The Screamers

Totem: Wolverine

The Screamers are the only all-tribe pack of Wendigo in the Sept of the Last Klaive. They maintain and protect a secret Caern, the Caern of the Last Klaive. Without this Caern to keep them in the Sept, they would gladly join the Wendigo Sept in West Seattle.




Storm-Jaws growls:
The Broken: The trash has to go somewhere. Liars, cheats, urrah and tricksters. They cleave close to dishonoring Raven, and we always wonder, why haven’t we killed them yet? Is it not clear who will betray us to the Wyrm first?

Westward Swords: They worked hard to get to their position, and each member of their pack would die to protect Gaia, we acknowledge this. However, they claim to be spiritual inheritors of The Storm Lords. We don’t forgive them for this, and what they are proud to be descended from. One day, perhaps, we will make them pay for claiming to continue the Storm Lords’ Wyrmish actions.

Seawalkers: They follow Gull, and you are correct to not expect much from them. Unlike some others, however, they know their place. We never expect much intelligence from them, however, and would assume them fools without a Elder to guide them.


Never-Tires was the Elder that represented their interests the closest, and with her death, the Screamers feel little to no remaining sympathy or attachment to the Sept as a whole.

The Screamers

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