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This is stores all the relevant information for the chronicle, as things move along.

Book Two: Emissaries

The Wyrm, Wyld or Weaver- the war for Gaia is about to begin.
Chosen by Queen Kataryna The Deathless, The Broken, work as Emissaries for the Sept of the Last Klaive. Now working to coordinate and gather as many Septs together into Kataryna’s new Kingdom, the Pack has faced Giants, Drones and all sorts in the quests its taken them- but they prepare for the Sixth Sign of the Apocalypse, aware that the Last Battle is coming soon, and that they have a part to play in it…

Book One: Omegas

Our Pack, The Broken, were the omega, misfit pack for the Sept of the Last Klaive. This Sept is based in and around the Seattle-Tacoma area. The Broken were quickly proving themselves to the Sept- but that may not matter, for the Apocalypse is coming, and soon, there might not be a Sept anymore to be a part of.

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Seattle Themes and Threats…

Seattle is defined by a theme and a pair of growing threats:

Theme: The City of Tomorrow
Threat: Banes F@cking Seattle Over
Threat: Weaver Corporate Interests

For Players…

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Check out The Story So Far for a index of adventure logs and character diaries!

Ranks In Garou Society


Garou Nation:|Sept|Renown|Auspices|Pack|Tribe|Kingdom|Ronin|Moot|Alpha

Sept Positions
Warder|Master of the Howl|Master of the Challenge|Master of the Rite|Keeper of the Land
|Sept Leader|Wyrm Foe|Gatekeeper|Caller of the Wyld|Truthcatcher|Den Mother or Father

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