Get of Fenris

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Tribal Totem: Fenris
Tribal Renown: Glory
Tribal Gifts: Dominance, Strength, Rage, Battle1, Fenris’s Gifts2
Tribal Boon: Fenrir can get their hands on lots of weapons that otherwise would be restricted; members gain a +2 bonus when working the black market (World of Darkness Rulebook, p. 86) in order to acquire weapons or military equipment. Members can also increase the Brawl, Intimidation, Firearms, and Weaponry Skills at (new dots x 2) experience points rather than (new dots x3), and can purchase Fighting Style Merits for (new dots) experience points.
Requirements: Fenris must have at least three dots in one of the following: Brawl, Firearms or Weaponry.

“Fight to Win.”


The prime focus of the Get of Fenris is heroism; all members must act against their enemies, particularly the Wyrm. There is no room for cowardice or indecisiveness among the Fenrir, and retreat is not in their vocabulary.

The Get of Fenris is one of the most selective tribes when it comes to choosing members. A potential Fenrir must prove themselves to the rest of the tribe, even if they are born into it. The Rite of Passage for Fenrir cubs is one of the bloodiest and most brutal of rites, and even after they have passed, they are continuously tested to improve their battle skills and ability to survive. Weak Fenrir cubs are usually abandoned or, in more recent times, turned over to other tribes to be raised. Some Get also practice a belief in the purity of blood as a sign of worthiness.

In past times, the Get have been extremely harsh towards female members, but in the last century female Get have had a chance to prove themselves to be as heroic and fierce in battle as the tribe’s male members.

Sept of the Last Klaive

The Get in Seattle are the loyal right claw of the Silver Fangs, often with both tribes working in tandem.

Key Get of Fenris in Seattle:
Ludwig Rages-Truth
Duncan Thrashes-Eyes

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1 W:tF The Rage

2 Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Get of Fenris

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