Silent Striders

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Totem: Owl
Tribal Renown: Wisdom

“We Remember.”

The Silents Striders have very few members in Seattle, but a pack or two have been known to roam throughout Washington and British Columbia.

Chapter 4

Ashlar Ghost-that-Runs came across evidence of the Eaters of the Dead in Dark Seattle. The Eaters of the Dead are a dark cult that he knows practices a forbidden rite, one that took the life of Never-Tires, the Wendigo Elder.

The Hungry Ghosts

“Satisfy Your Hunger.”

Either splitting or falling in whole, a big chunk of the Silent Striders have fallen to the Wyrm, mainly through use of the forbidden Rite of Dormant Wisdom.

Key Silent Striders in Seattle:
Ashlar “Ghost that Runs” Green
Tsuruda Dacchi
Tacitus Abel, One-Who-Kills-Ghosts

Silent Strider Kinfolk
Chandra Naybet

Werewolf Tribes
Wyrm Tribes: Black Spiral Dancers
Gaian Tribes: Bone Gnawers Children of Gaia Fianna Get of Fenris Shadow Lords Silver Fangs Silent Striders Wendigo
Extinct Tribes: White Howlers

Silent Striders

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