludwig earns 1 XP for this- GM

The Broken Interlude 3
The Man From Chicago...

“Hello and we’re back- This is CIN News, up to date and never late!”

“I’m Agatha Mackenzie and here is the latest news from around the world.

“Red Death continues to ravage South America, India, and Africa. In Bolivia food riots have continued into their eighth day. Haiti has been declared a No-Man’s Land, with most of its population believed to be dead from Red Death or starvation. Spain, Italy, Poland and Turkey have all formerly requested aid from NATO, but riots are starting to spread in those countries as well.

“Red Death has now claimed a estimated 351 million. More significant figures for food shortages and riots suggest that perhaps up to double that number are dead.”

Agatha then turns to face another Camera. A image flashes on the screen, some ridiculous logo declaring ‘World in Conflict.’

“Pakistan and Indian relations have finally broke down, and Pakistan officials blame India for the Red Death. The White House declined to mention what its response to the heightening tensions between both countries will be- but skirmishes have been reported along the border they share.

“Red Death has also sharpened tensions between North and South Korea. North Korea has announced a plan to ‘curb the cruel bioweapons of the South.’ This past weekend, the North Korean government denotated a thermonuclear weapon off its coast.

“And Japan-Chinese relations have distingrated as well. Japan and Taiwan have both reported finding multiple Chinese espionage agents working within their borders. China denies any involvement, including the assassination of the Japanese Prime Minister.”

Agatha then turns again, to yet a third Camera angle. A new image with a logo flashes on the screen. It declares “Cure In Sight.”

" In the aftermath of the passing of the CyberSol Emergency Merger bill, the new corporation claims to have developed a vaccine for the Red Death. CyberSol, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, DNA and various other cybernetic and software corporations merged to form Tomorrow-Shinzui."

A man appears on the screen, middle-aged with a thick beard. His dark brown hair contrasted with his icy cold blue eyes- the look of a man who has the willpower to reorder the universe and damn the chaos that might challenge him. He doesn’t smile, but raises a hand.

“This merger has already been instrumental for humanity. The VC-235 vaccine will eradicate the Red Death and hopefully eliminate whatever genetic aberrations spawned it. Tomorrow-Shinzui will continue to strive to uplift humanity during this trying time.”

The screen flashes back to Agatha.

“That was Virgil O’Neill, new CEO for Tomorrow-Shinzui. This is good news for O’Neill, whose own son Dante has been accused of terrorism after founding Robotic Frontiers three years ago. No word yet if father and son have yet reconciled.”

Chapter Four: Old Rachel
Helen? Help me HELEN!

Moon Phase: New Moon

Its been two weeks for The Broken since the Trial by Combat of the Wereraven Ellie, and Rite of Accomplishment for Ludwig Rages-Truth. Now one of the three cubs in the pack is a true Garou, attaining the rank of Cliath (1) and earning the deed name “Rages-Truth.” Unlike what most of the Sept thought would happen, he remains a member of the Omega pack, the Broken.


Helen is off with three homeless fellows, who want her to help them with Old Rachel.

She goes to a homeless shelter, the same as one visited by Ludwig, to meet with Tom, Horner and Zander. The three of them know that Helen has some sort of Werewolf Mojo that can cure Old Rachel. Zander insists that she come alone, not any of those snobs that she hangs out with.

Zander is little crazy, geeky Tom is infatuated with Helen’s striking looks, and Horner is a plain old Heroin addict. Helen needs some considerable convincing to come along, thinking that these three are out to trap her or something.

Unbeknownst to Helen, Zander has fallen under the influence of the Wyrm, and is convinced that leading her to Old Rachel will earn him a great blessing.

So they head to Pike’s Market, where Old Rachel has been sleeping in a abandoned building. Along the way, Horner buys a block of heroin using money given to him by Tom- keeping the addict nice and high for what happens next. They enter the old, rundown brick apartment building through a fire escape, avoiding the broken stairways.

Tom, Horner and Zander led Helen to where Old Rachel has taken shelter. They break their way in, with Tom hurting his foot in the process. Old Rachel appears to be sleeping, and the room is covered in cats. Cats that are losing their hair, and look to be covered in the red pustules of the Red Death.

