Black Furies

Tribal Totem: Pegasus
Tribal Renown: Purity
Tribal Gifts: Elemental, Strength, Nature, Predator1, Pegasus’s Gifts2
Requirements: Black Furies must have a Harmony of 5 and at least 2 dots of Purity and must a female or a male metis.
Tribal Boon: All Black Furies pay less for Nature and Mother Gaia’s gifts (new dots x4) and receive a +2 on Persuasion, Empathy and Socialize rolls to deal with spirits of the Wilderness.

“Never let Mother Gaia’s sacred places be Violated.”

Although originating from Greece, the Black Furies try to protect most places of the Wyld and sacred to Mother Gaia that they can. They see themselves as Mother Gaia’s chosen warriors, and do not allow males to join their number, except for male metis. They are not completely feminazis in any way- instead, the Black Furies try to protect the gender that has often been more often subjugated throughout history. Like the Red Talons, outsiders can misread this as sexism, but the Black Furies are capable of respecting individuals of other tribes who prove themselves.

Sept of the Last Klaive

There are no Black Furies at the Sept of the Last Klaive- they dislike its place within Seattle, and feel that it has been compromised by the City.

Mother’s Mountain Sept

This is a Black Fury Sept at Mount Rainer. It is one of the rare Septs and Caerns left in the Pacific Northwest that is not multi-tribal.

Werewolf Tribes
Wyrm Tribes: Black Spiral Dancers
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Extinct Tribes: White Howlers

1 W:tF The Rage

2 Werewolf the Apocalypse

Black Furies

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