Tribal Totem: Stag
Tribal Renown: Glory
Tribal Gifts: Inspiration, Nature, Strength, Battle1, Stag’s Gifts2
Tribal Boon: Fianna can raise the Brawl, Expression, and Persuasion Skills for (new dots x 2) experience points instead of (new dots x 3). Inspiration gifts cost Fianna (new dots x 4) instead of (new dots x 5).
Requirements: Fianna must have at least 1 dot in Expression and Glory 2.

Do not allow caution to stay your hand.

Rocky road to Dublin


They laugh louder and weep harder than any other Tribe. They fight as though they’ve already accepted their own deaths, but do their best to live life to the fullest. They treat their foes with no mercy, and they treat their allies with enduring love. They make blood thirsty enemies, but outstanding friends. They are the Children of Stag, they are the Fianna

Sept of the Last Klaive

Despite being founded by Fianna, ten years ago the Sept had summarily execute most or all of the area’s Fianna. They were accused of allying with the Wyrm, (some point to the actions of Richard MacPherson), and most put to the Klaive. Ever since, the Sept has had very poor relations with those of the Fianna tribe.


There is a Fianna Sept (partly, anyway) in Spokane, the Whispered Death Sept, who has various relations and contacts in Seattle. One day it is presumed that some sort of conflict may arise between the Sept of the Last Klaive and those Fianna in Spokane.

Important Fianna in Dark Seattle

Werewolf Tribes

Wyrm Tribes: Black Spiral Dancers
Gaian Tribes: Bone Gnawers Children of Gaia Fianna Get of Fenris Shadow Lords Silver Fangs Silent Striders Wendigo
Extinct Tribes: White Howlers

Garou Nation:|Sept|Renown|Auspices|Pack|Tribe|Kingdom|Ronin|Moot|Alpha

Sept Positions
Warder|Master of the Howl|Master of the Challenge|Master of the Rite|Keeper of the Land
|Sept Leader|Wyrm Foe|Gatekeeper|Caller of the Wyld|Truthcatcher|Den Mother or Father

1 W:tF The Rage

2 Werewolf: the Apocalypse


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