Helen attempts to perform the Rite of Cleansing on Old Rachel, using a old bottle of Jack Daniels. Partway through, however, Old Rachel interrupts her. The old woman’s body writhes, lengthens and grows claws and couple extra pairs of eyes. Pustules thrum and pulsate all over her body, as all of the cats merge their flesh with hers. Old Rachel has become a Fomori, a human possessed and twisted in form by a Bane.

Helen shifts into Crinos and slays the newly born Fomori, sending its possessing Bane fleeing into the Umbra. Helen peeks into the umbra and sees that it is swarming with banes, that the umbral reflection of this place is a Hellhole. She instead turns to try and leave.

Meanwhile, Tom and Zander fall to the Delirium and flee as best they can. Tom goes down the stairs, breaking his leg- while Zander takes the fire escape. Horner follows Zander, withstanding the Delirium enough to steal Helen’s medicine bag.

For Tom, the stairs collapse underneath him. With his legs broken, he cries out in pain and tries to crawl out of the building. He finds a pile of bodies in the hallway he is in, all dead from the Red Death.

One by one, each of the dead arises as a zombie. They grab Tom, and eat him alive. Tom screams over and over:

“Helen help me! Help me Helen!”

But to no avail, for as a Bone Gnawer, Helen feels more need to flee and survive than stay in a dangerous wyrm-tainted building with strangers. She ignores him, and walks away.

Horner manages to fed Zander to the zombies, and he flees as well, choosing to enjoy his heroin while he can.

Dormant Wisdom

Ashlar “Ghost that Runs” Green and Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth are at the MacPherson House, while Screwdriver is still upstairs alone. They consider going out to find Helen, but are interrupted when a canister flies through the only unbroken window in the living room.

The canister contains some sort of tear gas that threatens to knock the two of them unconscious. They step sideways into the umbra, using one of the many mirrors kept in the House for that purpose.

In the umbra, they receive a message- a piece a paper wrapped in a knife lands at their feet. The area outside the house surrounded by Banes in the Umbra, being invaded by BSDs in the physical world, they read the message.

There is a ziploc bag of black hair attached to the letter. The paper smells of a familiar scent to Mercy-Bringer- his ex’s perfume. The letter explains that they have taken Helen, and that’s it. This drives Mercy-Bringer to Frenzy, and he dives into the Banes outside the house, ripping into them one by one.

Ashlar doesn’t stop him, and instead reads the letter. He tries to discern if the hairs are Helens or not by scent- but the smell of the perfume is too strong for him go through. After Mercy-Bringer has calmed down and all the enemies have fled, Ashlar explains that he can use Sense of the Prey gift to find Helen and rescue her. The two immediately head out, going back to the physical world.

Ashlar leads them to a old warehouse near Pioneer Square. It too has dead bodies that arise as Zombies, and the two of them rend through them quickly enough to get to the warehouse’s office. In the office, they find it covered in blood and in the middle of it, the limp body of Never-Tires, the Wendigo elder. Her skull is open, her brains clearly missing.

Ashlar and Mercy-Bringer take her corpse back to the Sept Leaders. Ashlar is open with them on the nature of the killing- he believes it was done by someone who knew the forbidden Silent Strider Rite, the Rite of Dormant Wisdom. Despite being accused of killing her, Kataryna and the Elders agree that Ashlar probably had nothing to do with it, and work to inform the Screamers about it. They thank him for telling them.

The two of them return to the MacPherson House, finding a confused Helen, who has seen the Black Spiral Dancers’ handiwork. Graffiti and curses and Wyrm sigils have been spray painted all over the living room of the MacPherson House. On one wall spelled out is: “Fwk Ur Muthr!”


Three servants of the Wyrm meet, to discuss what has happened so far. Richard MacPherson, Sarah MacPherson and a Silent Strider Eater of the Dead fill each other in.

" Do you know where the Wendigo’s secret Caern is hidden?" Richard asked.

