Fostern (2)

The traditional minimum rank for a member of the Garou nation to hold in order to have a sept position. They have proven that while they may still be young they are not stupid, lazy, or otherwise useless to the nation.

Duties: Fosterns are expected to attend All moots. Fosterns are expected to perform services to the sept on a regular basis. These are often the same duties performed as a cliath only now the fostern is expected to be competent in them and perform them with a measure of responsibility. Any Athro who judges their work to be “not done well enough” is in their right to punish the Fostern.

Privileges: The Fostern may now perform Basic rites (rank 2 and below) without prior authorization of the rites master. The Rites master may still rescind these privileges if they deem it necessary. The Fostern has full access to the caern including the caern heart. The Fostern may now petition the gatekeeper of their sept for opening a moonbridge to a destination of their choice, this is not however a given; the Gatekeeper is still the final authority on if the gate is opened.

Fosterns in Sept of the Last Klaive

Ranks In Garou Society


Fostern (2)

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