The Broken

These are the Broken. The unwanted, the doubted, the last.
Pack Totem: Vigilant One-Eyed Raven
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Disliked by most of the Sept of the Last Klaive, the Broken have managed to hold together as a pack despite the Sept’s many attempts to try and punish or break them apart.


As of late, the Pack has learned that three of its members are MacPhersons, another related to one that carries MacPherson blood. The MacPhersons used to be a prominent Fianna family, until ten years ago when the last of them was killed.


Father Pisses-Gold, a Bone Gnawer, is the only Elder allied with the pack openly.
His Son, Connie, is Bone Gnawer kinfolk that helps them out from time to time.

Other Packs

The Westward Swords dislike them and The Screamers frequently have clashed with members of the Broken. The Seawalkers hold no negative or positive opinion on them, treating them with more respect than most of the Sept.

Chapter Six

After the Battle of the Howling Storm, The Screamers formally announced that they were going to leave the Sept- one of their pack had been killed, the other taken by BSD. They left on good terms with the Broken, giving Slays-Names the “duty of protecting the Caern, as we know we can trust you- Pheonix has told us you are a MacPherson, and we still remember our compact with them.”

The Broken

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