Alphas and Pack Leadership

Leadership is often a source of contention within a pack. Intense competition can develop among packmates as they struggle for dominance over one another. These rivalries and the constant vying for leadership can provide excellent opportunities for roleplaying. However, you should realize that, during times of crisis, all of the characters in a true pack band together and obey the current alpha’s orders, unless she is clearly incompetent. The most common means of establishing a hierarchy is designating one member as alpha when the pack is formed. The alpha may be chosen by a number of means — rank, Renown, mutual agreement of the pack, challenges between members, contests of skill, etc. Traditionally, this Garou remains the alpha until a packmate usurps her position by defeating her in a duel or other contest. The Litany states that “the leader may be challenged at any time during peace” because an alpha must always be worthy, which constant

Alphas can come and go frequently in such packs, thus allowing anyone who wishes (and is worthy) a reasonable chance of obtaining the position. In other packs, the position of alpha passes to whomever the pack feels is best suited for the job during a particular situation — combat, Umbral quests or whatever. This method has proven to be effective for governing a pack, but it sometimes gives rise to subversion within the pack, as members try to undermine and discredit one another’s abilities. Members of such packs are not as openly aggressive toward their packmates as individuals who challenge for leadership, but the former tend to harbor greater resentment.

Garou Nation:|Sept|Renown|Auspices|Pack|Tribe|Kingdom|Ronin|Moot

Sept Positions
Warder|Master of the Howl|Master of the Challenge|Master of the Rite|Keeper of the Land
|Sept Leader|Wyrm Foe|Gatekeeper|Caller of the Wyld|Truthcatcher|Den Mother or Father


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