Cliath (1)

This is the most common rank for a character to start in. If you’ve made it this far in Garou society it means you aren’t totally useless since you have survived your Rite of Passage, now it’s time for you to prove yourself to the nation. They rarely hold sept positions and are usually being watched or asked to do little jobs by those of higher rank.

Being a Cliath means a character has a minimum of 3 Renown and usually only a handful of gifts and rites they can use.

Duties: Cliaths are expected to give service to the sept on a regular basis. The job description of “Other tasks as required” fits rather well here. It is a cliath’s duty to prove themselves to their tribe and to their Sept to find themselves worthy of some authority. Typically, Cliaths are not allowed to hold Sept positions unless the sept is devoid of garou able or willing to take on these offices. Any garou of Adren rank or higher may request assistance from any cliath and expect a certain measure of compliance.

Privileges: Any Cliath has the right to petition for justice with either the Truthcatcher or the council of Elders. Cliaths have the right to enter and exit a caern, to come and go as they wish with the exception of the Caern heart. Cliaths have the right to perform all minor rites without prior authorization by the Rite Master, All other rites must be approved by the Rite Master. Cliaths have the right to challenge for Rank.

Cliaths in the Sept of the Last Klaive

Ranks In Garou Society


Cliath (1)

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