When will you rage?

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As the pure light of the full moon highlights corruption, so to do werewolves who adhere to Purity Renown burn out the taint of the Wyrm wherever it is found. Purity is about more than just finding Wyrmspawn and flying into a frenzy, though—it is the strength of Rage tempered with the careful planning of a seasoned warrior. A werewolf who holds to Purity knows well when to send his pack on a surgical strike to cut out the heart of a tainted group, and when to engage in all-out battle. Garou who strive for Purity don’t force their views on other werewolves, but they lead by example—and expect their pack and their sept to listen when necessary.

Base expectations: Werewolves frenzy—they’re creatures of Rage, after all—but the Garou expect other werewolves to channel their Rage against the Wyrm and avoid falling to the Thrall of the Wyrm. Beyond self-control, werewolves expect one who adheres to Purity to root out corruption wherever it festers. Discovering a hive and retreating to plan is one thing, but ignoring the Wyrm-spawn to focus on other concerns is a sure way to lose Purity.

Feats of Purity: Discovering a source of the Wyrm’s taint; removing the taint from an area; cleansing humans and spirits of the Wyrm’s touch; holding to the Litany in the face of great temptation; loosening the Weaver’s hold over an area; any other monumental feat of zeal or self-restraint, channeled against the Weaver or Wyrm.

For more information on Renown, check out Werewolf: The Forsaken.

GM Note to Players: I will discount Renown like Purity from time to time based on actions I noticed in game. Of course, this is to help point out what renown you might spend XP on.


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