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  • Dark Seattle

    Dark Seattle refers to the World of Darkness version of Seattle we are using in this game. Certain things are assumed, and some key places in Seattle feel like they are part of some greater on coming doom. !http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/assets/ …

  • homeless shelter

    This old homeless shelter is located in [[Dark Seattle | Capitol Hill in Seattle.]] [[:ludwig_at | Ludwig]] has visited here before, as has [[:helen_kat | Helen]]. h5. Faces [[LudwigInterlude1 | Beth]] and [[:lynne-miller | Lynne]] can be found …

  • Jeremiah's Warehouse

    Headquarters for the [[vampire]] Jeremiah, and most likely a centerpiece for a number of criminal enterprises. The pack noted that it had a Cessna airplane and Jeremiah's coffin in it when they visited with him in [[Chapter Eleven | Chapter 11]].

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