Death Before Dishonor.

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The demanding code of Honor is the measure of fairness, honesty and willingness to abide by the laws and one’s own word, all measured by the Garou. Honor is a matter of ethics, not necessarily of morals — the truly honorable werewolf may have to make difficult choices in order to do the needful thing.

Honorable werewolves should be truthful and fair. Garou expect them to keep their word once it is given and to avoid lying. Even the spirits, however, know that one of the touchstones of werewolf existence — keeping that existence hidden from humanity — requires lying and trickery. Garou are willing to accept that, but they bestow their favor on other werewolves who are able to keep themselves from falling into in situations in which they have to make that sort of choice. In some measure, honorable behavior is also a matter of perception and comprehension. An honorable werewolf must come to understand dishonor. She must learn that not everything presented is true, and what’s more, she must learn why dishonor is wrong.

Base Expectations: Garou expect honesty from other werewolves. This includes admission of guilt (or at least admission of action, whether or not the werewolf in question believes he did anything wrong), telling the truth if the Garou knows it and doing all within the werewolf’s power to ensure that the proper acts are rewarded and punished. They also expect werewolves to perform the functions to which they have agreed. It’s honorable to recognize a totem’s ban or to negotiate with a spirit rather than binding, compelling or destroying it.

Feats of Honor: Adjudicating a fair challenge between other werewolves; performing one’s duties to the pack and totem in the face of extreme adversity; participating in a just challenge; uncovering taint or injustice; striking a diplomatic truce with a potent rival sept; any monumental feat of justice, truth or fairness.

For more information on Renown, check out Werewolf: The Forsaken.

GM Note to Players: I will discount Renown like Honor from time to time based on actions I noticed in game. Of course, this is to help point out what renown you might spend XP on.


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