“Yes. Not far from her mind, in fact. Our son came there-”

“And my ex too. They were close to finding out.”

“Doesn’t matter. The Wendigo’s Caern is ours. No one else at the Sept of the Last Klaive knows of it, and that will lead to its downfall.”


Meanwhile, Ludwig Rages-Truth and Slays-Names have spent two weeks walking the Umbra, looking for the ancestral homeland of the Get of Fenris, so that Ludwig can learn of his own ancestors and how they tie to the The Fearsome Klaive.

The two of them run through the Umbra in Lupus, moving quick. They soon find themselves in a harsh, cold land who looks more and more like what the Tribal Homeland of the Get of Fenris must look like. They arrive at the gate to the Tribal Homeland, to find it guarded by a twenty foot tall spirit in Crinos form.

Ludwig and Slays-Names introduce themselves to the big spirit acting as bouncer for the Homeland. It only responds to them in growls. Unsure what to do, Ludwig attempts to explain what he and Slays-Names are there.

Begrudgingly, the spirit turns its head, and calls another to come up to them. A blond Get of Fenris Ancestor Spirit in a kilt walks up.

“Hello! My name is Bjorn Scars-the-Wyrm- what can I help you with?”

Bjorn turns out to be a Loki and Viking. He died fighting a Fiann MacPherson in dark ages Scotland. He wishes to have a re-match. The Guardian spirit explains this, and agrees to share what it might know on the Klaive and its connection to the two of them if they help Bjorn find the MacPherson (a ancestor of Ludwig’s) in the Legendary Realm.

The two of them agree to take the quest. Slays-Names finds a Ox-Spirit who guides them on a Airt path to the Legendary Realm. So they go questing through the Legendary Realm, through grand cities and kingdoms ruled by heroes. They travel northward, hearing tales of the oncoming Fimbulwinter that seems to have grown worse recently.

They come to a grand Castle surrounded on one side by summery pine forest, and on the other by the cold tundra. The Fianna who man the Castle let the three of them in, and take them to the Throne Room, where their lord, Fearsome can meet them. They meet the lord of this place, who grants Bjorn the chance to get his rematch with the MacPherson that killed him.

Fearsome explains that he is the one who inhabits the Klaive as its empowering Spirit. He is the last of the White Howlers, and that all of his descendants are called MacPherson, or Son of the Fearsome. Slays-Names is revealed to Ludwig to be a Fianna and a MacPherson, something that will not be well accepted if revealed to the Sept as a whole, since they executed all of the Sept’s Fianna over ten years ago.


We learn that Slays-Names saved the life of Ashlar years ago, from a Nexus Crawler. He did this as a favor to a Gurahl called McDougall. The Nexus Crawler was known to Slays-Names, for he knew its particular ban, the sound of its own name.

XP Rewards

Chapter Five: A Time For Omens
A painting, a dragon, a raped girl and a enigma.

The pack comes together again and share stories over chinese.

Ashlar, Claire, Helen and Screwdriver meet Slays-Names in the Dining Room of the MacPherson House as he returns from his journey with Rages-Truth in the Legendary Realm. Slays-Names brings with him a bunch of Chinese food that a delivery guy “just gave to him, rather than let go bad.” He doesn’t have Ludwig with him either, and he avoids answering that question, but no one pressures him to answer it.

The five of them chow down, with Screwdriver appearing in Lupus to eat a box of BBQ pork- the first time anyone has directly seen him in the last three or so weeks. With a depressed look in his eye, Screwdriver shifts to his very unfashionable Homid form, picks up a “fork” (read: knife) and continues to eat.

After Ashlar explains how Never-Tires died and how he found her, Ashlar reveals to the Pack that he is Richard MacPherson’s son. He expects them to be disgusted or enraged at him, but instead, the pack nods at this information and moves on, to Ashlar’s surprise. If anything, Slays-Names seemed to have already known this information, which Ashlar finds a bit disturbing.

Mac pherson house

Helen explains her own exploits, including her vicious fight with a Fomori near Pike’s Market. She avoids letting anyone know that Richard is the mother of her own Metis son, Cassie. She intimates that they need to look into Pike’s Market, that there is a Hellhole there that might need some serious clearing out.

