Ronin, are by definition, Outcasts. Like the Samurai word it comes from, to be Ronin is to have no master- no Tribe, no Sept and no Pack to call your own.

Some Garou become Ronin by choice- the strict laws and the Litany do not appeal to them, and they choose to abandon their packs and run on their own. Others were forced to leave their packs- because they committed a crime against Garou society that could not be solved through a Punishment Rite or execution. Still others found themselves Ronin because they were forced into it- political backstabbing and all that. Most tribes try not to exile Garou by making them Ronin these days- there are too few Garou for them to become Ronin. The tribes need every Garou they can get.

Garou who go Ronin lose their deed name, and lose whatever status they had in their Tribe and Sept. Some add -lurf to their name, signifying that they are no longer part of a Tribe or Sept. Most of the outcasts seem to be of human origin and this may bee explained by the human nature to rebel. Most Garou undergo the “change” in there teens. Most Garou that have left their tribe try to seek other tribes for their acceptance, but their hopes are often cursed. Those who leave their tribe willingly have always the opportunity to return to their tribe if they wish so.

The only thing the Garou has to worry about is being “Wyrm” tainted. If the Garou has become “Wyrm” tainted then there are really only two choices that the tribe or Sept has: banish the Garou or straight out kill him (as the Get of Fenris have been known to do). The worst problem the Garou faces when he has been cast out, besides loosing his mind, is that he is no longer granted access to Caerns. When the Garou lose their right to use Caerns they slowly begin lose contact with the Umbra.

The Outcast Garou are often used as mercenaries by the Garou and other factions, the Outcasts are often so lonely that they will nearly do anything to get a little attention.

There are those Garou that are known as the Skin Dancers, these “Garou” are originally kinfolk that have found a special rite which allows them to become werewolves. Skin Dancers often recruit from Ronin, using them to acquire more Garou to skin and sacrifice for the Rite that turns them into Werewolves. As we near closer to the end, more and more Ronin appear, and more and more Ronin join the ranks of the Wyrm.

The First Ronin

Ask the Galliards and they will tell you who the first Ronin was: the first Metis, and he betrayed his own Sept. It is said that the First Ronin still roams the face of Gaia, waiting for the Apocalypse so he might finally get vengeance against the Garou for banishing him.

Ronin and The Sept of the Last Klaive

Ronin are distrusted by the Sept, and most Ronin in the past were Fianna. Most of those Fianna either fell to the Wyrm (Richard MacPherson and Sarah Maneater, for example) or were eventually adopted and proved themselves enough to join other Septs (including the Whispered Death Sept in Spokane). There are only two known Ronin in Seattle that the Sept knows of, and will not turn to unless the situation is most dire:

  • Roman Shiteater (former Silver Fang; Philodox)
  • Amelia Dogfucker (former Fianna; Ahroun)

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