Sept of the Last Klaive

The Sept of the Last Klaive has its founding tied deeply to Dark Seattle and The Prophecy of the Last Klaive. Also, its namesake, the Last Klaive is rumored to come into light during the last days of the Apocalypse, for good or for ill.

The Sept’s primary Caern, is the Cave of Howling Storms and it has Stag as its Totem.

Tribes that comprise the Sept of the Last Klaive include:
Shadow Lords, Get of Fenris, Silver Fangs, Children of Gaia, Wendigo and Bone Gnawers.


The Sept of the Last Klaive first was founded after a vicious battle between Fianna and local Wendigo, over the Caern now called the Cave of Howling Storms. The founders of the Sept were a pack called The Storm Lords.

Ten years ago, the last Fianna in the Sept was executed after being accused of having turned to the Wyrm.

There were three big factions at work within the Sept’s internal politics at the time of the first Season: The Pure: The Wendigo; The Lady and Her Court: Those in power now, the Get of Fenris, Silver Fangs, and Children of Gaia; The Pariahs: Lastly, those working against the Sept’s current authority, an alliance struck between Bone Gnawers and Shadow Lords.


Currently, the factions are divided along more Breed-ish lines, in the aftermath of the fall of the Sleeping Ice Sept.

The Wolf-Born: Forced to immigrate into Seattle and the city proper, this faction believes strongly that its position isn’t being supported or looked after.

The Dirty:



There are quite a few packs that serve the Cave of Howling Storms, the Sept and their Elders.

Elders and Caern Positions:

The Sept is led by Kataryna The Deathless, a Silver Fang Ahroun. She also holds the position of Wyrm Foe.

The Sept’s Warder and Master of the Challenge used to be Duncan Thrashes-Eyes, but his absence due to the events of Chapter 3 has left the position vacant. The Guardians of the Sept are the Westward Swords.

Father Pisses-Gold serves as the Sept’s Keeper of the Land and Caller of the Wyld.

Oaksong (Deceased) is the Sept’s Master of the Rite and Gatekeeper.

Never-Tires, before her death, held the position of an advising Elder.

Positions have opened up lately, including Truthcatcher, Master of the Howl, Talesinger and Master of the Challenge.

Alphas: Westward Swords

Top pack of the Sept, the Westward Swords claim to have the West Wind as a totem- the same totem as the founding pack of the Sept, The Storm Lords. They are also the Guardians of the Sept, often working the security functions as needed.


The Seawalkers are a humble and small pack that helps the Keeper of the Land, Father Pisses-Gold.

Omegas: The Broken

This pack is the bottom of the barrel for the Sept; these are the political scapegoats, the misfits, outcasts and unwanted of the Sept. Cubs are paired with them, if only to teach how “not to be Garou.”
But its Alpha is not amused, and plans to make his Pack rise above all the rest…

The Second Caern

Recently, it was revealed that the Screamers and the Wendigo had been maintaining their own secret, second Caern.

Former Packs

The Screamers: An all-wendigo pack, they were led by Never-Tires. They rarely spoke, and when they did, it was often to speak their disagreement with the rest of the Sept. They begrudgingly always accepted the rest of the Sept’s aid and gave it when ordered to. The pack more or less was dissolved when its two surviving members opted to relocate to the Wendigo sept out in Snoqualmie.

Sept of the Last Klaive

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