Dark Seattle

Dark Seattle refers to the World of Darkness version of Seattle we are using in this game.

Certain things are assumed, and some key places in Seattle feel like they are part of some greater on coming doom.

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Locales & Places of Note

Dark Seattle Reference


Neighborhood: Puget Sound Wyld Places

Cave of Howling Storms is located in a hard to reach cave and beach in the Puget Sound area. Nearby is Fong’s Bar And Deli, one of the sites used by the Sept for important meetings and gatherings.

Neighborhood: Downtown Seattle

Like most of Seattle, Downtown is riddled with Tunnels, but the greatest collection of them are underneath Downtown. The Tunnels Under Seattle aren’t super-safe, but often are the fastest and easiest way to get from one spot to another.

DNA Building

One of the key sites (to the Broken, anyway), is the DNA laboratories building, where Helen and Mercy-Bringer had been captured. Ashlar The-Ghost-That-Runs, of course, is very eager to go and try to blow it up, but none of his packmates have offered to let him do that yet…

Neighborhood: Industrial Parks

The Sons of the Dragon biker gang used to frequent a bar in this area, but it exploded at the end of Chapter Three, due to the shenanigans of Ashlar…

Neighborhood: The Docks and Boardwalk

Battle Sites

Battle of the Rock Forest, where Ludwig, Claire and Screwdriver defended Little Sister from a ambush by some insane Black Spiral Dancers.

Penumbra and Umbra

For details regarding Seattle’s Penumbra and Umbra, check out the Umbra pages. Gets a little fuzzy around there.

Dark Seattle

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