What do you think you jackass? All my family is DEAD!

Then Screwdriver takes a swig of something brownish looking and smelling of bleach, and explains why he is so dour. All his mates and pups have been slaughtered in the recent wolf killings. He wonders if it is possible to raise them from the dead- Werebears gets mentioned, but Slays-Names says that one of them wouldn’t be interested in that- despite what skepticism Helen has for it.

Little Sister then join them, and enacts a rite to share the Prophecy of the Last Klaive with them. The Ghost-that-Runs explains what she will do, and why they get to participate in it.

Screwdriver looked to see if any of his family was alive, but ended up caught by loggers. He and other wolves were taken, but a PETA protest managed to stall the truck that was carrying them. A riot broke out, and Screwdriver took the chance to duck out and disguise himself as a Dog via his Anybeast gift. He knocks some heads, but couldn’t save any of the wolves.

He saw so many dead wolves hanging on a fence line. A sad tale that depresses most of the pack, and Screwdriver downs most of the bottle in his hand.


Screwdriver asks Claire about her own kidnapping.

She doesn’t remember much, just black. Madness. Men in black suits at Pike’s Market. She is glad for the food, but doesn’t understand how she got back to the MacPherson House. Ashlar checks Claire for Wyrm-Taint, and they find some on her.

Helen performs a Rite of Cleansing (with the rest of the pack’s help and teamwork), clearing Claire of the Wyrm-taint.

Its after that Screwdriver emerges with a jar of peaches from the basement. Ashlar, now curious, and knowing that no one has really checked out the basement since they moved into the MacPherson House. He goes downstairs and comes up with a weird painting he hasn’t seen before.

The MacPherson Family Portrait depicts a large number of people, probably family- the label on the bottom of the frame says “MacPherson Family At the Caern of the Last Klaive.” This greatly interests Slays-Names, since in the back ground is a waterfall, something that is not in the Caern of Howling Storms. There is also a pair of twins, both fully grown men, with a younger woman at their side and a giant of a man with white hair standing behind them.

Meanwhile, Helen steals all of the fortune cookies and hides them up in her room (the attic). Screwdriver tries to get Connie to go retrieve some items for him, but catches him pissing into a bottle.

They have questions, and Little Sister offers to answer them through the Rite of Lost Memory. She suggests that they might learn more of location of the second Caern, that she says " The Storm Lords gave it to the Wendigo to guard as a peace offering."

The pack sits still and prepares to drink hallucinogens and experience memories past…

Kataryna the deathless

Little Sister guides them, but warns them that the streams that memories flow upon can mislead and take them astray. Once they close their eyes, she begins to chant in her own strange reptilian tongue. They see a vision of 1920s Manhattan, and a long silvery dragon breathing fire on a group of Black Spiral Dancers.

“No, not there. Come along…” She speaks as though from a distance… They continue to move, back and forth.

The Pack sees a dark space, with a cage in it. A familiar blond girl, no more than sixteen is trapped in it. A shadowy figure taunts her.

“Kataryna! Poor girl, you mustn’t have bred true. Where is your wolf, child? Does your father Anton need help teaching you?”

Ten more figures emerged. Some were clearly covered in tentacles and the malformations telltale in Fomori.

“Perhaps me and mine,” Richard MacPherson continued, “Can teach you something, Kataryna. Something all night long…”

And just about as the young Kataryna was about to be gang raped, Little Sister intoned once more:

“No, not there. Come, come along…”

And they drifted away from Kataryna’s own past.


They saw then saw a forested coastline, and five figures riding on horseback through it. Seattle, before it was a even a city. 1804 or 1806 or whenever it was that the Sept was founded. They watched as the five horseback riders faded into the distance- things shift over.

Now they see a cave, with a waterfall- the same Caern depicted in the MacPherson Painting they had found earlier.

A black-skinned, emaciated man stood by himself in the shadows, watching the five of the riders. The Storm Lords were gathered around a campfire, talking about what to do next with the Wendigo conflict they were stuck in. The campfire suddenly burst into blue flame, and the Storm Lords all grew silent.

