MacPherson House

Home base and Dorm for The Broken. Formerly owned and kept by the MacPhersons Clan. Tied to the memory of traitors in the Sept of the Last Klaive
Mac pherson house


Screwdriver sleeps in the upstairs bathroom. Ashlar “Ghost that Runs” Green sleeps in room without a door, with a big hole in the wall/ceiling. Ludwig Rages-Truth has a room to himself, as does Slays-Names. Helen sleeps in the attic.

Living Room

BSDs vandalized some of the walls in the living room during Chapter 4, spray painting a wyrm sigil and the words: “Fwk Ur Muthr!”

The Dining Room

One entire wall of the Dining room is missing, with detritus and plant life invading it.

The Basement

A deal of effects and items survived the fire that partially ruined the house ten years ago.
In Chapter 5, the pack finds the MacPherson Family Painting in the basement. This painting

Front Yard

Connie has “acquired” a dumpster that he has tipped over onto its side in the front yard.

Umbral Reflection

In the umbra, the MacPherson House looks and feels like a Manor house, larger and better build than its real world version.

MacPherson House

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