Sleeping Ice Sept

Disbanded Sept

Totem: Mammoth
Tribe(s): Red Talons, Bone Gnawers
Sept Leader: Glacier-Speaker ( Elder)

Based in Olympic National Park, the Sleeping Ice Sept was one of the oldest Septs in the region. Its Caern never was that powerful, but the Red Talons Wolf Kinfolk and ties to the Wolf Kinfolk of many others gave them some political advantages, not the Red Talons exercised that much.

In Chapter Seven, it was learned that Garou from the Sleeping Ice Sept had attacked and decimated the town of Tieton Washington, as part of retaliation against Humans for mass slaughtering Wolves in response to the Red Death.


The Rain Daggers: Vicious and primarily on the anti-human end of the Red Talon spectrum, the Rain Daggers seek to find ways to flood Puget Sound and destroy Seattle. No one from this Pack has been heard from since the fall of the Sept.

Eagle’s Children: This Pack has joined the Sept of the Last Klaive. Made of the few Bone Gnawers and Red Talons who disagree with the Rain Daggers.


Sept of the Last Klaive: Sometimes, you wonder if madness follows those who cleave close to the Weaver’s Spire. Once their King slew children instead of hunt, but then one of the fools called Fianna killed him. Too human like the rest of them, even he couldn’t stop their fall. Be wary of them- they tolerate omega spawn who should have died at birth- Metis or Lupus not worthy of the name.

Whispered Death Sept: Three septs who pretend they don’t belong as one. Bewary of them, for their Caern’s totem, Mockingbird tells you all you need to know of them.

Mother’s Mountain Sept: They’ve helped us before, but they disdain visitors who do not do the tasks they require. Much to do with human females, we do not understand. Confusing, we worry they’ve forgotten what it means to be wolves.

The Winter’s Gate Sept: Old ways. They know them, and they know the cold like no other. They have always been around here. Long ago, we remember them helping fight the Wyrm. These Days, they grow too quiet.

The Glowing Glory Hive: Black Spirals stink there. Yet, is it not a place of Man that they claim sacred? Did not Man first taint on that ground?

Sleeping Ice Sept

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