Ask yourself- Is there another way? A road never taken?


The Garou know that not every problem can be solved by judicious application of fang and claw. But at the same time, not every problem has a wise answer. Some solutions lie in breaking with tradition, with doing what must be done, with taking the indirect road. Cunning is a measure of lateral thinking. The Garou don’t advocate amorality— the Litany still applies. This renown favors those werewolves who think beyond the Litany, who guard its principles in indirect fashion. Keeping humanity from learning of their existence isn’t just trying to avoid giving them proof, it can also be proactively discrediting those people who believe.

Base Expectations: Garou expect werewolves not to walk blindly into danger. They don’t encourage other werewolves to distrust everyone and everything, but they do expect that they ask the right questions and not accept potential enemies’ word at face value. They also ask that werewolves be honest with their packmates. No werewolf is complete without his pack, and the most important task of the cunning werewolf is the role he plays in his pack. The Garou, however, do understand that werewolves who place great emphasis on Honor and Purity can’t always be told everything, lest their morality paralyze them.

Feats of Cunning: Killing a foe and making his allies believe the death was accidental; convincing one foe to attack another; avoiding potential human discovery of the Garou without the use of violence; a new and original battle strategy; any monumental act of stealth, manipulation, cleverness or diplomacy.


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