Elder (5)

Elders are often the most highest ranked members of a Sept. Often, they remain at a Caern and provide leadership in various Sept Positions. Garou rarely become Elders- most often they don’t live long enough to reach the renown needed to attain it.

Council of Elders: A body within the Sept comprised of its most noted Elders, who often act as advisers to the Sept Leader or act as leaders for the Sept.

Ranks In Garou Society


Garou Nation:|Sept|Renown|Auspices|Pack|Tribe|Kingdom|Ronin|Moot|Alpha

Sept Positions
Warder|Master of the Howl|Master of the Challenge|Master of the Rite|Keeper of the Land
|Sept Leader|Wyrm Foe|Gatekeeper|Caller of the Wyld|Truthcatcher|Den Mother or Father

Elder (5)

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