The flames warped and molded into the form of the spirits of Owl, Fenris, Stag, Rat and Raven:

“In the last battle, on the last day, the last pack will wield the last Klaive.

“The Last Klaive will break prophecy, slay Gods, warp worlds & slay the one who carries it- for it will shatter after that Last Day.

“Broken glass shall forge the Last Klaive, it shall be forged only after the blood of kings flows freely and a plume snuffs out the Weaver’s spire. You will keep this prophecy secret until the Pack of the Last Klaive brings it forth, screams dying, swords broken and the last great spirit’s head bowed.”

The entire time, Owl stared directly into the eyes of Ashlar, a sad look as the Owl seemed to be looking through memory and time right onto him.

As the spirits vanished, the five Storm Lords looked at each other. They started to concoct a plan for their conflict with the Wendigo.

The Broken, on the other hand, felt the memory fade away. They all woke up with massive headaches. Little Sister was gone, the sound of wings flapping out in the rain. She did all she was willing to do- as she put it, her own people did not even want her to say what she said. Too much bad blood between the Mokole and the Garou.

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The after effects leave some of the pack bent over with vomit- others. Slays-Names and Claire leave, as Slays-Names decides that he needs to inform the rest of the Sept on the second Caern.

After the pair of them leave, a crowd of homeless people with umbrellas and cardboard boxes walk toward the MacPherson House. Helen recognizes them- those Homeless she considers friends and allies. Most of them are younger men, all carrying weapons of some sort- clubs, boards, baseball bats and even one or two shotguns.

They’ve come after they heard that Helen’s home had been attacked after she’d been out. Convinced that she now needs some form of guard for the house, they start setting up tents in the front yard. They put a tarp over Helen’s head in the front yard and a they gently set down a wooden crate. A homeless woman apologizes:

“Sorry, but we couldn’t really keep him there anymore, but at least here we can have an easier time keeping an eye on Cassie.”

They open the crate, and a two-year-old Metis child crawls out, shaking his head. Half as tall as Helen, Cassie rubs his eyes and smiled up at his mother. Screwdriver and Ashlar exchange looks.

“Pa?” Cassie sniffs Ashlar and points up at him. He gives helen a wanting look, and asks again: “Pa?”

“No,” Helen chides him, a bit uncomfortable with the situation.

Screwdriver sniffs Cassie and notices that the little Metis smells a bit like Ashlar- something that Ashlar picks up on as well, and he tries to get a straight answer from Helen on it. She refuses to talk about it, not willing to open up on the subject just yet.

Wto seattle photo

At Fong’s, Claire and Slays-Names arrive to find the restaurant closed, the lights turned off- which makes sense, because it is after midnight. They enter, finding a snoring Father Pisses-Gold, not much anybody else. Slays-Names wakes Pisses-Gold, and begins to explain about the “second Caern.”

He is interrupted when one of the Westward Swords, Alia Twilighthowl runs into the restaurant.

BSD! The Caern is under attack! Slays-Names, get your pack ready!”

The four of them hurry down to the Cave of Howling Storms. Slays-Names sends Raven to go get the rest of the Broken and tell them what is going on.

Helen, Screwdriver and Ashlar Ghost-that-Runs shift in Hispo and heed Raven’s call as soon as it comes to them. They rush to Fong’s, with Ashlar using his gift Speed of Thought to get there ASAP.

Just as he runs up, however, a Van skids to a halt. The doors open and four BSD kinfolk, clad in makeshift merc gear hop out.

As the chapter ends, things look like they are about to get interesting…

XP for this Chapter

Screwdriver 4XP -Voted Winner! Renown XP 1; Wisdom
Ashlar 3XP Renown XP 1; Wisdom
Helen 4XP Renown XP 1; Wisdom
Claire 3XP Renown XP 1; Wisdom
Slays-Names 3XP Renown XP 1; Wisdom

Helen purchased a dot of Purity and a dot of Strength, as the Sept is getting ready to grant her the Rite of Accomplishment and lift up to the rank of Cliath (1).


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