Silver Fangs

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Tribal Totem: Falcon
Tribal Renown: Honor
Tribal Gifts: Dominance, Insight, Weather, Inspiration, Alpha1, Falcon’s Gifts2
Requirements: Silver Fangs have to have at least 2 dots in Pure Breed.
Tribal Boon: All Silver Fangs start with the Inspiring Merit for free, regardless if they qualify for it.

“Heavy Is The Crown.”

The Silver Fangs are the leading tribe of Garou. For centuries, the Silver Fangs have assumed the mantle of leadership, but in more recent years they have fallen prey to madness and other defects mostly due to inbreeding.

Sept of the Last Klaive

The Silver Fangs now rule over what they consider to be the last worthwhile Gaian Caern and Sept in the Seattle-Tacoma area. They took control over it from the Fianna after Burning-Howl left.

The Fiery Crown

“Ours is the Crown.”

Almost all of the Silver Fangs have fallen to the Wyrm, becoming a new fallen Tribe, the Fiery Crown. Except for a few holdouts, the Fiery Crown have replaced the Silver Fangs. The Fiery Crown also has declared a internal war with the Black Spiral Dancers, seeing them as a inferior allies, although they do work with the Hungry Ghosts with no problem.

Key Silver Fangs in Seattle:

Kataryna Deathless of House Austere Howl
Doctor Johnathan “Mercy Bringer” Roth
Bryon Black-Claw

Werewolf Tribes
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Extinct Tribes: White Howlers

1 W:tF The Rage

2 Werewolf the Apocalypse

Silver Fangs

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