Prophecy of the Last Klaive

Central to the reason why the Sept of the Last Klaive exists, the prophecy supposedly describes who and what will have the Last Klaive. Only the Sept’s Elders know the contents of the prophecy, which leads to speculation on what exactly it predicts.

Little-Sister’s Dream-Memory

In Chapter 5, The Broken experienced a memory via a Rite performed by Little-Sister. From the memory, they learned this part of the prophecy:

“In the last battle, on the last day, the last pack will wield the last Klaive.

“The Last Klaive will break prophecy, slay Gods, warp worlds & slay the one who carries it- for it will shatter after that Last Day.

“Broken glass shall forge the Last Klaive, it shall be forged only after the blood of kings flows freely and a plume snuffs out the Weaver’s spire. You will keep this prophecy secret until the Pack of the Last Klaive brings it forth, screams dying, swords broken and the last great spirit’s head bowed.”

Prophecy of the Last Klaive

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